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BGQE: Call for Translations and Proof readers

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@36 = ~Noober?! You know, one would think I'd do anything to get a small sum of gold. But Noober I wouldn't take in for all the gold in the world. You can't expect me to do this to my sister, who'd be the one listening to that endless babble!~

It's good, but I've developed a very heavy hand as an editor.


~Noober? You know, you might think I'd do anything to get a small sum of gold. But I wouldn't take in Noober for all the gold in the world. You can't expect me to do that to my sister who'd be the one listening to his endless babble!~


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Hello Jastey.

It's just to let you know that i've taken back the french translation of BGQE, the previous one was v15 (i believe) made by Le Marquis.

The previous translator (Le Marquis) is already busy on an another big translation project, i asked him and he agreed, he is kind enough to do the proofreading.

There is around 400 lines, so it won't take too long.

If you have planned any news lines for v22, you can also send them to me in pm. ;)

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Just to let you know that the french translation update is over and actually being proofreaded by Le Marquis and Elisabeth.

It should be out soon, so if you have planned any new update you might want to wait a little bit.

While i've done the translation i believe to have found a fews typos in the english version  ;

 bgqe\tra\english\wasylar.tra @10 discedit -> discredit
bgqe\tra\english\tremains_son.tra @0 scheeming -> scheming
bgqe\tra\english\bgqe_game.tra @118 oblidged -> obliged
bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @26 pushkart -> pushcart
bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @28 attone -> atone
bgqe\tra\english\brages_sword.tra @79 tial -> trial

I'm not english native so i might be wrong on some. ;) 

On 3/8/2020 at 9:52 PM, jastey said:

@Jazira Great, thank you very much in advance! So far, no new lines are planned.

Thanks to you for making such a great mod (My favorite alongside BG1 NPC), Brage's sword is a smart finding ! 

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Hey Jastey ! Proofreading is done, i'm really close to a release !

But i've found something strange while checking files before sending to you the updated french translation.

In english c#q10001.tra : stringref @38 is commented (/* @38   = ~He said something about "going North", but that's it.~ */).

But in german, for exemple it's not. Should i comment it as well ?

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bgqe v23 will have a new component: "Finish Cordyr's Quest without killing Sil".

I'd need the title and the attached file proof read, and translated into French and Russian. I'll tagg @Jazira and @Austin to make you aware, no pressure. Thank you in advance for help.

Please note: the Italian translation is not finished yet, all content added since v16 needs to be translated.

friendlysil.tra friendlysil.d

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