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Even more new icons for SR4


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I'd say either 1) or 2).


Granted, I never understood how the "sideways 69" thing was ever supposed to represent regeneration. BUT, even though the ankh was my suggestion, I think it looks more religious than druid-y.


The ankhs could be used for a series of buff spells (Aid, DUHM, ____, Holy Power, Righteous Magic) the effects of which could be standardized a bit. I say this because Aid already uses an ankh animation, which could be added to the other buffs' animations. Alternatively, if the ankh icons are used for regeneration spells, maybe that animation should be used for them as well.


v4 is super cool, but maybe better used for a series of Energy Resistance or Iron Body spells, or... polymorphs! How great would it be if there was a series of increasingly powerful "Polymorph Self" spells, from 4th level up, culminating with Shapechange at the top. And a 7th- or 8th- level "Mass Polymorph" spell. These icons would work perfectly. Good stuff for Transmuters!

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... nobody has complained about yet.

Yeah, cause you haven't announced your desition. You yourself voted for v4.. if I am not mistaken yeah, but there's votes for v2, ..1 and 3, for 4, anything except 4 and so on. And there's other topics with this, if you haven't noticed.
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I stated my preference for either V2 or V3 above. If everyone else thought V1 would be better and we went with that, I would be happy using it.


If we found out 50 percent of players love Option A and hate Option B and the other 50 percent feel the opposite, then we could consider that as a choice worthy of explaining and offering to players. But there's no point doing that before we hear actual feedback.

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