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The new Fixpack thread for Compatibility, Bug Reporting, Changing/Removing Fixes

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Bartimaeus was also kind enough to test the actual max range for spells in the game.

It seems that such range is 26 feet. So 4 feet shy of the 30 feet that I thought was the max range.

Due to the fact that some spells (10) DO have a range of 25 feet, I opted for textually capping the range limit for spells to 25. It's not ideal because:

1) The true max range is one foot bigger

2) It sort of breaks a canon 30 ft. description that will be systematically replaced together with the inane "Visual range of the caster" that doesn't mean anything

but I thought it was better than misleading the player with a much less acceptable approximation where the range would be described as 4 feet bigger than it actually is.

This takes care also of the ludicrously big ranges (120 ft.+) that are found in some spell descriptions.

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Don't know if the fixpack should address this but Beamdog introduced a fireshield loop exploit in 2.6. It basically makes fireshield damage trigger on any attack (like an opponents fireshield). So if the enemy has an aura effect and isn't immune to cold or fire, you can kill it with an ever repeating loop of the two auras triggering each other. You basically have to avoid using these spells if you don't want to trivialize some encounters (with Demogorgon being a prominent victim with his aura of flaming death).

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35 minutes ago, Salk said:

The BG2 Fixpack is only for the original game.

But the BG2EE is the original game ... ūüėČ

Yeah, you mean to say the non-EE BG2, so either the BG2:SoA or BG2:ToB. Not so sure it still works with the SoA anymore... cause I cannot install it to a modern computer.

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Yes, it still works with SoA games--I keep two SoA installs around, one purely for Fixpack testing.

Otherwise, Salk's already covered it. While a handful of the OBC components do work on BG2EE, the main fix components are only intended for the original BG2. The Fireshield bug needs to be reported to Beamdog for the 2.7 patch.

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On 2/19/2019 at 7:52 AM, skellytz said:

Creatures using scripts with Help() and IF Help() combo get stuck in AttackReevaluate loop.

They keep acquiring a target which causes them to stutter while moving.

While I wasn't able to get them to stutter, I did see massive amounts of re-targeting. With the help of @Ardanis and @morpheus562 I think I've got a workable, fairly unobtrusive patch for this.

On 2/20/2019 at 7:10 AM, skellytz said:

Gorion loses the voiceover for "Let's hurry child!  The night can only get worse (...)" (GORIN11.wav)


On 4/1/2019 at 11:24 AM, CamDawg said:

Alright. I was sick as a dog this weekend, so what better way to spend your time than to watch the opening SoA cutscene on an endless loop. I was finally able to replicate the bug and know what file is causing it. The green orb that comes from offscreen to disintegrate the thief is a bad projectile and is the source of the crash.

I'm still working on why the changes here cause the crash, but in the meantime the workaround is pretty simple--deleting spgreorb.pro from the override fixed the issue for me.

I still don't know why this was causing an issue. Given that it's a cosmetic fix, I've simply withdrawn it for the next version.

And to make sure everything makes it to the forum in one form or another, these are issues reported and/or fixed via direct reports to Github:

  • Updated Polish and Russian translations from Roberciiik and prowler, respectively
  • Roberciiik also provided a patch to restore the descriptions for plat08 and slng03
  • Aegis Fang didn't have its enchantment level set correctly (burner1024)
  • Boots of Lightning Speed now set speed to 400% instead of 400%-ish (lynx)
  • TotoR115 reported (and fixed) a bug where Offensive Spin was not getting its +1 APR with TobEx bug due to effect misordering; he also reported an issue where gorcamb6.bcs still had a broken Dead() check
  • Salk reported (and fixed) an issue with the range of Negative Plane Protection as well as pointing out a bug with the arcane version of Know Alignment (the description disagreed with itself as to whether there should be a saving throw). For the record, the arcane version now requires a save vs. spell, no bonus/penalty.

All of these will be in v14.

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On 7/12/2019 at 3:18 PM, Christian said:

Not sure if it qualifies for the fixpack but the axe wizard Slayer (Bala's Axe) you get in Planar Sphere Machine room in BG2EE can dispel magic once per day. With a lv of 0.

The original axe lacked this ability ourtright (going back to oBG) so the current ability is added by Fixpack. Level 0 means it'll scale with the wielder.

On 7/18/2019 at 7:04 AM, Istfemer said:

My suggestion for Wisp's GTU Light: please change 'north' in A Note from Mazzy Fentan and 'northwest' in Tombelthen's Journal (1st half) to 'west' OR change both to say 'northwest' and edit the lines of the inhabitants of Imnesvale + quest entries in the Journal.

I'm working on a new worldmap for EET and I'm trying to fix/tweak area placements on it. I've run into conflicting sources regarding the position of Temple Ruins.

Does anyone know if BG2EE standardized Temple Ruins' location in and across dialog.tlk? Is it west, northwest or north of Imnesvale in BG2EE?

These are all standardized to 'west' in both GTU options. BG2EE has the exact same issues: Mazzy's note > north, Tombelthen's journal > east, all others west.

On 7/26/2019 at 1:51 AM, Christian said:

I just noticed (BG2EE 2.5), that temporary¬†increases in constitution (girdle¬†and potion of fortitude) don¬īt yield any saving throw bonuses to Jan Jansen. Intended or bug?

Fixpack isn't made for the EEs, only oBG2. And if this is an issue on oBG2, it's an entirely hardcoded process that I wouldn't be able to change anyway.

On 8/6/2019 at 1:43 PM, Istfemer said:

GTU Light v13 - Typo in a line displayed when the number of active summons exceeds the summoning limit:

"You cannot control more that # monsters at any given time."

Fixed in both GTU options.

Edited by CamDawg
Original ate my Bala's axe reply
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On 1/10/2020 at 7:55 AM, Arthas said:

1) You mention Ease of Use in the first post and tell that it should be subbed by Tweaks anthology. 
But..  I can't see any ease of use AI component inside tweak anthology. Am I supposed to still use ease of use for that component?

Ease-of-Use never had an AI component. Are you thinking of the "Ease-of-use party AI" component of SCS?

On 1/10/2020 at 7:55 AM, Arthas said:

2) I was checking the readme and it contains references to various components being splitted and making the player able to choose to install them or not. Then I came upon the following component:
Optional But Cool: Additional Script Fixes

Clicking on ‚ÄúOptional But Cool documentation.‚ÄĚ Brings you a page where there are references to components already mentioned in the readme you were just checking, making it impervious to understand what are these "optional but cool" script fixes.

I used to have extensive OBC docs, but discontinued them since it seemed nobody cared. I'll see if I have an old copy and update them for the next release.

For the most part it's for scripts that generally have blocks like "if I have spell ???, cast spell ???" where ??? is completely unknown, so we replace it with a best guess. If it was something like "If I have ???, cast Horrid Wilting" then it goes into the core fixes since solving for ??? is pretty trivial. 

On 1/10/2020 at 7:55 AM, Arthas said:

3) Would it be possible to split the dual class archer component?

No, but it's a simple change with a text editor. Search the tp2 for "Remove Dual-class Restriction" and you'll find this right below it:

COPY_EXISTING ~dualclas.2da~ ~override~
  SET_2DA_ENTRY 32 2 7 ~1~ // archer (feralan)
  SET_2DA_ENTRY 33 2 7 ~1~ // stalker

Just delete whichever line you don't want to apply.

On 1/10/2020 at 7:55 AM, Arthas said:

4) I read on the .net:  it looks like the Elven THAC0 bonus is supposed to apply to Longswords, Longbows, Short Swords and Short Bows. But in BG2 the bonus seems to apply to Bastard Sword, Scimitar, Katana and Two-Handed Sword in addition, but not to Short Bow.

Right, so we've got major problems here. oBG2 applies a +1 bonus for elves for any item of type large sword (20) or small sword (19), which covers pretty much every sword in the game. (Small swords covers wakizashis and short swords, while large swords covers two-handed swords, bastard swords, long swords, scimitars, katanas, and ninja-tos.) Elves using bows receive no bonus.

Now, we can certainly attach a +1 to-hit bonus for elves to bows, and a -1 to-hit bonus for two-handed swords to cancel out the bonus they shouldn't be getting. This is the easy part.

The problem is that any bonus or malus on one-handed weapons will also apply to both weapons on a dual-wielding character. This is more or less the problem we ran into with the weapons which provide bonuses vs. specific creatures, but this is substantially more widespread. Even worse, because it's a per-item solution and not something we can sort out centrally, it's something that every mod item would also have to follow and, given the activity level in the communities these days, that's not really something to bank on.

Given that it can't be solved completely--or even partially well--I'm going to punt on the issue and leave it as-is.

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2 hours ago, CamDawg said:

No, but it's a simple change with a text editor. Search the tp2 for "Remove Dual-class Restriction" and you'll find this right below it:

You say this, and but then the ability is right there. Me thinks you don't want to add in a component... or rather the infrastructure to support that invisible component that could be there if you wanted to. Yes, this is me calling you lazy. But not really. As I understand your blight. As one could just do it this way instead:

//removing this will disable the stalkers ability to dualclass
COPY_EXISTING ~dualclas.2da~ ~override~
  SET_2DA_ENTRY 33 2 7 ~1~ // stalker

//removing this will disable the archers ability to dualclass
COPY_EXISTING ~dualclas.2da~ ~override~
  SET_2DA_ENTRY 32 2 7 ~1~ // archer (feralan)

//the above feature was made for a request that was specifically made
//you don't like it, kill the nearest imp in your life for revenge


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On 5/3/2020 at 2:15 PM, prowler said:


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@252 = ~This wand will emit a gold beam of energy at its targets up to a maximum range of 60', affecting a 15-foot radius.  If the target creatures fail their save vs. wands, they will fall into a deep, comatose sleep for 5 turns.


Effect:  Sleep unless victim saves vs. wands
Range:  90 ft
Area: 15-foot radius
Duration:  2 turns
Not usable by:~



What is correct?

Two turns. Fixed for v14.

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Changing from 60 or 90 ft. to 40 ft. does not actually seem to make any difference in terms of gameplay.

From what @Bartimaeusafter testing the actual max range in the BG game, it appears to be 26 feet. Having any spell description provide a farther distance for range is, in fact, misleading. The so called "visual range of the caster" information should be replaced with 25 feet (a fair approximation to the nearest multiple of 5 number) and so should every and each range changed when it exceeds 25 feet.

That's what I have been doing for a new version of the BG2 GTU. 

Edited by Salk
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