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I thought I would start a thread to use when a new version is up. So... 1.1 is here! What's new? Many things:

  • Replaced blur effect with a combination of glow and transparency
  • Replaced creation of a new .cre with a transfer of SoA Yoshimo to ToB.
  • Check if Yoshimo's heart was brought to the temple of Ilmater if played both SoA and ToB (does not affect ToB-only games)
  • Lock "Bring me Yoshimo" in the Fate Spirit dialogue. Yoshimo has his own "entrance" in ToB.
  • Added a special race for him that should work better with his "state".
  • Added a special effect to his soundset in ToB that should also work better with his "state".
  • Added a dual-class option.
  • Better check for games that also have Yoshimo Romance installed.


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Hey Lava, thank you for the new mod version. I think I found a problem with the translation: since 1.3, if i scan the mod in PI, it shows "UNDEFINED_STRING" for all components. I have no experience in modding, but i think i found a solution. i chanced line 47-48 in YoshimosRemorse.tp2 from

AUTO_TRA ~YoshimosRemorse\Language\%s~
LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Language/English/setup.tra~
LANGUAGE ~Russian~ ~Russian~ ~%MOD_FOLDER%/Language/Russian/setup.tra~


AUTO_TRA ~YoshimosRemorse\Language\%s~
LANGUAGE ~English~ ~English~ ~YoshimosRemorse/Language/English/setup.tra~
LANGUAGE ~Russian~ ~Russian~ ~YoshimosRemorse/Language/Russian/setup.tra~

and then the components will display correctly. seems there is a problem with the %MOD_FOLDER%-variable. 

btw the same problem i discovered for ViconiaRevamped

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47 minutes ago, rick2021 said:

I think I found a problem with the translation:

Technically, the solution in the mod works, but then one runs into a user that has multiple mods that use the same approach and they get these sorts of problems. So yes, if you intend to cause problems, you use the %MOD_FOLDER% etc tricks and mess up others games, but one should think of their life's goals at that point.

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5 minutes ago, rick2021 said:

other users should use my workaround with caucion of course.

I don't completely agree with you because, if you do something correctly, there's no caution required. As in, you are completely right about the failure in the mod, but not really at the caution part.

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Guest The Imp above.
9 minutes ago, AL|EN said:

@rick2021 It's know wiedu bug, you workaround is correct. Modders can either apply it or wait for weidu to fix this.

Sorry, but if you code is bad, it's not really a bug, but just bad coding.

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1 minute ago, Guest The Imp above. said:

Sorry, but if you code is bad, it's not really a bug, but just bad coding.

Using %MOD_FOLDER% variable IS good coding. It's just doesn't work when used for LANGUAGE statement and --list-components-json which is a weidu bug.

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