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Thanks for tagging me! Yeah, jmaeq may need a small break and I saw you posts so as a 2nd author I thought it would be cool to make the mod work fine and stop confusing people with that string/translation problem with new WeiDU.

Thanks for your help, @CamDawg


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I'm happy to announce that Yoshimo's Remorse v3.0 is now available. You're wondering what's new? Here's the list of changes:

  • Added Polish translation by GoForTheEyes.
  • Added Polish audio edit by GoForTheEyes.
  • Fix by CamDawg for the bug that happened if Yoshimo suffered from permanent death in Shadows of Amn.
  • Mod's audio structure reorganization.
  • Additional testing.

Special thanks for the translator for her hard work!

Download new version today and have fun!

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Crossmod content requires approval of the other author, and the author of Longer Road is not around right now. I PMed her regarding other crossmod talks and never got any reply. It doesn't mean, however, that such content will never be written, but such approval is a must.

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I have different suggestion. Tortured Souls Lite and Yoshimo Remorse bridge patch? If Yoshimo survives using TS Lite mod his wraith form from YR cannot be recruited in the pocket plane. I don't know if permissions are required probably easier getting them. Also I don't know if the effort required to make the bridge patch outweighs the little outcome. We can always choose not to summon Yoshimo wraith from the tree of fate summoning device in the pocket plane.

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@zelazko I'm not sure what you are trying to suggest. Neither mods are using Pocket Plane summoning and already mutial exclusive (it's untested but I pretty sure they should).

I know about one technical incompatability between TSLite and YR (pdialog.2da and interdia.2da overrides), but I'll make a workaround on my side.

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