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Mostly black metal but also death, heavy, doom, gothic, viking and ambient.



I listen to just about everything but this, rap, and bad music :thumbsup:. Viking? There's viking metal?


My iTunes randomizer just went through Mozart, Aretha Franklin, Dave Brubeck, Tori Amos, FF6, the Beatles, Arab pop, Jill Scott, and Prince, and now it's on Ani Difranco.

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Viking? There's viking metal?


There certainly is. It is closely related to black metal but it tends to be more epic and majectic and the lyrical themes should be obvious. But since you do not listen to metal I guess this makes little difference to you. :thumbsup:



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Depends what I'm in the mood for. I'll listen to indie (Brit rock for you Americans), metal, industrial, alternative, ambient, break beat, house, techno trance... even the odd bit of soul or hip hop. Lately I've been getting into trip hop, and I'm really liking it :).


I'm a big fan of game music too, especially ambient and orchestral (The IE games' soundtracks being an obvious example of the latter). It's odd that I like orchestral, since it's obviously similar to classical yet I dislike most of that with a passion :). Jazz, pop, garage, and 80's rap are the only other genres of music I try to avoid.

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Progressive/Symphonic Rock.

Things like Pink Floyd, Marillion, Genesis, Phil Collins, ELO, Golden Earring, YES, Arena, IQ, Threshold, Shadowland, Plackband, Queen, Toto, Jadis, For Absent Friends, Ayreon...etc.


All my respect for you has just died. :)


I like pretty much everything but rap and r&b.

Listen to classical music quite alot; Jupiter by Holst or the Turkish Rondo by Mozart are both very nice, especially the latter, and I really like celtic music.

I like techno quite a bit too-that's actually rather similar to classical music when 'read between the lines' for the song/music structure.

Like Rock-got some Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi, Red hot Chilli Peppers, Greenday, offspring...

The music for Unreal Tournament 2004 is very good too-I converted it to mp3's and like listening to that.


I've even got some bagpipe music kicking around. (which makes my first sentance rich, I know)

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I have not yet encountered somebody claiming to like everything who actually likes what I listen to.



I think 'everything' here refers to 'everything that does not make your ears bleed'... :)





I like rock and (heavy) metal.

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