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Anishai one-day NPC released!

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This is my small contributin to JCompton's One-day NPC project. It makes Anishai, the monk from Mae'Var's guildhouse, a joinable NPC.

I made this mod in one day, and it wasn't a very productive day: I soon found out that I couldn't reinstall BG2! As a result, Anishai still lacks party banter, interjections, a romance, a biography, an epilogue... Hey, someday I should release a more serious version! I would also like to note that this is the first mode I'm writing on my own (Icelus did all of Unfinished Business' coding, and before today I still couldn't write a tp2). Well, here's the link where you should be able to download the mod:


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Well... I've quite the Unfinished Business team, and the Haer'Dalis will probably be put on hold for a while, so I think it would be a good time to start working on a full-blown Anishai. CamDawg has agreed to host a forum eventually, so if I anyone's interested in working with me, just let me know!

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Hm, well, you may want to email Fisha about it; I remember her showing up a year ago or so to see if anyone has completed HD romance mod. She wasn't interested in coming back to modding, but I guess that if she still has a mod done 4 years ago, she would repost it. Other than that you may ask the older (meaning: being here nearly from the beginning) community members if they have a copy somewhere on their cds/hardrives/anywhere.

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The BIG World Project linklist of the German Baldur's Gate forum has a link to version 1.2 hosted on fastshare. The thread is here (yes, yes that is Tim Allen in the forum logo at the top. :p ), and the file is under point 15.03.And since it is in German (though actually the list is both in English and German), here is the link to the actual file.



- ;):p :p :D:p:D:)

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Barren Fischa has not been active since June of 2007, but as a retired Gibberling, I suspect Barren would not mind having it kept alive. I'll ask about a more permanent hosting, but until then, Leomar has updated the mod, traified it, and incorporated Yago's German translation.


The download link for the time being is


[see current release post below]

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