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Gimme an RSS feed, please!


Those of you who agree with Cam and jester will be pleased to know that with the new design of the IER web site comes RSS! Click on the rss.gif icon at the top-right corner of the page, the RSS link in the sidebar on the right side of the page, or the rss-feed-icon.png icon in your browser's address bar to subscribe. Any errors or inconsistencies on the home page will be fixed shortly, but at least the basics are up, including RSS. :)

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Andyr, you are like the whole HOUR behind the Bigg's laboratory! It's 195 now! He-he, it reminds me the good old days, when we had a new WeiDU or Solaufein release every other week. :)

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I have to say that the sound is pretty good on the last installment.


As for the topic of the discussion -Too many modding communities?- I think it's pretty much a myth.


I count five that are actively modding, and it is not that difficult to keep track of it; there are some more struggling ones that have low output and low participation at present, speciality boards, I'd say of interest to their creators and a few more guys. Nothing wrong with it, and if they grow by developping interesting material - great! That means that IE modding is still kicking.


To help one navigate through the mods available there is a master list of mods (thanks, Ice!), which is imo better than unilateral hosting on one site. At least we are not losing sleep over that one mega-site is going down overnight. When one of the major boards goes down *cough* Spellhold *cough* or even dissappears entirely like Forgotten Wars, Studios or TeamBG, it does not signal the End of the Modding as We Know It. A GOOD thing, imo.


Just think of it: we lost THREE major sites that ta few years ago were the lifeblood of IE modding. And what? We wiped a nostalgic tear and went on, because other sites offered alternative.


I see plenty of cooperation in the comminities and between the communities. I guess, what people tend to mourn is the absence of "big" projects like TCs done by large modding groups, but I think that "FRACTIONZ" is a scapegoat/scarecrow, rather than a real reason for it.


The real reason being is that we are hobby community that has no "real life" incentive (ie educational credit or material reward) of any kind to design and fill _every_ role in such an eneterprize that requires non-trivial skills and loads and loads of tediuous work, compare to the smaller separate mods.


So, while I understand that the players would have loved to get a great game for free - heck, who would not! - it's just not gonna happen. It's naive to suggest that something like that can happen without specialists that the community just does not have in reliable supply: voice actors, composers, graphic actors, animators, testors, and, well, professional approach to schedules and commitments. It is one thing to write a romantic conflict for Beloved New NPC XX and Anomen; it's another to spend your time week in and week out filling in the dialogues for Commoner1 through Commoner25, and Questgiver1 through Questgiver10.


JC staffed his commercial product with community members _and_ plenty of specialists from outside. That will be I think as close as it can get to a whole new game from the community. All other efforts will be done by a relatively small core teams and based off heavily of the existing materials. They will also carry the flaws and virtues inherent to the particular nuclear team/modder.

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Thanks everyone. :(


A couple people, including you yarpen, have expressed an interest in written transcripts of the show. I may complete this, but I cannot make any guarantees. It is quite a time-consuming task...unless someone wants to volunteer. ;)

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