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  1. I don't see what's dynamic about it. It's just the same static rules, only in machine readable format. But assuming it's not too taxing to maintain, it of course could be useful.
  2. No I didn't. You made that up, again. I won't bother to go over the whole of your post, as you didn't answer questions and didn't provide examples supporting your points. I think you argue in bad faith. You are welcome to prove me wrong with actual code examples, actual quotes and supporting evidence. I'm not afraid to admit being wrong if I am. Are you?
  3. Very welcome, but it would be great if it (optionally) allowed publishing releases by simply pushing a tag, Travis style.
  4. sudo zfs create zpool/bgee -o casesensitivity=insensitive and you're good, whatever the kernel
  5. MLS 1.8.0: many updates and fixes. Most notable one is support for hovers and completion for BAF actions: Also, check out IElib:
  6. Then you've come to a wrong place. This is an internet forum. People have been debating on these since before we were born and will continue after we're gone. I didn't suggest that there's only one way. However, if there are multiple ways, it's either they are all objectively equal, or some are better. In particular, in software engineering, it is general consensus, with which I agree, that simpler is better. If function way works for you, great. These answers had responses in the following posts, which I guess you didn't read or didn't understand or found some other reason to ignore. However, I'll detail: 1) I literally explained in the post you've replied to. 2) Is not true. I didn't say they did. You made that up. And no, you are wrong about the point of encapsulation. It is to make sure stuff works the way it's supposed to, even when used in whatever funny way. Applicably to weidu components, however, it's really just semantics. Things that get in have to get out of another component first. I, too, don't understand why. If it's generated by any component launched first, I assume it's in the ALWAYS block. If it's there, it'll work. Please explain. Have you heard the phrase "the best code is no code at all"? Do you agree with it or not?
  7. Simplicity and just working. Effortlessly. Look at this thread. 4 pages of discusion (also, I looked back and actually CLEAR_EVERYTHING was already proposed). Even people who are not novices getting confused and disagreeing. How do you want beginners to undestand this? Or would you prefer them to copy the code without understanding what it does and even why? You keep your flexibility. No one forces you to put it in the ALWAYS block. However, if you're worried about encapsulation at all, breaking it should be explicit, not the other way around. Like, if you configure a firewall, a good practice is to block everything by default, then open each needed port explicitly. If you open everything and then try to block each unneeded port one by one (yes, just copying a config line a handful of times), you will slip up at some point, because you're human. And the very reason to employ encapsulation is remove human error element (well, from that particular angle). Following the best practice policy should be effortless, and breaking it should take effort. That's the best practice for following best practices. So if I was asked for an advice, I would say "Just always CLEAR_EVERYTHING. But if for some reason you really need to pass variables between components, be aware that it breaks encapsulation. And if you're ok with that, then go LAF route."
  8. Maybe there's some problem with animation, and it does appear, but isn't visible?
  9. A lot of jumping through the hoops... How about ALWAYS CLEAR_EVERYTHING ?
  10. A little off topic, but since the original issue is resolved, it's probably ok... In my opinion it's an absolutely wrong approach that is harmful in the long term. Bugs are to be fixed.
  11. On the second thought, feeblemindness also set Int to 3, which is probably more intrusive than needed. Just pause will have to do.
  12. It does, and you probably have a point, but maybe it's because reasons... Anyway, I tagged the author, so hopefully he'll see this sometime.
  13. Yay, it works, actually. Thanks. The only issue it that caster is still selectable, but I guess that can be resolved by strapping feeblemindness on top. Take that, @Miloch!
  14. I got a spell which holds the caster (project image style), and it's incompatible with PnP free action, because it adds immunities to hold, stun, etc. PI works normally, though, I presume because it's image project effect does that automatically. Any ideas what to do? It's got to be true hold/stun just setting speed to 0 isn't enough.
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