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  1. The same can happen with baldur.bcs.
  2. damn, I wrote a longish reply, pressed ctrl-z to cancel last words and IPB deleted it all with no possibility of restoring Short answer: just these 3 - no difference.
  3. IIRC ORs are slow, since every triggers is checked (thus CD_STATE_NOT_VALID exists). Checking gvars is fast. Obviously, It's best to cut off early. Anyway, there's not much point in thinking about it until you actually hit a performance problem.
  4. kludgemaster 3000: you can set a short timer in dplayer.bcs, once it expires you'll know it's off. Not instant, and won't work in some corner cases, but hey, it's something.
  5. There's something in EEEx https://eeex-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/EE Game Lua Functions/game/game_GetPartyAI.html#game-getpartyai, although the usage is unclear.
  6. Purchased items are dword (4 bytes), you have to use READ/WRITE_LONG, and correspondingly, INSERT 4 bytes, not 0xc. And increase purc-num.
  7. I think SWPI213 is supposed to be "SPWI213"? Add some PATCH_PRINTs to debug whether it enters the IF.
  8. You can stuff more info into LABEL, or put it into a comment in tp2.
  9. Thanks to a generous donation by @Blash2, Golem now supports SoD and EET.
  10. That would come useful, not only to TnT, but to any mod using the Golem, please do get in touch if you decide to proceed. You're welcome to. I, however, only track github and TnT's own forum, and can't guarantee responding to any messages posted elsewhere.
  11. It's not tested with EET (I think it requires SoD? and I don't have it). But most components should work on any game. You can test, report bugs to github and provide feedback on the forum. A new version is due sometime soon, and it'll include more stuff, so it's a good time to chime in.
  12. https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks#extended-soundsets-for-npc https://github.com/BGforgeNet/bg2-tweaks-and-tricks#no-talking-when-hiding-in-shadows
  13. I don't see what's dynamic about it. It's just the same static rules, only in machine readable format. But assuming it's not too taxing to maintain, it of course could be useful.
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