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Version 5 on its way?


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Hello, Cam!


I was just wondering if we could expect a new version of the Fixpack in the next few weeks since I realize there are pending bugs you have already squished and/or are easy to fix.


Or would you rather wait untill you have come up with a workaround to the dispellable paws component? (according to me, a minor priority)



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Oh I didn't mean to sound rude.


Sorry it came out that way.


I was just wondering because in that case I'd like to point out one easy pending fix that had been overlooked (mass invisibility spell duration).


That's all... ;)

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You're not the only one. ;) I'm just wondering if that's the same mod as the SIKRET CQM/Community Quest Pack or something mentioned at SHS(of which I also know nothing about, though I suspect it's more or less "Let's release RTW instead of waiting for Quitch, Cuv and Littiz to finsih it, already!").

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Definitely for me - the word 'community' alone makes all the difference. Bons' signature says it all, really:


Newt had always suspected that people who regularly used the word "community" were using it in a very specific sense that excluded him and everyone he knew.


--Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, "Good Omens"

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