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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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Guest Modsearcher
1 hour ago, K4thos said:

nope, I don't think so. Roxanne recently removed all mods that she hosted from compatibility list, including her own (Sandrah Saga, Shine On Caelar, Tamoko). Considering she has access to editing the list without pull requests, her mods will be back once she decides to add them.

aleady on the list, but thanks.

Thanks for confirming.  I found all the mods and also luremaster and they all install fine with EET. No reason not to have them on the list.


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8 minutes ago, Guest Modsearcher said:

Other thing. I try to register here and it says I need captcha but nothing is showing. Sorry for off topic.

If you're using Privacy Badger or similar browser plugin - disable it. Some adblockers may also block google captcha, so try disabling it too (notice that G3 doesn't have any adds)

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