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Forum Upgrade


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You may have already noticed... ;)


G3 has upgraded to v2 of IPB for our forum software. For those of you who visit FW you should already be familiar with the changes from v1.3 to v2; if not feel free to browse through your control panel and explore. We're already getting rave reviews.


The biggest change is in the forum skin--the default skin is an extension of the site look and feel. I have tried to keep the same skin options as before, but not every skin we had previously has a v2-compatible skin. On the upside, changing skins is a lot easier thanks to the pulldown menu in the lower left corner.


If you happen to have any questions or notice something gone awry, please let me know.

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Litebar skins are still displaying quoted text as very very very very dark brown on black.

Thanks, I'll get to this when I get home this evening.


I want the previous default skin back, please.

I have been unable to find an updated version of Minimalist. It's what I used to use as well. Apologies.

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I have the same complaint I have about the FW forum, and, in fact, every IPB forums I've ever visited - My Assisstant - where is she? I presume she's tall, blonde, with long legs, and a stunning smile (and she makes a mean cup of tea too), but I've never seen her around.

Whats up Cam? Does she want a pay raise, or is she always off sick, or are the rumours of terrible working conditions in the Gibberling Cave true?



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The Member Map has now been restored to all skins.


I've also added a new feature to the boards. Under Forum Options in the G3 Default Skin, or in the upper right corner in the Borderline or Litebar skins you'll find a Live Chat button. An IRC client has been built into the software that'll take you straight to the G3 channel. You'll need to be registered and logged in--sorry guests.

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