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v2.5 in open beta - it's time to get things moving :)


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I wouldn't worry about it. IIRC IWD-in-EET is essentially already done, he was just waiting to see if there were any code changes in the 2.5 patch that would break anything before releasing it. Assuming nothing broke, it should be pretty simple to just push it as 1.0 and go and finally K4thos will be free of this huge project he undertook :p

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Hey. Just wanted to say that I found the EET mod recently after wanting to start an "epic" Baldur's Gate Saga Let's Play on my YouTube channel. Really love the mod so far as well as SCS and the others I've been using, so thanks for taking the time to make them!

Hoping EET-for-IWD comes soon! Also hoping that it can somehow be added to an EET game already in progress. :love:


Good luck with the mods! If you need anything feel free to message me or hit me up on YouTube. Peace.


- Fluent

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Yes, I bevile that it is reason why there wasn't any EET updates. Code changes must take patch changes into consideration and it's a waste of time and effort to do anything with EET/IWD-in-EET before patches will be introduced.

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Any word from K4thos? now with 2.5 released I guess IWD in EET should be a step closer. been lurking from quite a while here patiently waiting for 2.5 so now the wait starts until the project is picket up again. is K4thos the only one working on it? will someone else be able to pick things up if he gave up the project?

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