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EE Mod Install Order Guide (WIP)

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Hi all,

I've been a lurker here for some time, and played a fair bit of BG2 since release, with a smattering of IWD and BG1. Today I finally have something to contribute.

In working toward some multi-mod installs, and perhaps eventually an EET run, I started a list of mods with some info to help me work through compatibility issues.

I shared this elsewhere, and @Cahir has been good enough to contribute, bringing it to a state where I suspect it may have some value to others. The goal is to create a compatibility guide and "cheat sheet" for multi-mod installs. The focus is on EE games as I mostly care about BG2EE & Cahir EET.

Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1vislrHkbvsqlN0m5jtDxDcSzlnA5D6ABSZy5TG1O8FQ

Please comment in any additional info or suggested changes, this will only improve with collaborative effort.

Any and all feedback appreciated.


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3 hours ago, subtledoctor said:

Might want to Github instead.... or some other system that tracks changes.  Just in case somebody makes an error.

I've started reading about github, can it support spreadsheets or some kind of database? I went with this as the easiest way to get from the sheet I was using to something public, but it certainly has flaws.

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Just remember you can revert to previous versions on Google Docs/Sheets/Slides/etc. via Control-Alt-Shift-H OR File >> Version History >> See Version History.  From there, change to a previous version on file.

I also backed up the Google Sheet before editing anything.

The to-sort list should have the alternating white and gray backgrounds for cells as the main list does.

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