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  1. I haven't made any changes since the last upload to the main branch (which I suppose, is 'ahead' of your branch re kit descriptions but is otherwise almost identical--see below.) I believe that these are the only differences between the builds: 1) The main branch is more up to date re kit text descriptions (which we should probably separate from setup.tra at some point). 2) I think you did an update re multiclass kits. I didn't add that to the main branch because I got the impression that it was experimental(?) 3) Oh, maybe the tra reference in cleric_kits.tpa where the ch
  2. @Lauriel Do you mind posting your working sample? lol, it doesn't work like I remember
  3. I haven't looked, but are you counting the " Well, I'm just doing that because there are basically two competing standards re starting a new sentence: in my day, you used two spaces after a period. However, I understand that nowadays, it's one space. Its all very Oxford commaesque. Now, my brain is confused and so I sometimes use one space, and sometimes two, so I would need to do something like that even if I only used the macro for myself. Re: set_2da. Did you also count the "2DA[space]V1.0" in the top left corner? Maybe that is what's throwing your numbers off
  4. Still playing with the modified identify spell. I was able to access Imoen's (and then Minsc's) inventory. When I tried casting on Jaheria, who had not yet joined my party, it showed Imoen's inventory instead. Non-allies should be protected from the spell. Anyway, very cool! Also, I see how to restrict it to certain inventory slots. As such, you could give warriors an ability to identify a weapon (and/or armor/helmets) if they can swing it around it for a bit (i.e. if they hold it in one of their weapon slots). This, of course, makes them vulnerable to cursed items, but still
  5. I can think of one way to do it. You could probably do something with REPLACE_TEXTUALLY that modifies your files before you compile them. Like, you would still need to create a new token, let's call it THE_HESHE. You would put <PRO_HESHE> in all the normal places, including at the beginning of sentences, etc. But, you would then copy your own files and do a REPLACE_TEXTUALLY replacing all instances of ". <PRO_HESHE>" or ". <PRO_HESHE>" with ". THE_HESHE". So, wherever your <PRO_HESHE> follows a period, it'll be replaced by the capitalized THE_HESHE. Otherwise, it'
  6. Lol, so much this! I don't even play the game except to test something. Modding is just how I enjoy the game.
  7. I just deleted a few paragraphs of blah blah blah. lol. Like, I was thinking of possible ways to bypass the limitation of not being able to select HLAs at character creation. Basically, I'm just interested in finding out what sorts of things can be done. Once I know that, the ideas will come. Like, is the class button array considered a menu that you could access with this? That's probably too good to be true. Well, I also just get excited at the possibility of doing new things.
  8. Okay, I have two Identify related findings: 1) This does not work with SPWI110.spl. The original identify needs to be added to hidespl.2da and a new spell needs to be added. 2) the functions seems to work fine when run in two different mods on the same install. That is, I made a wiz version in one mod and installed it (over grease). Then, I made a cleric version in a second mod, and installed that (over detect evil). Both work just fine in BG2EE. I created a cleric/mage with the wiz and cleric version memorized. She cast both, and they both worked. The two quick and dirties ar
  9. Yeah, it's easy peasy 123sy with the provided .tph. I did it in about ~5 mins on one of my comps (not sure which one atm). It might work fine to run it over and over again in different mods. It's worth testing. (lol, I've borked my menu so many times with no long term repercussions). Also, if necessary, we could tweak the tph to deal with multiple iterations if necessary (once we've figured out a few basics re what it actually does). Agreed. Or, maaaybe SPWI110 could just be modified to cast the subspells(?) Not sure if it'll work. I used a modified detect evil spell. I
  10. Subtledoctor has given me a clue--lol, it pays to look and think--so that's something to start with. Actually, @subtledoctor if you don't mind, I wouldn't mind trying to dissect the code here to see if I can figure it out in a public forum (where people can point out my dumb errors and/or make use of any 'breakthroughs' ) Edit: Responding to this: Edit2: I'll upload a quick and dirty example tomorrow if SD doesn't get to it first
  11. Are you using EE? If so, you can create your own capitalized tokens that you would use in the appropriate places. *looking* You need to append tokentxt.2da with (e.g.) the following (edit: er, just replace "Woman" with "She" and "Man" with "He"): 2DA V1.0 * TOKEN_TEXT PROTAGONIST STAT VALUE EQUALITY STRINGT STRINGF 0 RESERVE * * * * * * 1 NP_MANWOMAN 1 35 2 0 Woman Man The entries are fairly straightforward, but here is the infos Als
  12. Oh, this is sooo awesome! I just made a priest version of Identify. No big deal. @Bubb What about EET? So, when you talk about this 'pattern matching'. What sort of thing should we look for? Edit: Please feel free to talk to me like I'm five... in fact, I'd prefer it! Edit2: This sounds REALLY intriguing.... Like, could it open the HLA menu?
  13. It should be a part of fnp at some point in the (hopefully) near future. Pecca gave me permission to incorporate SC in a few mods, including fnp.
  14. If anybody wants to get a preview of the readme, see the first post here. Note that I'm updating it constantly, so it'll be (hopefully) more informative over time. Please let me know of any errors you happen to catch. Edit: e.g. Just added a warning about that Klatu component
  15. I'm not sure what might be wrong, but I do have working code. Let's see... Okay, I got help from Kjeron and Argent77 with is, so it is solid: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/blob/master/B_Spells/lib/fnp_new_spells.tpa#L870 Edit: I think this should also work in iwdee by now. I think the update I was waiting for has happened
  16. Glad to see this out and about!
  17. Is there a simple way to check if a spl makes use of a particular opcode via PATCH_IF? I have to admit that I have not even tried as I have no idea how I would do such a thing, tbh. I have code that does basically what I want it to, but it's...wasteful, so to speak. That is, is applies INNER_ACTION much more often that it needs to. I can give the code snippet in case it'll help: The problem is those darn INNER_ACTIONs...
  18. Well, this is very cool. I've found a reason to modify rather than set values of certain effect variables. Well, I'm only doing this for savebonus, but I could see it being useful for duration, dicesize, dicenumber, or in certain cases, param1 or 2 (e.g. opcode 12). That is, right now I'm doing a thing where characters get a bonus based on dexterity to save vs. certain spells, such as fireball. Basically, I'm cloning the spell to cast different versions of itself based on the targets dexterity (i.e. giving bonuses for exceptional dex). But, certain spells--and certain mods and poten
  19. This one is like spell_to_innate, but allows for a few more options (including changing spell types from any kind to any other kind). A lot of the text options are English only, but those can be traified to support other languages. Also, it won't replace any sphere text in spells with custom sphere names, but those could easily be added. Sample uses: This one is a lot smaller. It just adds additional prohibitions (i.e. school or alignment) to a given spell:
  20. https://github.blog/2019-05-14-git-ransom-campaign-incident-report/
  21. Something like this should be done for splstates in the ees
  22. Heh, I was actually thinking of Aristotle and his discussion of fatalism and naval battles. And Jarno is, I think, teasing out the difference between what we might call ' metaphysical' vs ' epistemic' possibility, which I think is relevant to the Aristotle conversation (lol, which I won't get into because, among other things, I feel like like this conversation is detailing this thread. At the same time, it felt rude to say nothing...I'm definitely not going to get into a 'my favorite philosopher is better than your favorite philosopher' discussion except to say that Kant rules; the ancients dr
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