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  1. Oh spit! Simple mistake. I was copying the wrong descriptor from the spl file (i.e. 0x0054 when it should have been 0x0050)--thanks for that Subtle. This worked: Edit: this is lightly better: //Scroll of Detect evil COPY_EXISTING ~SPPR104.spl~ ~override~ READ_ASCII 0x0008 name READ_ASCII 0x0050 desc COPY ~%mod_folder%/data/scrolls/priest_1/B_PS104.itm~ ~override~ //Actual scroll WRITE_ASCIIE 0x0008 ~%name%~ WRITE_ASCIIE 0x000c ~%name%~ WRITE_ASCIIE 0x0054 ~%desc%~
  2. Solved. See 3rd post I'm trying to create a number of cleric scrolls. In order to increase compatibility (especially with Spell Revisions), I would like to be able to copy the spell description and then apply it to the scroll description. I can do this will the file name, no problem. So, for example, for the scroll of detect evil, I have this: //get spl name: Detect Evil COPY_EXISTING ~SPPR104.spl~ ~override~ READ_ASCII 0x0008 name COPY_EXISTING ~B_PS104.itm~ ~override~ //scroll of detect evil (etc.) WRITE_ASCIIE 0x0008 ~%name%~ WRITE_ASCIIE 0x000c ~%na
  3. A bit late, but: http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Fatigue Edit: Lol, Demi is the source
  4. Understood. My thinking was to incorporate some of your fixes to lighten the load, so to speak. But, maybe subtledoctor is already doing this(?)
  5. Bart, are you on Github? The easiest way to do this is through Github forking and pull requests. I think that Mike said that this would help get a new 'official' release up and running. A nice thing about Github is that it could also help with documenting changes. It will show you what files have changed and (for text files) exactly what text has changed. Or, if you will give me permission, I can add your changes to my version for a pull request either to subtle's version, or, if it comes after he sends a request to gibberlings, to another request to gibberlings.
  6. Sure. Might as well collect any fixes we can make in one place so we can keep everything straight.Cool cool! Edit: forked. I'll start on 11st level spells this weekend
  7. incomplete bug list 2. Should they all be updated, though? For example, isn't detect evil thematically appropriate for paladins (as opposed to detect alignment) 3.They're different spells. I think the point was to just replace the occasionally useful zosa with the more often useful gow. 7. I'm wondering if haste (or even free movement) should protect against or remove the slow effect, honestly. It seems to me to be a kind of 'curse' effect, something you would need ' break enchantment' to deal with. 13. I'm weary of messing with spells utilized by the AI... Glaring: I a
  8. Yeah, I was thinking of doing exactly this. So, how can I help? Should I fork your repo and send you pull requests? I have recently gone over all 1st level spells, so I'm happy to commit to them for now to avoid duplicating work
  9. Have you actually made a single successful test of this ?I've started the process here:https://github.com/Grammarsalad/Proficiencies/blob/master/proficiency/data/components/Setup_proficiencies.tpa Edit: also see e.g.: https://github.com/Grammarsalad/Proficiencies/blob/master/proficiency/lib/armor_prof.tpa Edit2: and yes, it works. I haven't set npc proficiencies yet and its kinda funny how full plated npcs walk around at a snail's pace
  10. I'm almost positive that @Kjeron has said that the 'extra' proficiency stats are no longer being used by the ai in 2.5 (though, they are still set by spells--for scs, maybe?) not sure..
  11. Oh wow, Wisp should be informed of this...
  12. The IESDP reports that a value of 10 in Parameter 2 has "No effect": https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op144 However, in the EE engines, it disables the bard song. I assume, but I have not verified, that this is also the case with #279: Enable Button. The IESDP does not say either way about a value of 10: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op279
  13. Just asking, but have you tried all possibilities? The iesdp could be more clear here, but looking at 12, I see: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/opcodes/bgee.htm#op12 E.g.: 0 Crushing 1 Crushing Set to Value 2 Crushing Set to Percentage 3 Crushing Reduce by Percentage Both 2 and 3 reduce current hp%?
  14. Is this possible? Specifically, is it possible to detect improved initiative?
  15. This section displays script triggers rather than actions: https://gibberlings3.github.io/iesdp/scripting/triggers/iwd2triggers.htm
  16. I can't believe that I haven't told you about this. I have a version of charm person that makes the target 'stand around' but does not use the feeblemind opcode, so the target can still run scripts (and be talked to). It only works in EE, though. There is an opcode in EE, I think it is 365, that makes the target unselectable. Unselectable targets cannot be controlled, at least by the player--I need to test what happens when it is cast on a PC. I believe it's coded in B_Spells. This is the description: https://github.com/UnearthedArcana/B_Spells/blob/master/spells/tra/english/rev
  17. This...is awesome! Thank you CamDawg. This will be very helpful. Now, if I only knwe how to make that Tempus kit take the fighter stronghold rather than (any) cleric stronghold...
  18. That might be a benefit. Assuming this ability is less then 6th level in strength, then it makes these that illusionists that can cast 6th level spells can find a way to circumvent It
  19. Wait, really?!? Is it a matter of setting a negative value in param 2?
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