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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Guest jastey*

The timer is only for the Ajantis lovetalks (resp. friendship talks if no romance is active). Have a look at the romance guide to see which dialogues are actual lovetalks.

What exactly do you mean with "all banters"? (Anomen romance timer doesn't get changed by this mod.) It could be that Ajantis is a bit too chatty at the beginning depending on what your PC already did in the game and who is in the party. Let me know if there are dialogues that fire directly after each other or with too little pause, maybe I should inlcude or prolongue the connected timers.

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All ok :) I'd like to ask for little spoiler: is it possible to have both Ajantis and Anomen in party? I can admit that Anomen is the best priest im BG2

Yes, you can have both men in the party. There may be some surprises, but you can easily have both men in the party, and keep both men in the party despite the surprises.

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I'm so slow, I can't find the library at all >.> -_- I feel ashamed,

In left corner near the big stairs

Yes, you can have both men in the party. There may be some surprises, but you can easily have both men in the party, and keep both men in the party despite the surprises

Thank you!

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The new beginnings romance is very nice, but also a bit too short for my taste. I guess this is because it is just too much work to write three separate paths and keep each of them fresh, entertaining and different enough from each other. I really loved the conclusion in hell, it's very unusual to see such a beautiful lovetalk in that dreadful area, and it makes it worth your while to play through the entire game just for the romance.




Now, the engaged path is my favourite. There where so many funny moments - the PC could say and do hilarious things to Ajantis, and seeing his cute and sometimes a bit clumsy reactions made me laugh quite often; I think he is written very much in character, and he's just like I imagine a paladin. There were also many little things I didn't expect, like what happens when Ajantis says something stupid in the Underdark, and the ensuing struggle once the party gets back to the surface. :)


I had a look at the readme before I played, and I thought there might be too few lovetalks for the engaged path, too, but in fact, it is MUCH longer than I thought! :)


There were a couple of situations that I thought would be of interest to him, being a paladin and so very much in love with <Charname>. In some cases, he reacted right away (the PC's dreams, the slayer change); in some cases he didn't say anything at first (Keldorn's quest) and I was a bit disappointed, because I thought he didn't have anything to say at all. It turns out I was wrong, though, because after a while, banters about Keldorn's situation popped up, addressing just what I had in mind. It seems Ajantis has something to say about anything which is important to <Charname>'s life, but still he doesn't force her out of the spotlight. Very well done!


I also liked the quests very much. I was surprised that you can play the core of the engaged romance path without restrictions to the very climax of the romance (in most other romances, the plot only continues after the slayer change/Bodhi abduction), but even if you do that in chapter 2/3, there is still a lot of content to see afterwards.



I'm very much looking forward to the ToB part!

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Guest Guest

Apologies if this has already been asked, but what do you do about voicing? Do you just use the same command and selection sounds as he has in BG1 (and if so, are they ripped directly from BG1 so they're of the same volume and high quality)?

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Thank you for your comments and feed back!

Thank you Evaine Dian for this very lovely review. It is very comforting to have the impression the mod gets played (and is liked).


Ajantis uses the BG1 sounds. They are implemented via ogg -> wav transformation, so I'd assume the quality is not as good as in BG1, although I'd have the impression it is at least acceptable. I would gladly include voiced lines, but I'll wait until the ToB part before I'll ask around.


EDIT: Senka, do you mean it's too loud?

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Would you give me any clues where I can find Erenal? I looked through all noble houses but nothing. And story with wedding rings just intriguing... :) I don't know how to chose one but hope Ajantis has LT about :)

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Erenal can be found in the Government District, the house in the North, AR1007.

Yes, there will be a LT about the ring. You should be able to tell him your choice earlier via PID, though ("I would like to talk to you").


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