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[released] Sir Ajantis for BGII mod


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Haha, this sounds cool but I won't take any responsibility if the mod story will somewhat messed up with that. Well, he would be a wild mage that's fond of paladin PCs, that's for sure. ;)


I will consider this once the mod reaches a stage where it makes sense to think about cross-mod content of any kind. Thank you for the idea!

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Um, actually, if you are talking about "Alternate Xan Class: Make Xan a Fighter/Mage, Sorcerer, Mage or Wild Mage", it would be me. ;)


lev1npcs currently don't add support for mod NPCs: there is some code in the .tp2, but it's commented out.


Of course RE solved the problem as long as RE-men are concerned, but not for e.g. Anomen-Kelsey.. or yes?


Unfortunately, yes. We're still to wait for this tweak; in the meanwhile, though, please, feel free to use RE dream timer, if you'd like to.



Also, it might be selfish of me, but I sort of wish you had a forum for Ajantis somewhere closer to G3/another often-visited community, since now, I have to look into "jastey: profile", then follow a link in a signature.

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Ajantis' night talks have timers in between, so there shouldn't be two Ajantis talks at rest (that wasn't my concern).


Thank you for your interest, Kulyok, but right now I prefer spending the time actually working on the mod than creating a new forum and being distracted by answereing 100th of posts every day. Or maybe some in a week, at least. But once alphatesting of an English install is going to start I am sincerely thinking about asking CamDawg for forum support.

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Um, actually, if you are talking about "Alternate Xan Class: Make Xan a Fighter/Mage, Sorcerer, Mage or Wild Mage", it would be me. ;)

Yeah, I remember that from the actual Xan mod and it's actually the one I used. But there is definitely an option for it in Level1NPCs. Now I think about it though I think it may have been the Tutu options (it has options for Montaron and Xzar also for instance).


So yes, there doesn't seem to be any current modded-NPCs in there but there easily could be (quote from the L1NPC page):

Q: What about NPCs added by mods? Keto wants to be a skald!


A: None at this time. While I find it hypocritical for modders to declare their work sacrosanct, there's certainly a contingent who expect to have free reign trampling BioWare's intentions and other modders intentions and the player's intentions while expecting their own work to be pedestaled higher than, say, Shakespeare. So mod NPCs aren't and won't be included without permission. With that said, Wes Weimer won't care if his NPCs are included, and J. Compton will probably allow PPG NPCs to be included if we all buy stock in Broken Hourglass, so it's possible some will show up later ;)

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I think I'll leave it with the choice I implemented: make Ajantis plain paladin or Cavalier.


Update: choice of kit is implemented, choice of romance "grade" is implemented (adult or teen content), choice of portraits shown in the alternate portraits thread are implemented. Again thank you very much to the artists to permit using the portraits!


Next come the player initiated flirts. :)

If you have good ideas, throw them here.

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Maybe some comfy flirts, such as sitting on his laps and curling against his chest? Also, for comic value, maybe some wifey flirts, like dusting off the cloak or scolding him for not wearing enough padding under his helmet :) Maybe a flirt where PC looks at/plays with hers or his engagement ring (from my experience it take a while to actually get used to wearing one)(Okay where was I when I was writing Diriel's flirts?)

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What exactly does "flip your hair" mean? Is it a motion done by a hand, or by moving the head?

Either would work. It's all a ploy to get a guy to look at your hair and face. :)


Using the hand might be more realistic, though. Just for kicks, I attempted to flip my own bangs out of my eyes by moving my head in a short, sharp circular motion, and nearly dislocated my own neck. The cats are all looking at me like I'm mad.

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Flirt pack and friendship PIDs are finished. There are even some new beginnings romance PIDs that managed to sneak in by themselves.


Thank you again for your ideas, and a big tank you to berelinde for her already coded PID contribution!

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Cool stuff!


(And that reminds me I promised to see about re-engineering DreamTalk timer materials for BG2 using the bigg's code, kulyok's suggestions, and a 2da read... ok, so my first New Year's Resolution is to catch up on that).

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