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Community Filename Prefix Reservations

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I continue to discourage group prefixing, because what's the point? It's hardly the end of the world if your files aren't all marked with your community insignia, especially when FARCTURE.

Yes, although the "everyone has a personal prefix" thing can still get to be troublesome if you're collaborating with someone else. Unless I planned to use Ghrey's J# prefix for Kelsey (which I didn't because it was "his" prefix and I am morally opposed to the dangerous abuse of the reserved # character), we ran into some "bah, you called it THAT?" problems, especially on Kelsey-TOB.


And yes, farcture's hell on prefixes.

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Ideally a single netconnected database should run this and each mod site have an update function.


This is a sensible idea. As is one central tutorial site, one central place for downloads, one central place for examples and reference material etc. Unfortunately, I doubt it will ever happen :)

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The closest thing to a centralized db at the moment is IESDP. I've always felt it should be the keeper of the prefixes, as I consider them to be a modding resource. Not that I'm trying to dump more work on igi, of course... :)

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Centralization is a nice dream. As for IESDP, it is possible because it is a collection of technical knowledge. (We, the community, can be proud of IESDP -- it is a real community work, the example of how we can work together)


However, the central place for downloads or tutorials (I took these two examples from igi's post) is not really possible. Modders, modder groups, people, create their own works, realise their own ideas - and naturally do not agree in everything. It is natural that they aren't in the same group, same part of the community. Additionally the natural (and healthy) rivalry is always there, let's not deny it: a modder wants to his mod be better, the best etc. As far as this is between natural and honest limits, I think that it is acceptable and correct.

The 'big unite' will never happen. However, the good and cultivated relationship between modding groups (I could say: communities; but we're one big community, aren't we?) is primary and important.


EDIT: grammar and style (*sigh*)

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The Council, and it was a good idea. They were temporarily closed for a day or two, for various reasons. Yesterday they have been opened again.


If this had been a permanent decision of the Council and not a temporary status, it would certainly have been announced somehow. We always keep our visitors informed.


By the way, Rastor, the list is always available at http://www.blackwyrmlair.net/prefixes.php . No need for any forum to check the list.

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