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Unearthed Arcana present Tome & Blood: more options for arcane casters

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I miss many informations in this readme. For example "Component 67 allows you to choose which familiar you want (from a slightly modified list) instead of being bound by your alignment. Currently, the available familiars are Pseudodragon, Ferret, Rabbit, Cat, Spider, and Rat. Each ahs its own special skills and abilities, and each provides a different small passive benefit to the caster."

Which skill, abilities and which small passive and so on.

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7 minutes ago, Draelyn said:

Which skill, abilities and which small passive and so on.

I haven't had time or opportunity to specify everything in a proper readme. But the information is in the familiar descriptions when you are choosing one.  It's something like:

  • Pseudodragon can cast Cure Light Wounds and Blur, and the wizard regenerates slowly while near the familiar.
  • Ferret can emit a nauseating aura that disturbs enemies nearby, and has high Pick Pockets skill, and the wizard has +1 CON while near the familiar.
  • Rabbit has elemental resistances and high Find Traps skill, and can tunnel through the ground (as Shadowstep) and the wizard is immune to Slow while near the familiar.
  • Cat has high Stealth skill, and the wizard has +1 DEX while near the familiar.
  • Spider can spit webs at enemies and poison them, and the wizard is resistant to poison damage while near the familiar.
  • Rat can summon 1d6 more rats, and the wizard has +1 INT while near the familiar.
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Im just choosing my Mage Specialisation and im confused.

"The Abjurer also receives a +2 bonus on Saving Throws to resist Abjuration spells, and targets of the Abjurer's Abjuration spells receive a -2 penalty to Saving Throws to resist them. "

I would like to install spell revisions too and i checked all Abjuration spells and none seems to benefit from this above or am i wrong?

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On 6/9/2020 at 8:57 PM, subtledoctor said:


I don't know much about the crafting component, I believe that is @Grammarsalad's thing.  It hasn't been touched in a long time; last I heard he was planning to revamp it and create a broader crafting mod.  But, you know about plans...

Yes, that's still the plan. I'll be releasing an updated version first in spells & magic. Once I've worked out there kinks and bugs, I'll have a version for both TnB (for mages) and FnP (for priests). There will be multiple implementations. Some notes can be found here, here and here

Edit: I need to edit that a bit. I do have a read magic spell in the works, but I'm not going to require it to use class based scrolls (but e.g. a mage would need to to read a cleric scroll)


Edit 2: also note that these are just one version of Craft items, the version that is closest to pnp. I'll have a few more (maybe quite a few more)

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On 7/3/2020 at 2:07 PM, Draelyn said:

What does the Aura of the Ferret do exactly?

I think thac0 penalty and slight spell failure chance. 

On 7/7/2020 at 11:15 PM, Draelyn said:

Im just choosing my Mage Specialisation and im confused.

"The Abjurer also receives a +2 bonus on Saving Throws to resist Abjuration spells, and targets of the Abjurer's Abjuration spells receive a -2 penalty to Saving Throws to resist them. "

That’s nothing to do with the mod, it is bog-standard hard-coded vanilla behavior. Yes, some specialists get more benefit out of this, like Enchanters and Invokers. There aren’t many Abjuration, Illusion, or Divination spells that involve a saving throw. It’s just how the game is. 

I highly recommend Spell Revisions along with this. But note that SR should be installed before TnB. 

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@Draelyn hopefully without re-opening a big can of worms, some of the mods the EE set-up tool uses are tweaked versions of the originals and i believe it also uses various patches and fixes to get things to work that aren't supported by the original mod authors. There are a few discussions about it on here.

If you want to use something to install a lot of mods, use Project Infinity. You'll need to do a bit of reading as its more involved than using the EE mod set-up tool. But you'll be using the supported versions of various mods. It now has download links to something like 130 plus mods.  The main thing you'll need to do is create a sorting order which can take a bit of work. I made one, thats on here somewhere, based on the BWP pdf, which is for BGT (the classic non EE games). It took ages, but i was left unattended in the buildroom at work for a couple of weeks so i made the most of it, and the one i made has all the mods in the pdf cos i was trying to be helpful. You can make a sorting order just for the mods you use so it shouldnt take that long. There are a few recent threads on here with people talking about big modded EE installs so you can probably find most of the information you'll need there. Plus asking on here and im sure you'll get some assistance. It does require some work though but is worth it, plus you'll learn a load more about the mods you're using.

This as gone a bit off topic though, so if my post should be moved somewhere moderators, feel free to move it or delete it.

(I have nothing to actually do with PI, its Alien's project, I've just been using it a fair bit recently)

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3 hours ago, Draelyn said:

Why? I have no idea how i would install such a mass of mods.

I would gently suggest that if it is worth it to you to use X amount of mods, then it is worth it to do a bit of research about them. Plenty of people have been discussing this stuff openly in order to help others:

  • https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31281-cahirs-eet-epic-run-mod-order-help-request/
  • https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31370-back-for-another-playthrough/#comments
  • https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31345-yet-another-thread-about-a-big-bg2ee-install/#comments
  • https://www.gibberlings3.net/forums/topic/31567-problems-with-bgt-megamod-install/#comments
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fHxfvbWTJ8CIqu9V5--W0pxmERGz948KMJFWLp7YzfQ/edit

The weidu.log files and mod orders in those threads can be edited according to your preferences, and then imported into Project Infinity.  Easiest is to find a big install order that includes more mods than you want, and then simply delete some.  You will be left with a correctly-ordered list of your favored mods.

Roxanne's tool saves you effort, but you are depending entirely on the judgment of a single person, who has engaged in some bad acts (plagiarizing mods, etc.) and has withdrawn completely from discussions with actual modders.  I occasionally glance at her forums, and I have seen her make bad decisions about install order, which she could have easily avoided if she simply asked people over here whether there is a reason to order things this way or that way.  Instead she just decides to make changes all on her own, putting things in a bad order, and then every player using her tool is getting things installed in a bad order.  Until her whims change, and she makes some other decision without consulting anybody, and then all players using her tool are subject to the new whim.

Me, I wouldn't want to be reliant on her, I would rather have some control myself.  To swing this discussion back on-topic, you said you were reading the kit descriptions (as if already in the game) and then said you were thinking about installing SR (as if it were not yet installed, and thus presumably would be installed later).  I'm just telling  you that SR should 100% be installed before TnB, no ifs ands or buts about it.  As to whether the horribly-named "ee mod install tool" is doing that correctly: I have no idea, and little confidence.

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