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The moderators deleted my topic


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Yesterday I posted a thread here that might have seemed risque to the moderators. It was not insulting to anyone in any way. They simply did not like it, so they deleted it. I want this fact known to readers of the boards. It won't surprise me if this thread is also prevented from coming through. In that case I'm going to write about the fact in ten other topics on the boards dedicated to modding instead of this off-topic board.

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2 minutes ago, temnix said:

It was not insulting to anyone in any way.

We beg to differ, and very much so. This thread was the straw that broke the camel's back. Your posts are under surveillance until we have the impression you stopped giving us extra moderation work.

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Please explain - no, without a "please." Explain what was insulting about (I'm stating this for others who are reading) cartoon pictures of gay sex. By the way, whether what I write gives you more imaginary responsibilities or less is as important to me as anal prodding in the corridors of the United States Federal Reserve.

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Just because G3 has a "no banning, no deletion" philosphy does NOT mean we want to read your (that's a general you) every and all troll throughts and troll-like thoughts and porn pictures and controversial contents and long winded ego-emo whatnot derailings.

This is a site for IE modding, for fuck's sake. It's meant for people sharing IE modding stuff, ideas, help, etc. It also gives space for non-IE modding related exchanges because we are social beings.

What you posted is not what this site is for.

Get a grib and go troll somehwere else.

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Do Yorkshire puddings and... what was the other thing welcomed for in the off-topic forum... fall in the limits of "non-IE modding related exchanges"? Or was that a mistake too? Where are the borders of acceptable speech? Would you draw up a code of niceness? Or does "acceptable" simply coincide with "what jastey and a couple of others like"? An off-topic board perhaps should never have been created, since you were not ready that someone would actually begin saying something freely and intelligently. And now it happened, and you are not ready to deal with consequences. What a pathetic creature you are, jastey: obtuse, prudish, self-important, flaunting the tiny powers you were given to restrain obvious hate speech, spam and, where a topic exists, dangerous deviations from it - if someone complains, because even on the modding-specific boards conversation goes off on tangents all the time. The only difference is that there you don't feel that you have to crucify yourself for the salvation of humanity on somebody's wit, because you are guaranteed there won't be any. I want to give you some advice that will make your life easier: instead of reading any and every bit of text produced by someone on these boards, which does not concern you anyway, try going about your own business, doing I don't know what - picking daisies? - and only intervene when you are called, like the fire-fighting department instead of a circling police patrol or, more precisely, a bored censor. You will sleep better, and the boards will flourish.

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Yes, this is a first for us. We've never had someone post something so egregiously stupid and unnecessary to the point where we've hidden the post. It's being held while we discuss what to do as this is, literally, unprecedented for us. In the meantime, yes, your posts are being screened.

This actually works against us, of course. By hiding the post, you're able to claim that the post was "risque" instead of what it was: porn, and you labeled it as such in the post's title. By all means, post everywhere about how you've been unjustly targeted by the draconian moderation policies of G3 because we... hid your post containing porn. On a modding forum.

I cannot urge you strongly enough to post about this everywhere you can.

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And to think, I was put on moderation queue some years back because of a report I made about another poster...I didn't even post it, it was just a report! Admittedly, it was a pretty offensive report (I do believe some particularly outrageous words were used that I can't repeat here or pretty much anywhere else), but it was still only a report. Meanwhile, this astrobastard only gets put on moderation queue after posting that? What a cruel and unfair world we live in... :p

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When signing up everyone had to agree with some basic terms, including, to quote directly:


You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law.

This is probably the base set from Invision, not what G3 adds on top (if anything). Still, it's clear a post like that ticks more than one of those adjectives and has no place in this space. You're getting off easy, but please stop wasting everyone's time.

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…Do you want to talk about why you posted cartoon pictures of gay sex? Was it just to get the moderators to remove it, so that you could whine about the moderators?

Was it for some other reason? Have you somehow failed to notice that this is a site with kids on it, dedicated to modifying Infinity Engine games? 

Have you considered this might not be the best place to put your energies? In all seriousness, no snark or insults intended  - I’ve noticed that you have been making fairly frequent posts, and that most people here just don’t give a crap about what you want to talk about. Which is okay. Whether it’s comparing video games of different eras in broad strokes or critiquing cartoon pictures of gay sex, there are plenty of online communities where such things are discussed enthusiastically. But this clearly isn’t one. Rather than waste time bitching about something you can’t control, wouldn’t it make more sense to find places where you can get more engagement and stimulating discussion? I just find it a bit weird that you spend so much time here, banging your head against the same walls, while knowing full well the walls aren’t going to move…

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 +1 for the decision to delete the thread.

I read the thread because its title followed the format used for the naming of court cases, and I was curious how such a bizarre-sounding court case came about. Dear reader, even if the thread title did refer to a court case, no such case was directly discussed in the thread! It contained cartoon-style pictures that, in most contexts, would be classified as pornography (they appeared below several sentences that looked like they were from an official statement regarding western economic policy towards Russia).

I wasn't offended by the thread but, had its title been a straightforward description of its contents, I wouldn't have read it. The wording of the title could be interpreted as a form of trickery to get people to read the thread, while offering its author deniability - temnix might say "the title of the thread included the words 'Aladdin Gay Porn', so what did you expect?". The answer would be that I expected the thread to contain trolling, but I did not expect to see pornographic material - which is the default expectation of basically everyone who views anything in a public space that has not identified itself as a possible source of pornographic material (the Noobermeet subforum, for example).

It's true that something classified as pornographic can be classified as non-pornographic in a context in which it has artistic value. I doubt that anyone - not even temnix himself - would genuinely believe that the deleted thread had artistic value. However, it doesn't make a difference either way, because all that I've written applies equally if the words "pornographic material" are replaced with "art that would be considered pornographic but for its artistic value".

Readers of temnix's threads will know that they operate on the premise that modern society and the art that it produces is, in every respect, vastly inferior to its counterparts several decades ago. Of course, decades ago, in societies worldwide, there were greater restrictions on pornographic material - and on gay pornographic material in particular - than there are today. I suspect that, several decades ago, unsolicited distribution of art that would be considered pornographic but for its artistic value/"Aladdin Gay Porn" in a public space would be likely to result in consequences more negative than removal of the material and pre-emptive review of further contributions in the same public space.

At a minimum, I guess temnix's oft-stated position about society is not consistent with his complaints about the deletion of his thread. Weird, huh?

Edited by The_Baffled_King
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18 hours ago, The_Baffled_King said:

I suspect that, several decades ago... in a public space would be likely to result in consequences more negative than removal of the material and pre-emptive review of further contributions in the same public space.

And then there were times when nothing of the sort would have happened.
You do know your purity culture is just an antithesis to something, which was the same for other things and thing keeps rolling because the world keeps turning. And while people search themselves, they need bounders to misplace to/grind-against themselves. It's what's called being young.

Didn't have the time to read the OP's misplaced excrement, wouldn't have bothered ...
As for a reply to why to subtledoctor, I would suspect termix has misconception of investment. I had it ones... then I grew just old, but NOT wise. 😀

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Hey, people! Tear yourself away from this thread. I made a record that my topic was unfairly deleted, and now you know. Instead of discussing the double standards of the yo-yos who run this website, lend me a hand with the making of my mod. I could use some assistance with the preparation of music tracks, for instance.

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11 minutes ago, Jarno Mikkola said:

And then there were times when nothing of the sort would have happened. You do know your purity culture ...

That is irrelevant to what I said. What I said is compatible with a wide range of values and motivations. I suspect that you know that, so I won't take the time to explain why. I posted in this thread to rebut temnix's claim that his thread was "risque" rather than one containing pornographic material, as it was mentioned earlier that the ability to make the claim was an unfortunate side effect of the moderator action. The deleted thread wasn't visible for very long, and I don't think many people saw it.

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