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  1. I'm not familiar with this ring, so I assume it's added by some mod. I could help you only if I knew the item name and mod that adds it (so that I can try to reproduce it). You can check the item name in Near Infinity (by loading a save and checking particular character items) and then find out the mod name by running this batch code: WeiDU.exe --change-log nameOfTheItem.ITM pause edit: it's vanilla RING47.ITM. I can't reproduce this bug, so it's some mod that broke the item in your game. Please run this batch file and post what is printed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lebt4ch80yi0e50
  2. no problem, I've sent the bug report to OlvynChuru: https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/comment/1082817#Comment_1082817
  3. I've just noticed missing Continue() in the sixth block, which is actually the one that hangs BALDUR.BCS processing in my game and is likely responsible for your problem. Here is a file with this block fixed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gm6pt5nnstg53sf/BALDUR.BCS?dl=1 Still please run the batch file, so we know who should be informed about this bug (it's not related to EET).
  4. yep, the problem lays in BALDUR.BCS. This code appended top by some other mod blocks further script progressing (at least if the mod that adds it is not installed) IF !CheckSpellState(Player1,236) THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpellRES("MEALT01",Player1) Continue() END IF !CheckSpellState(Player2,236) THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpellRES("MEALT01",Player2) Continue() END IF !CheckSpellState(Player3,236) THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpellRES("MEALT01",Player3) Continue() END IF !CheckSpellState(Player4,236) THEN RESPONSE #100 ReallyForceSpel
  5. @rainlit I've loaded your save and the transition to chapter 4 works as expected on latest EET. If you're using old EET version from 2018 that had this bug the hotfix should work. If it doesn't, I suspect some other mod breaks it - probably by blocking BALDUR.BCS global script that contains the transition to chapter 4 code (which hotfix appends at the bottom of the global script). If that’s the case it should be reported to that mod author. Please upload BALDUR.BCS located in your override directory – I will take a look.
  6. thanks, translations will be added in the next version. When it comes to movies, if you can send me Czech version of BEREGOST, INTRO, NASHKELL and WYVERN MVE files, I can handle the audio splitting myself (audio track is merged with movie during EET installation). btw. I envy you that Edvin guy. I don't think SoD will ever receive Polish version
  7. K4thos


    nope. Accepting donations is not a thing in IE modding community. Also there are more people working on this mod (AWizardDidIt and Grimo write NPC dialogue content, Bubb indirectly makes it all possible with EEex, Ulb contributed worldmap icons, bob_veng helped with unifying IWD2 item names to follow BG convention). So who is the money for, on what base it should be split, etc.? On top of it the project is created as a hobby and (like any other mod) is meant to be treated as a fair use/transformative work (or whatever the right term is), so I think no money should be involved by default.
  8. code the journal the same way as you do in vanilla EE games - it will work correctly.
  9. K4thos


    I'm aware that the game is available on GOG. The mod is meant to be installable on Linux and Mac OS down the road (even though it currently doesn't work on those platforms since EEex is not available for these systems yet), so register checks for automatic game detection is not good enough and the game is not even available for linux. Additional prompt where you need to point to IWD2 location would make the installation annoying considering you already have to type IWD:EE directory. And all of this is useless either way considering all IWD2 resources will be included in the mod package (e
  10. sounds nice, feel free to create a topic in this forum section, once you have something to share regarding your mod
  11. K4thos


    good question, considering IWD2 won't be needed on you computer to install IWD-in-EET (which has all the IWD:EE and IWD2 content). Unlike IWD:EE portion of the mod, which is converted almost exactly the same as BG:EE is in EET (100% on the fly, using resources copied directly from the game installed on your computer), all IWD2 resources are included in the mod package. As long as there is no enhanced edition of IWD2, I don't think additional IWD2 directory check is necessary. Converting IWD2 on the fly would be a pain - currently it takes almost 2 hours locally and it's done with "spaghet
  12. if the quest mod works on BG2:EE, then you don't have to worry about compatibility with EET, other then evaluating chapter numbers during mod installation (see documentation for hints how to implement it in weidu code) and ensuring that the GAME_IS (if its used) recognizes the platform. no
  13. While it can be done, I think this convention doesn't make sense in EET. Reasons: - none of the vanilla NPCs with romances have 2 fate spirit responses (and especially none of them use string remotely similar to "bring me my lover"), so lines like these screams "mod added content" (which is bad, imo) - unlike vanilla game, in EET your old BG2 party members summoned by Fate Spirit are moved from areas, even if you didn't have them in your final SoA party, instead of being created from scratch, so those NPCs will already have all the romance variables set and don't require additional f
  14. @Leeux, thanks for report, the problem has been fixed in v1.9 now available on Github.
  15. if you still have them, please upload the problematic BCS file (and BAK file as well). I will try to run the component locally and see if it the error will show up. I should be able to figure what's up if I will be able to reproduce it.
  16. I didn't know that NI produces such files. I think this option is not enabled by default. which version of the mod you're using? From what I see most recent version has following regexp code, which should skip BAK files (I think). Not sure if this has been changed recently ACTION_FOR_EACH ext IN BCS DLG BEGIN COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.+\.%ext%$~ ~override~ //patch code END
  17. relative path to the mac os executable that the tp2 file expects has been posted in my previous post (and from what I understand it's wrong). To avoid further confusion and misunderstandings please post the weidu code for coping the file on mac os. Please make sure it's the correct file, used to execute the game on mac os, not linux (depending on the store, some builds contain multiple executables for different OSes). Weidu --noautoupdate --no-auto-tp2 --logapp --use-lang "en_us" --out "strings.tra" --traify-tlk and compare files for example with Beyond Compare: https://w
  18. From what I understand above is the exact game directory - it's not needed by weidu mods (and wouldn't be reliable either way since you can change install directories). What is needed is the relative executable location (in relation to default directory that weidu is using). Let's say I want to copy the executable in weidu. In windows that would be: COPY ~./Baldur.exe~ ~./Baldur.exe~ for linux it is: COPY ~./BaldursGateII~ ~./BaldursGateII~ //or BaldursGateIIEnhancedEdition, not sure which one is used in the most recent patch ~./BaldursGateII64~ ~./BaldursGateII64~ //or Baldurs
  19. not sure what you mean by installing in "iOS game folder" - you've mentioned that you successfully installed on Mac OS, so why not just copying the files to iOS device? As for the error it's this part of code: OUTER_SET found_exe = 0 ACTION_IF ~%WEIDU_OS%~ STR_EQ ~win32~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~Baldur.exe~ BEGIN COPY ~Baldur.exe~ ~Baldur.exe~ AT_NOW ~%lua% %MOD_FOLDER%/lib/binary.lua Baldur.exe~ OUTER_SET found_exe = 1 END END ELSE ACTION_IF ~%WEIDU_OS%~ STR_EQ ~osx~ BEGIN ACTION_IF FILE_EXISTS ~BaldursGateIIEnhancedEdition.app/Contents/MacOS/Baldur
  20. thanks! I've removed section 3 of the list all together since it's no longer needed.
  21. same is true for vanilla BG:EE+SoD installation (BDDIALOG.2DA), so in this instance I think it would be more reliable to just read campaign variants PDIALOG file names from CAMPAIGN.2DA. Same is true for other 2da files modified by EET_end (all have vanilla SoD variants, so a code to read them is needed anyway, if the mod supports BG:EE). If it helps with compatibility I can add code that appends all SoD and BG1 PDIALOG.2DA entries during main component installation instead of waiting with it until EET_end (will be done in the next version). I really doubt it, considering the nat
  22. regardless of what other readme files say installing EET_end as the last mod will never break anything in your game (or at least it won't have negative effects compared to installing it before other mods, I can't promise that some regression won't slip up to the code at some point). Instead of thinking which mod may be installed after and risk problems, you can install other mod earlier and don't worry about it. btw. unreleased IWD-in-EET mod optionally appends chunk of code to EET_end that I think would conflict with SCS and other tweak mods, if it's installed before it (but won't if ins
  23. I cleaned up some of the files from my dropbox and don't have a copy of those example fullsize maps right now. Either way the concept didn't receive much feedback (from which I assume there is not much enthusiasm for a completely new worldmap mod) and it turned out 1 of the supported mods places areas far beyond the working area presented here (near Thay), so this idea is currently put on hold. I've managed to fit the IWD-in-EET areas on the BP-BGT Worldmap after all, so there is no immediate need for a replacement.
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