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Mobile phones


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Mhm. Maybe it's stupid topic - but it came from my "profession" of electronic things (mp3/4 players, mobile phones etc).


Which model of mobile phone you're using. Also, which are now most popular in your country now.


My phone? Nokia N70 with some minor tweaks (improved bass, soft from ME). But I'm going to buy SE W950i. :p

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Everybody here was crazy about Nokia N95 for a while, then I heard something about iPhone craze in America, but not here.


I use Glofiish M700 with a keyboard. (The funny thing is, our sisadmin scoffed a bit at first, then bought an X500 himself :p ).

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Kulyok, how the writing identification works? I'm also thinking about buying phone with touchscreen, but probably with weaker ident. sys (it's still only Sony Ericsson). And this Glofish looks nice. :-)


But there is a possibility to buy iPhone in Russia via any brand (I mean things like Orange etc.) ? In Poland - no, but many are available at auctions. And what about N95, this phone is just fine. Very fine. But I think SE are now better - P1 or k850i.


Theacefaces, that's why Motorola is only marginal in Poland. It have got weak battery, weak screen, it's often be crashed - and without being slim it haven't got nothing to offer. That's why in my school I could buy it for mhm 50 plns (1$ = 3plns) ;]

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There are different brands of cell phones?


Kidding, but to be honest I just can't get worked up about cell phone technology. I hate being on the phone, and as long as I have one that gets decent reception and ringt0nes, I'm satisfied.


For the record, I have a Samsung somethingorother. No clue what the model is. Why do I own this particular phone? 'Cause it was free. :)

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I have a cell phone. It opens and closes and I can make phone calls with it. It also lets people leave message. It can receive text messages, but only the service provider ever texts me because it costs stupid amounts of money every time a text message is sent and all my friends are super cheap. Plus, we're more likely to just hit speed dial and talk if the urge comes up.


Edit: Plus, the phone was free with the service plan and I also got a nice 19" Dell LCD monitor.

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Whatever is free. In Austria you get your phone with your contract. Sure you can hand over alledgedly €1000 for an iphone, but why bother'? So mine is a Motorola Razr something atm.


Brand loyalty, zilch, communication is war, baby.

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Like Icelus, it's a Samsung something-or-other pay-as-you-go that's a good three years old. I only bought it because my wife had to cross some pretty bleak and unpopulated countryside to get to college and I didn't want her to be stranded if something went wrong with the car. We can just about figure out how to make phone calls with it; text messages? nah - not a chance. Hate mobiles; when I walk out the door I don't want to be called up. It gets turned on only when it's needed for a call and is switched off immediately afterwards. People have been known to complain that they can't get hold of me on Skype either; that too only gets turned on when I need to join a conference.



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