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Version 15 Party!


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Congratulations to everyone involved! I know it's been tough, but wow, 15-th version of the mostra, what a change from the humble beginnings. :thumbsup: To everyone who are gearing for another run with a new and shiny version - have fun!

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I want to name one playtester who went above and beyond the call of duty for v15: Annalena.


Annalena did three complete runs through the game testing out various party configurations, even for parties she didn't like.


A real sport.

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Here's to working Branwen Romance.


Lord Refa: "Why should I do as you say?"

Londo : "Because I have asked you. And because your loyalty to your people should be greater than your ambition. And because I have poisoned your drink."

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Well damn I wish I would've waited a few more days to strat my mega BG campaign. Congrats.


I am playing a mega build with easytutu and following the Compatibility and Order of Install guide. Would I be ok if I rolled everything back, in other words uninstall everything up to where I installed BG NPC project. I don't mind making a fresh install, but I'd like to save time. On a similar note would my v.14 saves work if I went with the same install order with the only change being NPC v.15

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Cool stuff - and I want to thank all the folks who playtested and spent so much time on this rather than their own independent projects: berelinde for a huge amount of time testing, retesting, and rewriting passbacks and interjections, and the folks like ScuD and Qwinn and Annalena, who tested and retested and rechecked code. Special kudos to Miloch who went above and beyond with rechecking patching and a host of behind the scenes fixes.


I will begin clearing the decks and resetting for v16 (probably due out on G3's Anniversary this fall) in a bit, starting with updating the forums, but I am headed out of town for Easter, and (finally) treating myself to a full run of Domi's IWD2 NPCs when I get back (hey, only a year or so later than I thought). Have fun playing, and I am off to the Ten Towns to continually grunt "Another blighted stratagem." :thumbsup:


Patrax, the v14 saves are not likely salveageable, as there were changes to the .tra (don't ask - it just means that the game will look for something and find something else,) so it is better if you uninstall everything in your Mega back to before BG1NPC, and then roll it all forward again. Or wait for a bit, and have fun with the last version finishing out your game.

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