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Mod Compatibility List for EET

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Wow I'm surprised EET or modding in general is still going, I figured by now everyone would have lost steam the past few years.

I do have a account here still I think, but I haven't logged in forever, but I came by to check on you guys today due to a recent update I wasn't aware of for all the Enhanced Editions.

I see that Balduran's Sea Tower is the next big thing in terms of original content, and looks like it still being worked on but playable.

I've been kind of nostalgic to replay them all again even though I thought my last playthrough with EET this time would be my final time coming back to the Bhaal Saga, but I swear something about these games just keeps their hooks on you.

and I suppose new mods keeps things interesting too, I hope that Mod Compatibility has improved too; though luckily on my part I did my homework when installing Mods via EET to avoid bugs. It took me like a month to figure out which mods remain kind of buggy and which ones had very little minor bugs.

Btw were the Fire Arrows ever fixed if you tried to install Darkside? I know a lot of people complained how Fire Arrows became the Arrows of Death if you were to install it.


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That mod literally doesn't check for anything. It lacks safeguards. I'm not that certain at all about it not causing issues with other mods or in EET itself.

Please, let the actual modders decide when and how their mod becomes EET compatible and how they make that known.

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I would suggest to alter the compatibility list and to add a third category "Mods which can be installed after EET_end". At the moment the list is a bit misleading as for example Stratagems must(!) be installed after EET_end and not after the Main Component of EET. If you label the category to mods which can(!) be installed after EET one has maybe to mark Stratagems as a must be after. 

Why put Mods not into the EET installation? Because when you want to add them or change them, you have to "open" the EET installation which is according to my experience not a good thing because you provoke errors when you do this more than 3 times (in one installation I did this more than ten times and nothing happened, but on other occasions I ruined the installation). 

Now the question: can only Stratagems be installed after EET_end? Frankly I don't know for sure, but I guess that most Kit-Mods can be installed after and some Tweak Mods or at least some components of Tweaks can (for example XP adjustments). As far as I understand the EET all mods which alter dialogs, has something to do with NPCs or alter areas must be installed inside EET (or before to be converted). But even if a mod takes into account the new names of the areas it can alter areas and be installed after EET_end. 

Well, this is my point of view based on how I use EET and on my experience ;)

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Due to kit mods going before the tweak mods and tweak mods going before SCS and some NPC mods expecting the kit mods being installed prior (Emily for example), I wouldn't install any kit or tweak mod after EET_End. I tend to go with kit->NPC->tweaks ordering in general. That category would be really confusing anyway because it would promote bad installation orders (technically a lot of tweaks can go before kitmods, but then the newer kits get omissioned from the tweaks and causes bugs, like how Sandrah breaks all the proficiency revamp mods).

In fact, I think that after EET_End and SCS, only NPC_EE and Dual_To_Kit should be installed (technically m7multikit could be between SCS and NPC_EE since that assumed nothing and mixed kits based upon their actual state, acknowledging tweaks and whatnot but m7multikit never worked to me properly with the HLA tables, might need an update due to Weidu 247). Maybe my soundmods but I already feel that unclean somewhat. And if I want to "open" the installation, I just rebuild it instead, exactly to prevent errors (which allows me taking the bugfix updates as well). Yes, I know it's unfun but since PI has WeiDU.log importing, it's not really as bad as it sounds, thankfully.

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On 8/21/2021 at 10:55 AM, Graion Dilach said:

Due to kit mods going before the tweak mods and tweak mods going before SCS and some NPC mods expecting the kit mods being installed prior (Emily for example), ...

Are there more NPCs than Emily? Because she is the only one in my mind and that is why I installed this kit prior to NPCs and many other kits afterwards (but still within the EET for the moment). And one can use NPC_EE to assign Kits afterwards (well, I have doubts that this mod is doing this well, but from principle). But most NPCs nowadays have their own special kit. 

Is there any benefit to install mods within EET who are not affected by area- or dialog-fusion/renaming?

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If you install Saradas Magic on BG1EE and then Saradas Magic 2 on EET (as indicated by the list), Saradas' dialogue and inventory in BG1 appears to be overwritten by his BG2 version - he talks about the Promenade etc. So I think they are compatible individually but not together.

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