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The EE Mod Setup Tool (for windows)



EET installs get more complex now that more and diverse mods are available to enhance the basic game. K4thos, the EET author recommended BWS for save installs when he started the project. However, original BWS has lost the supporters it had in the past and slowly decayed. This tool is aiming to provide similar functionality to mod EE games in large scale.

The BWS-EE is a fork from Big World Setup (BWS old) which was originally created by dabus. BWS-EE is streamlined to serve EE game installations in a way that is up-to-date and maintainable still.
While the tool was mainly intended to support EET, it also can be used to mod other EE games as listed below.

- assistance for creating your own customized game with any number of mods
- downloading current versions of selected mods
- easy mod installation for EET
- correct install order of mods/components
- merges SoD DLC with BGEE if needed
- handle mod and components conflicts and dependencies
- apply interim fixes when needed.
- use players' tested compilations
- save your own compilations for re-use or sharing

Supported games:
- Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition (standalone game)
- Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition (standalone game)
- Enhanced Edition Trilogy EET( BG1:EE + SoD + BG2:EE )
- Planescape: Torment Enhanced Edition
- Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition

Supported mods
- All actively maintained or properly completed ones! (make a pull request if there is a mod you want added)

Mod requests : Create a pull request https://github.com/EE-Mod-Setup/EE-Mod-Setup or post a request at:

Support https://baldursextendedworld.com/Install-Tool/
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- Have a clean version of the game you want to mod with the tool. In case of an EET install you need to have BGEE/SoD and BG2EE.
- Have the game(s) you want to mod in directories with full access. Do not use locations like Steamapps, ProgrammFiles or similar. Do not use the game version accessed by any game clients.
- Start each game, create a creature, make a save and exit. (This is to set some configuration entries, you need not use that save ever again once you finished install and are ready to start a real game.)

Getting started

0. Download Big World Setup zip archive and extract it anywhere you want (but not in your game folder!) Make sure the partition where you extract it has no write protection.
1. Close any open games and game editors to avoid interference with the installation process
2. Disable your anti virus (only while you are installing - don't forget to re-enable it after!)
3. Disable User Account Control (if you don't do this, the automated installation can get stuck!)
4. Execute "Update BWS-EE Setup.vbs" when this is the first time you launch it for this game.
5. Use "Start BWS-EE Setup.vbs" when you need to relaunch an install after you finished mod selection because "update" will overwrite your previous selection.
6. Select the game you want to install to.
BG2EE and EET are both selected with *Baldur's Gate II: EE / Enhanced Edition Trilogy*, see next step




7. Enter the game path(s) of the base game(s) you want to mod
BG2EE and EET use the same screen. For BG2EE only, leave the BGEE game field open.


The screen offers a default location for the downloads, you can change it to something else if you want. It is proposed to keep mod downloads in that location in case you want to use the tool again. You can re-use downloaded mods if they have not been updated meanwhile (the tool checks that for you.)
Steps (1) Navigate to your BGEE folder, skip if you want to mod BG2EE only (2) BG2EE folder (3) location for downloaded mods (4) default language selection for mods - the tool will show you all mods available for this language and install this translation. You can add more languages and this will add mods not available in the default language to your options
(5) use this after you did the above steps to go to the mod selection now where the fun begins.
8. Here you either import a pre-selection from the *Compilations* folder


OR make your own free choice of the mods you want (you can also take a compilation as a starting point and adjust it to your liking)



Mods that appear pre-selected are those essential for your selected game. (in the picture EET game is shown and EET core and EET:end mod are needed, as well Weidu, and some Fixpack files. Everything else is free choice.
Available help:
- Green boxed mods offer a quick select, if you select the headline box of a mod, default components are chosen en-block.
- Blue mods are standard mods of any type. Most can be safely added to any selection, however combinations may arise where conflicts or dependencies may require additional actions in the next step.
- Orange mods are tactical mods or components. They are supposed to make either the game as such or certain battles *harder*. Different mod authors have different opinions on what makes a game more challenging, so it is a good idea to take a closer look at what the mod does before selecting it. Unless you know it, you can avoid surprises later in the game.
- Red are expert mods, i.e. mods with known problems that require some actions later in the game under certain circumstances, e.g. use of console commands or changing of game files. It does not mean you cannot use these mods - you only should know what the problem is and how you handle it.
9. Use the *Back* button to leave mod selection - at this point you may be shown conflicts or problems you have in your selection and you can resolve those with the help provided in the menus. You can select Expert mode to acknowledge a conflict and install your selection nonetheless.
10. When you have established a mod selection you are happy with *continue* and follow the instructions.

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The tool itself per default provides the user with a free choice of mod selection with assistance in conflict and dependency detection and resolution. This requires some work and decision making to create your own game-of-choice.

Some players would rather rely on game selections that have been successfully used by others before and will provide some enjoyable gaming without fear of running into unexpected problems. However, player's tastes and preferences are quite diverse and not *one recommendation* fits for all.

The idea hence is to provide user tested compilations which you can load and use (you can fine-tune them as well if you dare.)
To load a compilation, open the options tab on the mod selection screen, activate "Import selection from file" and navigate to BWS-EE/Compilations. Select and load the ini file corresponding to the selection you like.


Here are the currently available Compilations and what you may expect from them:
(See *How to* below the list to learn how you can help to fill this section with more choices.)
We add a date (Updated tag) to a compilation, as mods contained in a selection may have been updated since it was submitted or last verified.


Learning to Crawl (by Roxanne)

A *classic* selection of mods that all fade in seamlessly with the original game and make exploring the initial chapter of the game a great adventure. You get new quest, new companions and more intelligent enemies while maintaining the immersion of the first game.

Added 2018-04-15 Last updated 2018-04-15


Romantic Sword Coast (by Struwwelpeter)



A new BGEE/SoD selection with focus on NPC relations and specifically romances. There are quite some in BGEE already or some that start here. And romantic encounters. The selection has some quest mods as well but tries to stay on the save side here. No tactical or tweak mods but enhanced spawns





Added 2018-05-21 Last updated 2018-05-21


Bigger Amn (by Roxanne)

A mix of added content and new companions

Added 2018-04-15 Last updated 2018-04-15


Explore the EET World (by Roxanne)

You know the trilogy almost by heart, seen everything, been everywhere? Really? This compilation aims at including all features that make playing EET a new game experience, the continuous NPCs, progressing chapter sequence, one worldmap to visit all know areas at any time. It is one big story held together by an epic plot. And more is to explore after you finished ToB. Enemy challenges and xp/level gain are adjusted to the extended game.

Added 2018-04-14 Last updated 2018-04-14


IWD-Starter (by Roxanne)

A basic set of mods that are compatible with each other and make IWD slightly more interesting.

Added 2018-04-14 Last updated 2018-04-14



PST_Basic (by Ravenscar)

Just what the title promises. All content and tweaks for PSTEE that can be safely used without need to biff the overwrite (side effects of biffing in EE appear on other games). Provided by http://baldursextendedworld.com/Vanilla_Forums/profile/Ravenscar

Added 2018-05-22 Last updated 2018-05-22


How do I provide my own compilation for the tool?

Once you have created your mod selection and resolved or accepted conflicts etc, make an "Export selection to file". Give the resulting ini file a meaningful personal name and submit it together with a brief description about what the user may expect from your choice. You can also post your weidu.log, but not for EET-games (because of the two logs for the two parts, here only ini file will work).
Compilations should be tested by at least one play through the respective game. They will be credited to your name, so you have to be a registered user here (or at Spellhold forum) and people may contact you in case of issues.

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The new tool is up for testing.


Thank you to the original author and all those who contributed to BWS over the years.

Special thanks for Alien aka AlienQuake for his encouragement and his contributions to enhanced code.


Important notices:

- This tool does not replace the original BWS.

- Here is just a simpler alternative to support EE-game installs.

- Due to its leaner approach and reduced functionality it should be easier to be kept up-to-date and working.

- Usability will depend on contribution of tested *Compilations*

- The tool tries to stay as close as feasible to BWS look and feel to make it easier for users knowing BWS to give it a try.

- the current Compilations are placeholders to show how it works. By no means do I intend to impose my personal choices on anyone.

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Am I the only one who can't read your screenshots? :blush:

Maybe some filter you have to prevent them?

Here are the links







(There is no pic2 because that step was shortened meanwhile)

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Don't know why Firefox refuses to display them, but your text is much more readable with them. ;)

The original picture was uploaded as a .png, which the chrome is then set out to display as a .gif file and download linking. While one could just upload a .jpg file and display it like so:


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So what are the main maintainability changes? Seems odd that it's a fork and no obvious conflicting changes at a glance.

The important words are at a glance.

You may or may not have noticed that I tried to maintain the BWS EE-part during the last year and a half. The problems are not apparent AT A GLANCE, otherwise keeping old and new games in one tool for so long would not have been possible, even though it is a nightmare. If you collect all of Alien's or mine posts in various forum threads during that period, you get an idea.

The current baseline of course takes off from the last usable BWS release, so there is still much similarity in the common parts.

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EEBWS, is it really that hard to keep the old part of the name ? And by the way, you don't have a Enhanced Edition game as part of the Setup, so why the %&/¤ is the tool called EE- "Game Setup" -tool ? You just have mods to a game...

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