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Look, the guy is used to using BWS from the past and the closest thing he can find to that is the rip-off "EET Setup Tool" or whatever. That's fine. He doesn't have to learn and use PI if he doesn't want to.

Of course, given that the Setup Tool thing is subject to mercurial decisions by a single maintainer who refuses to communicate here and is prone to making secret changes with no discussion or evaluation which can turn out to be unwise, and that most people here have found that PI ultimately works better, he's not likely to find many answers to troubleshooting questions. The answert to most questions about the Setup Tool is something like "Who knows? :undecided: "

Still, no harm in asking.

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I can only recommend to make the switch to PI, the biggest (only?) additional obstacle is defining your own mod install order. There is already some guidance in PI itself through the pre-defined categories (just drag&drop your mods in the appropriate category), and for more fine-grained adjustments there are some helpful ressources, like subtledoctor's mod order list, 4udr4n's install order guide or the examples in morpheus562's install order repository

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I stopped using Roxanne's EET Setup Tool after many long downloads of things simply not working for seemingly no reason.  It was useful to get an idea of what mods existed, but didn't work for me.

Project Infinity is a useful successor to this EET Setup Tool, but it requires a lot more personal input.  For example, start with DLCMerger in your mod wad installation - if you install with BG1EE & Siege of Dragonspear - so the rest of the mods will install properly.

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16 hours ago, jastey said:

Posting the bugreports etcpp helps to change that by helping us modders to see what the problem is.

I'd love to! Which logs should I attach? I attached two. EE-Debug and EE-Debug-Installation are over 10 MB, so forum wouldn't accept them.

Two mods didn't want to be detected so I had to provide files myself and force the program to use those.

The following mod(s) could not be downloaded:

   Wizard Slayer Rebalancing: The Mod itself (wsr_v114.zip)
   lefreut's enhanced UI BG1 skin (requires game version 2.6): The Mod itself (LeUI-BG1EE-master.zip)

Three components didn't want to install during the installation, and they were skipped, without a chance of installation.

The following originally selected mods could not be installed:

Mod: Tweaks Anthology
Component: Avatar Morphing Script
Component: Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage

Mod: EEUITweaks
Component: lefreut's Simple Journal Fixes


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2 hours ago, FixTesteR said:

Component: Avatar Morphing Script
Component: Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage

Are you playing on Linux? If you're using an older version of WeiDU, anything in Tweaks that relies on the AUTO_TRA feature (e.g. including these two components) will fail with error messages about not being able to find some @x reference.

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3 hours ago, FixTesteR said:

Which logs should I attach?

Most helpful are debug infos about the mods themselves. Usually, that would be the contents of the setup-modname.DEBUG files with error messages.

Any specifics with regard to the EE Setup Tool or its own debug messages do not help me as a mod author.

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