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I have my install complete and it works well. However I forgot to add 1 small mod and 3 tweaks. If I run the setup per the instructions and load from my saved ini compilation. Then make the appropriate additions with selections, will the setup tool insert the mod and components at the correct point by uninstalling and reinstalling as needed or will it just append these pieces at the end of the load order?

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This tool never needed mods from Beamdog, because all the mods featured from there are downloaded from an unofficial Dropbox link. It cannot even handle a local mod folder right.

Project Infinity can handle a local mod folder though and a fair amount of mods only had their forum topic on Beamdog but hosted on GH outside it.

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Please advice, how can I enable "Expert mode"?
I need to make "Ignore this problem", but I can not find where I can set this "Expert click-property" to be able to do it.
(I'm trying to install Ascension and Imoen romance mod together, accordingly forum these mods should be compatible now).

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Hello everyone

I own BG 1 and BG 2 EE in Steam.


When trying to installl mods with the ee mod setup tool (mainly BG EE Trilogy and BG 1 & 2 unfinished business)

the installer first asks me to choose the langauga and create a save file, and simply closes afterwards without doing anything


I tried switching langauges and saving the game with both BG 1 & 2 multiple times, to no avail.

I also disabled UAC, since that was recommended on the github instructions, but this also did nothing.


Did I miss something? Is this a common bug?

What can I do to successfully install the mods?

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1 hour ago, step_han_solo said:

This looks like it is basically a more user friendly alternative/upgrade to the install tool.

Is that correct?

No. It's a different tool that does not require 24/7 maintenance if mods update. It also means that the user needs to set the install order. There is several discussions here and in the General Modding forum with regard to finding conflict free install order, and the community will also help if you post a mod list you want to install.

The EE Setup Tool is a hostile rippoff of the former BWS install tool. Roxanne feeds it with her inofficiel mod versions and does not consult with modders with regard to mod install order and conflicts. I do not recommend using the EE Setup Tool.

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44 minutes ago, FixTesteR said:

Hi guys!

While doing a megamod installation, I got the following error:

##### Enhanced Edition Trilogy #####
### 0000: Enhanced Edition Trilogy ###
The following circumstances prevent the installation:
EET needs EET_End.

Any help would be appreciated.

You should use Project Infinity instead of the unsupported "EET Mod Setup Tool".


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16 hours ago, Trouveur80 said:

You should use

No. Just no. What one should use is their own judgement, and make their own desitions on what to follow. That's one of the projects, BUT outside of this topic...
There are other ways to do things than just follow one line to oblivion.
Now, yes, I saw also that Roxanne's primary support site is down. But there was changes made to the github page just a few days ago.

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