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This mod lacks the equivalent of dungeon be gone by Argent77 + The SCS new area content (I couldn't find it - I may be wrong) + the mod that disables the new ee npcs

Are you talking about a certain mod?

Or are you talking about the EE Tool, that is being discussed in this thread?

If it's the EE Tool, are mods you reference available in BWS but not in the EE Tool?

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Why is this not pinned?


I wish I had found this thread before going on a fruitless, days-long trial with BWS.


With BWS, I got stuck at a failed EET install and was unable to continue. Trying to download a working copy of EET either through BWS or manually hasn't worked because it keeps telling me that the EET files provided by K4thos (I hope I got that right) are corrupt or "unexpected end of archive". It's been so long since I last played BG, and I do try to read everything and solve problems with modded versions before asking for help, but there's just so much out there.


Now I've got to figure out how to get back to pre-BWS installation and give this a shot. Seeing this thread up top (and on Beamdog's forums) would have saved me days of work. (I'm slow, and practically a beginner.)

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Hi Roxanne,

Thanks for making this tool. I'm glad to see active maintenance continuing for BWS in one form or another. I've been lurking in and out for a while, but I'm restarting an EET install post-2.5. Looking forward to an eventual IWD inclusion.


Can you add Monastic Orders of Faerun and Fade NPC to the EET Setup Tool? From what I've read, they're both EET compatible. Looks like Jastey helped Lava with some of the code to bring Fade up to EET compatibility.


Monastic Orders







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Hi Roxanne! At the end of installation I got the message:

"If you wish, you can use the Install.bat to save some disk-space [...] "

I checked all the folders in game directories and in the EE mod tool folder but I couldn't find a .bat with that name. Any suggestions to free some space and which files are safe to delete?

Thank for any help!

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I see that Fade has been added. Thanks.


When I went to use the tool on a new install and selected Fade, I received an error during the full BWP install. The BigWorldFixpack attempted to patch to the tp2 in Fade vBETA7.3 instead of Fade v5.1. 5.1 is the current mod. I canceled the patcher for Fade, not wanting wild edits in the install.


Just an FYI. I don't know if there's anything you can/should do about it.

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Possible Bug: When I select Quest Mods > Ding0's Quest Pack, the only red component (Comp 0005) is selected, which is reported "not working", while none of the others are. Would it make more sense if it were the other way round? Using expert level clicks.


+ Same issue with Rules and Tweaks > Jim's Fixes and Tweaks

Possible Bug: The homepage listed for Rules and Tweaks > Item Revisions is:
I think it may make more sense to have it point to:
http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showforum=157 (i.e. the subforum)

because the latest beta version post does not contain information about what the mod actually does.


+ Same issue with Rules and Tweaks > Spell Revisions. Could be better to point to the subforum:


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