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Thank you for all who viewed...


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Thank you for all who viewed this forum. I'm sure you figured out quite early it was meant to be an April Fool's Day joke, but we hope it made you chuckle at least.


And I would like to thank Camdawg, BigRob, Domi and others to at least make it fun to do.

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Well, I'm glad we had a few people wavering on the edge of belief. :)


I'd like to add my thanks to Bri's and I hope you all enjoyed this little joke.




And as a bonus, here's a piece I forgot to post, Boo's Mod Banner





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You guys sure went through a lot of effort for a fake mod.


BTW, will the PC be able to bed Boo?


Actually we had a few days to prepare, and between the group of us, it really didn't take that much time...and it was fun to do. Especially with other capable writers joining in.


And yes, if we had actually meant this for real...the PC would have had Boo in bed...though I could see their first personal fight being who would clean up the sunflower seeds.

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