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Enhancement suggestions for DR v6


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She's already used Shadowkeeper on herself once to be a multiclassed elven cleric :) In for a penny, in for a pound.


She WAS a winged elf that had her wings cut off and was raised in a circus by a gnome. Give a girl a break will ya? :)

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Regarding non-human deities, I have quite the list, which I compiled for one of Gavin's friendtalks on religion (nothing heavy, but I wanted the PC to have a choice).


It's limited, and does not include evil deities, though, so it's probably of limited use.

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Deneir priest kit weak? Hmm... I don't think so. There's my proposition of additional abilities.


Sphere access:

- Major: All, astral, combat, creation, divination, elemental, guardian, healing, protection, summoning, thought

- Minor: Animal, plant, sun, time, weather


- Can use mage scrolls

- At 7th level can once per day cast Dispel Magic, as 3rd level mage spell

- At 9th level can once per day cast Oracle

- At 11th level can once per day cast Glyph of reveal, which dispels all illusions, show where are enemies and detect alignment of all creatures in sight range

- At 14th level can once per day cast Symbol: fear

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I'd planned that Finch should have a kit if I ever had the time to expand her into SoA/ToB modl, so the idea of giving her a kit fitting with Oghma or Denier would fit with her concept.


I don't really have a preference if someone wanted to package it with DR, X-Mod or both.

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I seem to remember NiGHTMARE making a quite popular suggestion of a Wanderer kit - no kit abilities were discussed but the blurb seemed more fitting than Shapeshifter.


I beleive another suggestion was to change the type of lycanthorpe to something more suitable for a TN alignment.

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Perhaps a coffee mug lycanthrope. :p


The big thing I wanted to focus on for v6 was new spells. Due to spheres and the other restrictions we've imposed, some kits can end up with only two or three spells at a given level. We've also been discussing a few spells that could fall along law/chaos lines.


New kits are fairly easy to stamp out--too easy, as 6oS has pointed out--so I'm not terribly concerned there.

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The big thing I wanted to focus on for v6 was new spells.


Well, I offer some spells I created a long time ago specifically for the BG druid.


Why is it that you can wander the wilderness and pick up thousands of rounds of manufactured ammo: bolts, daggers, and arrows... but no sling stones? You can wander around for weeks and never run out, yet druids, who ostensibly spend their whole lives in the wilds, can only stock up in town.


I created the following spells to not only help druids with ammo, but also give an edge to their weapons.


Lvl 1: create stones - creates 20 sling stones.

Lvl 2: create stones +1 - creates 20 +1 sling stones

Lvl 3: create stones +2 - creates 20 +2 sling stones

Lvl 4: create stones +3 - creates 20 +3 sling stones

Lvl 5: create stones +4 - creates 20 +4 sling stones

Lvl 6: create stones +5 - creates 20 +5 sling stones


Sling stones already cause half as much damage as a bow or crossbow, which is why nobody else uses slings. Plus, you can find powerful bows and crossbows, not so for slings. For these reasons and more, I added those spells to help my druids (which I love) not only stop from running out of ammo, but actually hit and cause some appreciable damage.


You can add these spells if you like.

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Perhaps a more appropriate kit for Cernd.
Any suggestions as to what would be more appropriate?



Sometimes it's best to go back to the well, instead of making another new kit. {old Elminster proverb}

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A few suggestion for the beastmaster (rather strangely :) ):


First, a little typo. Its kit description says:


Cannot not use metal weapons [...]"


Secondly, still concerning the metal weapons, why then can they use scimitars? :hm:


That's it for now :)

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