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Hi Bri,

This is forsaken demogorgon.. i posted a post about 4 years ago saying i could do some voice acting if needed for free of course. And i am waiting patiently and check your progress from time to time.. Keep it up.. I hope i can play with Delainy soon. I am sure your work will weave exciting new memories in my mind.

Forsaken demogorgon

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Hi. I decided to create an account here just to let you know that I admire the obvious dedication you must have that compels you to keep working on this mod. It makes an old Infinity Engine powered heart weep tears of joy to know that quality content is still being produced for a timeless classic. Keep up the good work and have luck and success in all your endeavours.

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Having recently played the Island of Balduran quests in BGEE for the first time, I was again reminded what an interesting character Delainy is. A pity we can't have her in our party... yet. :)


I wish you good luck with completing this mod.

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I just recently plaid though BG and TTSC. When I did the island I said I'm exporting this character for Delainy. I had the default group of Jaheira, Khalid, Minsc, Dynaheir and Imoen so it should work well. My PC, Jahiera and Minsc wait in the prominad right now.

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So inching toward the finish right? Is any of this mod coded and tested our does that still need to be done?

Yes, it is inching toward the goal. As for coding, there was an old version, just the SoA, but it is out of date. When finished, the SoA and ToB will be ready to go together.

Edited by Bri
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