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Never mind. My mini-test mod used the cutscene


COMPILE ~aranw/baf/c-abvp.baf~ // vampire script


The current beta uses that as the cutscene to be compiled, but the code cleanup changed it to


IF ~~ THEN BEGIN 23 // from:
 SAY ~[BODHI] But I wonder, does <CHARNAME> fear your loss? Follow me further and you will lose more than you can imagine. That is a promise, not a threat.~ /* #83491 */
 IF ~~ THEN DO ~ClearAllActions()
~ UNSOLVED_JOURNAL ~The Final Battle with Bodhi.

Bodhi appeared in an ambush shortly before I reached her haven, warning me that she was aware of my pursuit and stealing Aran from my side. Before she vanished and unleashed more of her undead creations upon me, Bodhi warned that if I continue I will lose even more than I thought possible. I cannot give up on the Rhynn Lanthorn... but now the life and immortal soul of Aran is at stake, as well!~ /* #74162 */ EXIT


So, repairing .tp2 and filename to C-ABVAMP in both cutscene and dialog call. Then the darned thing should play, instead of trying to run a cutscene that does not exist.


Current games can repair the reference using NI, or just skip it.

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This mod is stealing my life! I've spent all my free moments today researching proper install order for a mega install using Aran!


Once I work out some kinks, could I ask for some advice in regards as to where I should put Aran in the (admittedly) massive install I'm planning?

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I'd hold off on a mega for this one for a little bit, EpitomyofShyness... but if you do, put him in with all the other NPC mods wherever you like. He should be pretty robust. The only thing you would want to put on practically last in install is the aranw_aware mod that enables his content recognizing other mods and adding banters with some other NPCs, but that mod is not ready for beta yet. Oh, and if you do add the aran/gavin crossmod stuff, do it after Gavin and Aran have both been installed.


But I'd wait until we get a confirmed Vampire Abduction on a real world install. Nothing else seems game breaking, just annoying; even the script stutters can actually be patched after-the-fact if necessary.

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I changed those all to C-ABVAMP and the scene triggered fine, vampires attack, Bodhi runs off, Aran leaves party and drops stuff...but he's still standing there in his knickers once the battle is over. I can't talk to him.

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I changed those all to C-ABVAMP and the scene triggered fine, vampires attack, Bodhi runs off, Aran leaves party and drops stuff...but he's still standing there in his knickers once the battle is over. I can't talk to him.

That sounds like the problems I had when I did Gavin's vampire routine. The script changes don't seem to take very well. Of course, that information would only be helpful if I remembered the workaround...


And now I've revealed the true reason I don't ever want to make another NPC that forms a committed relationship in SoA.

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Aran doesn't have anything specific to say to Madam Mim at the Copper Coronet. Most potential LIs, mod or otherwise, do. It *is* one of those interjections that has been done to death 1000 times over, but it's also a good opportunity to show off Aran's personality.


Edit: Maybe I should say that if the player makes Aran talk to Madam Mim directly.


Fixed - new talk added; current behavior on I_C_T left (reaction to Anomen being a jerk, but no other reaction, as it would not be unheard of for a mercenary to hang around with Ladies of the Night.)

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@B - Get Anomen in the party before talking to the Madam. If Anomen is already in your party, something must've gone haywire, because that interjection is quite good.


Don't have much time, but did a clean install and doing a run thru with the 78c9cb7 files and the xmod thingy. Party: Aran, Haldamir, Kivan, Gavin and Anomen PC: CG Elf F/M/T


No issues with install and the new talk timers are doing well, so far. Talks no longer come in bunches. Chose the 15 min timers for testing. But, I have had two things that you should probably know about:


-When you first go to the temple to get Gavin. If you talk to Gavin too quickly after entering, Aran's banter will not appear. Tried this more than once.


-Also the inn flirt for Aran appeared, (in the C.C.), and my PC propositioned him for the REInn talk, (variable was set=1). If this talk is incorporated already, Gavin's first rest talk overrides and the REInn talk doesn't appear. Variable was unchanged, but the talk didn't appear later either.


Repaired - changed it to night talk, and will add conditioning to it to trigger from player1d and avoid Gavin's first night talk


Won't have much time to cont. playing until tonight, but I'll try to check back in later today if I can.

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Hmm, good to know. When I did this, I went, got Gavin, and got his whole family quest thing over with before I went back for Aran, but that isn't how most people are going to play it. They're going to go get the guy that's already in Waukeen's Promenade before going off to pick up wayward clerics in the Slums.


I'll fire up a new game and do it in the reverse order later on, but there isn't a lot I can do about that on my end. Gavin has been out for a year and a half, or something like that. Maybe there's some kind of crossmod patch we can work out?


That particular dialogue is one of the most important in the mod. It would have been a lot simpler is Gavin had been a BG2-only NPC. I could have just put the romance match in the script and let it go at that. But there are a lot of different backgrounds possible and a lot of different ways to take the relationship from that point onward. Without that dialogue, the romance variable will never get set.

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Went back to a previous save and tried those mentioned before again. You will get Aran's temple banter/interjection if you wait a second or two before talking to Gavin at the docks temple. As for the other one, after letting Gavin's first rest talk play and then propositioning Aran - the variable c-aranreinn sets to 1 but still no talk. Either it's not incorporated, not enabled or there's an issue with this talk. Not Gavin's fault.


Banters are appearing this game and that is a very nice change having party members talking to each other again.


But, the comment Aran has that starts, "Greetin's Oh Wise and Great Oghma...", or something like that, it appeared in the slums the first time and the second in the C. C. Was this one supposed to appear somewhere else? I got just that line and nothing else. What was he supposedly talking about?


And have gotten Aran drunk once so far with no CTD.

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Oghma comment is supposed to fire in the Temple of Oghma - probably there is no "roll back" block to stop the comment firing if it didn't fire within the temple itself...


the c-aranreinn is legacy stuff, from initial testing - I'll take it out. The "garden make out session" might get built, but the inn stuff is already available through flirts in an inn.

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Here's a few things I thought you should know about from this game so far:


-During the spar talk:

Aran-(His rapier dances forward, boring toward your left shoulder.)

This PC option was listed multiple times:

(Guard closely, on the defense, parrying each of his thursts.)


-Got the morning after talk. "Cold hands, cold hands..." :)


-This time the stream talk ended with the "work of erotic art" being assisted out of the stream, (soaking wet and freezing), and she didn't even get a hug. That's a bummer.


-One of the inn talks:

Aran-I want to do more than just kiss you...

The numbered PC options #6 and #7 are listed but had nothing to choose - just the numbers.


-Tried to rest in Umar Hills before the last save and Aran started a talk, but the PC flirt menu options appeared. Here's some of his variables, maybe they can help you determine what talk didn't show up:











c-arankisses=1 (this one set shortly before the last save)


The intimate variable did "back-up" this game. They "shared everything" the first time, (and later on also), then other intimate stuff of varying degrees. The c-aransex variable hasn't set this game. There are actually several variables that were set my last game that have not appeared in this one. Hoping this is from intended changes, but thought I should mention it just in case.

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Steam talks and baths are on the docket today, if I can get some time; there are several pathways that chop off early as I stopped when it began having possible pathways tied into having Too Much Fun For Prime Time.


Off the top of my head, I can tell you what those var settings have cleard -



c-aranbg2rom=16 // LoveTalk 8 has fired, no more currently in project yet

c-aranfriendbg2=28 // Friendtalk 14 has fired, no more currently in project yet

c-aranrom=2 // Aran thinks you are serious about him

c-aranintimate=3 // this should be advancing c-aransex to 3 (heavy stuff but not the Full Monty; this I need to troubleshoot

c-aranspar=9 // Female PC has had both female sparring talk and slept with him

c-arstreamtalk=1 // first streamtalk for females has happened, now cycling to second set of possibilities in the encounter (3 total entry points, cyclical, different options each time, different set for Male PCs)

c-aranflirt=25 // 25 flirts combined between PC->Aran and Aran>PC


c-aranearlyflirt=9 // 9 early attempts to let him know you are interested, all happening before he has registered the Lovetalks starting

c-arankisses=1 (this one set shortly before the last save) // Randomizer for more heavy content has kicked in. Need to troubleshoot this versus the other vars.

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