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[Testers Wanted] Tweaks is dead. Long live Tweaks!

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This mod originally started when a couple of friends--myself and Idobek--decided to combine their small tweak packs into a single mod, christened the G3 Tweak Pack and hosted at the (then brand-new) Gibberlings Three modding community. As Baldur's Gate Tutu gained in popularity, the G3 Tweak Pack was spun off into the Tutu Tweak Pack. As modding tools became more advanced and as conversion projects began to overlap the G3 and Tutu Tweak Packs were recombined and, with the permission of Wes Weimer, included the Ease-of-Use mod. This effort resulted in the BG2 Tweak Pack. Once again, demand caused several spin off mods--Andyr spun off the IWD and PsT Tweak Packs; the bigg created the IWD2 Tweak Pack; grogerson made the BG1 Tweak Pack; and DavidW integrated several tweaks into the IWD-in-BG2 combo fixpack/tweak pack. Once again, technology has caught up, and all of these individual projects are once again being discontinued individually and combined--hopefully for good this time--into a monolithic mod, the Tweaks Anthology.

In short, the Tweaks Anthology should run on any Infinity Engine game, from the original Planescape: Torment through the impending Siege of Dragonspear expansion for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. In the nearly 18 months since the release of BG2 Tweaks v16, I've been grabbing bits of time here and there to work on this, and I think we're now at a place where you can install the mod without your computer catching fire. In other words, it's time for beta testing.

I'll try to delineate my points of concerns on a per-platform basis in the next few posts; for now here are the relevant bits you want:

Download Beta 4: Windows | OS X | Linux


Beta 4 Changelog


  • Make Magic Shields Glow had two bugs preventing its installation; it would halt on games without an extended color palette (e.g. non-EE games or without 1pp) and would halt on shields without any colors set, such as IWD's Lyre of Progression
  • Unique Containers was supposed to be available for BGEE, but was omitted from the allowed platforms list for the component
  • The werewolf paws in Shapeshifter Rebalancing now get named explicitly
  • Move NPCs from Baldur's Gate will now be skipped if the SCS version of same is installed. The component will also skip NPCs already moved by similar somponents in the BG1 NPC Project, or skip the component altogether if all three have been moved already.
  • Change Experience Point Cap should now work on Siege of Dragonspear
  • Included workarounds for incomplete 25stweap.2da in Siege of Dragonspear and IWDEE for the various components that touch kits (Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters and Expanded Dual-Class Options), though the next patches should take care of this. In general, the component should be more forgiving for incomplete files.
  • Remove Racial Restrictions for Single Classes and Remove Racial Restrictions for Kits will no longer allow non-human monks. Other races do not have monk animations so the engine tends to crash during character generation. Support for shamans has been added to both.
  • If Druids Use 3e Alignment Restrictions was installed after Shapeshifter Rebalancing, which is the likely install order, non-true neutral shapeshifter druids would not be able to use their symbolic paws.
  • On a suggestion from Sam., the component Stores Purchase All Item Types has been added.
  • Minimum Stats Cheat now lets you specify minimums for the six attributes individually.
  • Friendly Random Drops needed a few more fixes
    • The 'Token Genie' was undead, meaning a cleric could turn or even chunk him.
    • Items with charges should now be handled in a more robust fashion
  • The library for fixing kit.ids as part of should now be up to date for Expanded Dual-Class Options
  • The BG and IWD variants of Alter Weapon Proficiency System should now account for racial bonuses in the EE games
  • Sensible Entrance Points only modifies the Beregost entrance point for BG content on BGT games, as BGT already defines good entrances for the other areas.
  • Updated Italian translation, thanks improb@bile!

Beta 3 changelog

  • Miloch's Unique Containers mod has been added to Tweaks as a cosmetic component, including all of its original options and translations. If Add Bags of Holding is installed after it, the new bags will use the unique icons.
  • Added Use Character Colors Instead of Item Colors component
  • Added components Everyone Gets Bonus APR from Specialization (subtledoctor) and Enforce PnP Proficiency Rules on Dual-Classed Characters (subtledoctor) courtesy of subtledoctor
  • Make Magic Shields Glow will now try to read in an appropriate glow color from the palette bitmap instead of a (limited) lookup table
  • Fixed a bug with Higher HP on Level Up > NWN-Style; withdrew the Low Variance Rolls option due to the same bug
  • Fixed a math error in Change Experience Point Cap > Remove Completely that caused bards and thieves to need an extra 100,000 XP to advance from level 39 to 40
  • Fixed a bug with Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn where it wouldn't install on vanilla Baldur's Gate due to bad tra references (thanks Angel)
  • Friendly Random Drops was failing to account for two random drops in IWDEE that are different compared to IWD+UB; the fix in beta 2 caused it to not install on vanilla IWD, which is in turn fixed (thanks to Angel again)
  • The Change Avatar When Wearing Robes or Armor (Galactygon) component is being withdrawn, as One Pixel Productions has a superior solution

Beta 2 changelog

  • Fixed bug with Commoners Use Drab Colors where commoners ended up lookng like they were made of chocolate instead
  • Unique Icons was expanded to BG2 games; also fixed a bug where it was not updating helmet animations
  • After discussion, Rest Anywhere was expanded into mltiple components. The main component continues to work as the original, and Disable Non-Hostile Rest Spawns and Alter Hostile Rest Spawns have been added to give players a finer grain of control.
  • Friendly Random Drops could pull from the wrong table in IWDEE.
  • Fixed a bug with Friendly Random Drops > Choose Your Drop where it was not accounting for Orrick's reward after you bring him the Mythal book. Also fixed the bug that would cause the Kuldahar merchant to leave after the orog attack, for real this time.
  • All BAMs in the mod converted to uncompressed for better cross-platform goodness.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs where Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams was not quite matching and replacing verything it should and Gaelan's dialogue lacked the shortcuts it was supposed to have
  • Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams will skip adjusting the Irenicus-Cowled Wizard cutscene in the Promenade if the player has installed Extended Waukeen's Promenade Cutscene from Almateria's Restoration Project. Other cutscenes and dreams are still affected in this case.
  • Fixed bug with Increase Potion Stacking where it handled items with multiple charges incorrectly; thanks argent77!
  • OS X version now up to date with WeiDU v239, as the Windows version; thanks argent77 again!

Beta 1 changelog (compared to BG2 Tweaks v16):

  • New components:
    • New - Baldur's Gate Casting Graphics, Max HP at Level One, Recoverable ammunition (argent77), Recoverable throwing weapons (argent77)
    • From BG1 Tweaks - Make Magic Shields Glow (plainab/grogerson), Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn (DavidW/Zed Nocear), Portable Containers (Zed Nocear), Friendly Arm Inn Hidden Container Restoration (plainab), Move NPCs from Baldur's Gate, Bardic Reputation Adjustment, Change Cloakwood Mine Chapter End Change Trigger to Non-TotSC Behavior, Paladins Use IWD-HoW Spell Progression Tables (grogerson), Rangers Use IWD-HoW Spell Progression Tables (grogerson), Druids Use 3e Alignment Restrictions, Loosen Item Restrictions for Multi- and Dual-class Clerics, Loosen Item Restrictions for Multi- and Dual-class Druids, Taerom Makes Additional Ankheg Armors (Icendoan/grogerson), Give Coran A Legal Dexterity Score of 19, and Make Xan a Generalist Mage (Mike1072)
    • From IWD-in-BG2 Fixpack/Tweaks - Game ends when the main character dies; NPCs respond to the main character, not to whichever character talks to them; Make Heart of Winter accessible at any level; and Restore BG2 spells and make scrolls available, and Never lose access to Orrick the Grey's trade goods
    • From IWD Tweaks - Friendly Random Drops, Restore IWD Loading Screens (icelus), and Unique Icons
  • Fixed an original game bug with Alter HP Triggers for NPC Wounded Dialogues that would affect Edwin's wounded dialogue
  • Fixed a bug with Gradual Drow Item Disintegration; items should have a chance to break upon use
  • Improved Improved Multi-Player Kick-out Dialogues further with input from BG1 Tweaks; NPCs in BG now have more places to go when kicked out
  • Gems and Potions Require Identification now uses different scales for determining lore for gems vs. potions; also capped max lore to identify at 100
  • Fixed multiple bugs with Multiple Strongholds. In the No Restrictions variant, it would fail to account for the shifted clerical stronghold alignments in BG2EE. Notably, this meant no one would spawn after Gaal's speech in the Temple district. Also fixed a bug where the druid restriction was still in place, preventing the messenger who would summon you back to the Grove. Also fixed a bug where both variants could bypass the bard stronghold XP reward from Raelis for rescuing the troupe from the Planar Prison.
  • Bonus Merchants (Baldurdash, Weimer) now places a little more nicely with other mods.
  • Streamlined and combined code from Two-Handed Bastard Swords, Two-Handed Katanas, and Two-Handed Axes. Also fixed weapon breakage issues for BGT games.
  • Change Experience Point Cap > Remove Completely should now tackle rules tables in a more robust fashion
  • The armor lookup table used by Allow Stealth and Thieving Abilities in Heavy Armor per P&P, Allow Arcane Spellcasting in Armor, and Icon Improvements has been expanded with new items and now allows for individual armor values instead of trying to broadly categorize items.
  • kit.ids is now properly patched as part of Expanded Dual-Class Options
  • Fixed a fairly large and glaring oversight with Wear Multiple Protection Items > P&P Restrictions where the items with AC bonuses could still be worn together
  • Alter Weapon Proficiency System underwent a significant revamp. Most notably, DavidW's IWD options from IWD-in-BG2 are now available, and the BG system was improved with some of the techniques from the IWD system.
  • True Grandmastery is now one option in Change Grandmastery Bonuses instead of a standalone component, as a BG2 option has been added.
  • Added two new options to Higher HP on Level Up: Average and Low Variance Rolls. Also adjusted NWN-style to be a little more accurate.
  • Expanded and renamed Increase Ammo Stack Size, Increase Jewelry and Gem Stacks, Increase Potion Stacking, and Increase Scroll Stacking to include four options: 40, 80, 120, and unlimited (999). Increase Jewelry and Gem Stacks also covers furs, pelts, and other miscellany like bandit scalps
  • Expanded Rest Anywhere to include options for disabling rest spawns.
  • Fixed a bug when adding Friendly Random Drops > Wandering Merchant that would cause the Kuldahar merchant to leave after the orog attack
  • Added more NPCs to the Improved Fate Spirit Summoning component
  • ToB-Style NPCs should now have a more robust method of finding joinable NPCs and their creature files
  • Consistent Stats: Viconia should now better adjust her spellbook to account for the gain or loss of bonus spells due to the change in wisdom
  • Fixed similar issues with Make Khalid a Fighter-Mage (Domi) and Make Montaron an Assassin (Andyr); now it checks for walking speeds on non-Tutu games, better adjusts proficiencies for the alternative schemes, and now work if installed after ToB-Style NPCs
  • Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams (Karzak, Blucher, aVENGER, Weimer) no longer overwrites scripts, which was causing a compatibility issue with BGT
  • Added compatibility for EET
Edited by CamDawg
Updated with beta 4
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In general, I've gone through and verified these are working on BGEE, BG2EE, OWDEE, Tutu, BGT, BG (w/Totsc), IWD (w/HoW and TotLM), IWD2, and PsT. However, these were base games with patches and fixpacks, not modded, so there's a lot to test in the wild. I'm also looking for suggestions if a particular component can be expanded into a new platform, e.g. 'why is X not available for IWD2?' I'm the least familiar with PsT and IWD2, so I'll take all of the suggestions here I can take. General testing advice is to try the Anthology in its regular spot in your mod order and see what breaks, with a particular eye to the new stuff available on your platform.

  • The BG2 games (SoA, ToB, BG2EE) should be the most mature since the Anthology started from BG2 Tweaks v16. The main points of testing here are looking at the new components and options and just general poking around.
  • Similarly, BGT, BGEE, and Tutu should also be pretty solid. One major change is the complete re-working of Faster Chapter 1&2 Cut-Scenes & Dreams to get it behaving on BGT, so I'd like to see that go through the ringer.
  • For the original Baldur's Gate, you should have (at a minimum) all of the same options as BG1 Tweaks and some new ones from BG2T. My original 5-CD install discs have died, finally, so I wasn't able to test anything on a BG game without TotSC, so if anyone's got a chance...
  • And the same deal with the original Icewind Dale--all of IWDT plus some new stuff, and I wasn't able to test on bogstandard IWD. My discs have given up the ghost, so I could only test with the GoG install which comes with both HoW and TotLM installed. The bug with Friendly Random Drops > Wandering Merchant should be fixed as well.
  • IWDEE already had access to most Tweaks from BG2T, but it gets new stuff both from DavidW's IWD-in-BG2 stuff and IWD Tweaks (notably the Friendly Random Drops).
  • PsT and IWD2, due to age and ruleset respectively, probably got the least added.
  • From the notes from K4thos, this should be good to go for EET, but I didn't have a testing platform, so it'll take everything you can throw at it.
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While I might suspect why mod folder is called "cd_tweaks" but I think it's better when mod folder reflect actual mod name like "TTA" or "TheTweaksAnthology". Wana test github pull request feature?

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While I might suspect why mod folder is called "cd_tweaks" but I think it's better when mod folder reflect actual mod name like "TTA" or "TheTweaksAnthology". Wana test github pull request feature?

No, I've decided that--going forward at least--I'm going to extend my modding prefix to my mod folders as well. After all if we're worried about name space collisions in the game, it's possible (though unlikely) we could have them outside as well.

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While I might suspect why mod folder is called "cd_tweaks" but I think it's better when mod folder reflect actual mod name like "TTA" or "TheTweaksAnthology". Wana test github pull request feature?

No, I've decided that--going forward at least--I'm going to extend my modding prefix to my mod folders as well. After all if we're worried about name space collisions in the game, it's possible (though unlikely) we could have them outside as well.


Got it but still, you should call it "cb_TTA" or "cb_TheTweaksAnthology" if you wanted to add you modding prefix. Don't repeat old mistakes like for eg Fishing for Trouble and "dq" mod folder...

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you should call it "cb_TTA" ...

But the name comes from the "CamDawn's_Tweaks". Does it really matter what a mod is called ? If so, how do you justify the BGT-weidu name ? Cause it's either 2 or 4 'ology, cause it's two games with two extensions, not three's to be found. The EET will be sorta trilogy, if what's presented to us is somewhat true... or it could also be a pentalogy. In which case the actual name would be EEP. And the Megamoded would be "MEEP, meep". :p Edited by Jarno Mikkola
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It's a insignificant nitpick but now that there is development, i thought i should ask about it.


          38        39        40        41       ... 51
THIEF     6160000   6380000   6700000   6920000  ... -1
BARD      6160000   6380000   6700000   6920000  ... -1
The "Remove XP cap" component copies the file 2da/xplevel.2da which contains the above entries. After some levels, the XP needed for advancing as a Rogue stabilizes at 220K. So, shouldn't L40 (and every level after that) reduced by 100K to read 6600K instead of 6700K ?
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I found two issues while installing on vanilla BG1 and vanilla IWD1:


- On BG1, "Send BioWare NPCs to an Inn" does not install because of a missing translation string; cause seems to be incorrect translation string references in the files cdtweaks/dlg/depart*.txt.


- On IWD1, "Friendly Random Drops" does not install because it tries to patch a non-existent file, rndtreas.2da. Cause seems to be a logic error in file file cdtweaks/random/random_common.tpa at line #37. The file is named rndtres.2da in vanilla IWD1, rndtreas.2da in BG2, so that "NOT" should not be there.


I prepared a small hotfix containing my corrections here: http://www.pearlgates.net/modding/cdtweaks_beta2_hotfix_by_angel.zip



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Could you please explain how this option works for multiclases:



  • Low Variance Rolls - All classes will only roll a d4 die and add a static modifier to make up the difference, resulting in a small spread of values at level up. So a barbarian, who normally rolls a d12 for HP, will instead roll d4+8 for a range of 9-12 HP instead of the normal 1-12. Mages and other classes that already roll d4 are unchanged; d6 rolls become 1d4+2, d8 rolls become 1d4+4, d10 1d4+6, and so on.

Be warned: without an Enhanced Edition game or TobEx, barbarian characters will interact badly with this component due to their hardcoded nature.

Jaheira only got 5 hp of possible 12 with 17 constitution when simultaneously leveled to both fighter and druid from first to second level. Also barbarians role only 1d10 for starting level although I strongly suspect that another mod is culprit for this ( I have option maximum hit points at level 1 too ).

P.S. game is on the "core" level

Edited by Greenhorn
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Did little testing, even on easy with this component Jaheira can't get more than 7 hp and thief without constitution bonus only get 4 every time. This component is seriously bugged and so is my BWS game. How can I remove it without reinstalling whole thing?

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