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I don't mind cooperating. But my approach to IWD is somewhat different. There will be another mod that will combine IWD with the BG story. Now I am drawing locations for the mod. But I am always ready for criticism and discussion.

PS. What we have now, a trip to the IWD, is only for tests. And in the future, they will be available when choosing campaigns.

PPS. In general, my subraces are implemented in a separate mod.

PPS2. I started doing IWD1 when I didn’t have access to the Enhanced Editing version yet. So I took the old game as a basis, and then added what was added to Enhanced Edition. And another question for the authors of Unfinished Business. I have included it in my mod. But I would not like to have problems. If there is an objection, it will be deleted.

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On 6/20/2021 at 9:15 AM, K4thos said:

fair. I'm planning to release IWD:EE portion of the mod on Github soon (on the fly conversion code). Should have done it years ago considering how things went. And I'm perfectly ok with anyone working on it.

The question now is if it makes sense for me to update this codebase to IWD:EE patch 2.6, open a public beta test and actively maintain it, considering alternative in @tipun's work is already available, being tested and actively maintained for quite some time. It would be 2 mods doing pretty much the same thing, competing for the same audience, so not necessarily a time well spent (I could invest it on remaining work needed for IWD2 side of things instead), especially if tipun would be interested in integrating content prepared for IWD-in-EET by various contributors in his mod (at least @AWizardDidIt writing, if he is ok with it).

Personally at the moment I'm leaning more to taking this opportunity to scale down IWD-in-EET mod content significantly, but the other option is also open. Let's wait for some feedback from community and see what are tipun's plans for his IWD mods in the first place (should have contact him via PM first, now that I'm thinking about it)

this take is also fair. With how things went development wise, having whole dedicated subforum for it seems excessive. Archiving it and moving further discussion to single topic within EET section may be a good idea going forward.

You should release the IWD:EE portion just because of @AWizardDidIt's banters. 

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I very much agree that IWD:EE should be made available as an adventure for EET players who want to go there too, though IWD's final bosses don't end the game.  Players would be able to beat them and return to BG1 & 2.

If you have a 2.5 version ready to go, pweath include that!  If you also have a 2.6 version ready to go, pweath include that, though likely as a separate download!


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Guest crosiassevalley

Bg1 + SoD + BG2 + ToB + IWD1 + IWD2 all in the same world, what a dream. Too bad the modding community has abandoned the project.

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On 1/6/2023 at 10:13 PM, Guest crosiassevalley said:

Bg1 + SoD + BG2 + ToB + IWD1 + IWD2 all in the same world, what a dream. Too bad the modding community has abandoned the project.

Well, with tipun's mods this is more or less possible. Oloriniel played through it all, and recorded observations here (IWD1) and here (IWD2). There seem to be some bugs, so it depends on your tolerance for that kind of stuff.

I did a more selective install with BG1 + TotSC + BP1 + SoD + SoA + ToB + HoW + TotLM all in one game, and it's been going very well. There is the odd bug here and there, but nothing really show-stopping - I'm playing on an iPad and haven't really needed to use the console at all, if that's an indication of how tolerable it all is.

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