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By the way, fellas (sorry to hijack IWD-in-EET) if any of you are unhappy with the way BG3 plays right now a petition has been recently launched to make our voices heard (as far as the combat mode): http://chng.it/dBJ58ZVP

I know there are other issues that could be pointed out but I believe combat in its current state will gain traction the fastest. Please share it with your buddies on as many platforms as you can think of.

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Just wanted to send a quick message to say that I hope k4thos and the rest of the modding team are going well with all the modding (especially in the crazy times that we are in, IRL)! I am as eager as I was when I last posted at what I think will be such a fantastic mod!

*hands out free potions of mind focusing* :)

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@Endarire I don't think this is the cause of no new information about IWD-in-EET. I'd say there are three potential explanations:

1. @K4thos lost interest in deweloping the mod (his long-term activity in developing Ikemen-Go port) may suggest that he found a more interesting project to work on.

2. He is silently developing the mod outside of Github, but he is still not ready to show us the result.

3. He is waiting for Beamdog to release a (final?) 2.6 patch, to avoid doing large updates in the future. 

I hope for 2 or 3, but I fear for the 1.

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