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Good to see this is making progress, and I look forward to it.


I guess I look at the idea behind this mod differently to most people. I guess most people see it as "wow I can play IWD with my BG2 characters and visit the area and do the quests". This is fine. But personally I am more excited by the prospect of play IWD itself as a full game, disconnected from BG completely, but with the BG2 UI, some of it's mods, and without the little rule changes that exist between the games. Basically as a fully unified version of the games, making seperate character and portrait collections redundant, and incorporating the entirety of both games (the BG series and the IWD series) with the best elements of each game available in all the others. Sort of like how Tale of Two Wastelands let us play standalone Fallout 3 but use all the cool New Vegas features and mods.


Obviously what I think is cool is likely very different from what the mod author envisions, and I am fine with that, but I can hopefully get the next best thing through this amazing project.

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Is K4thos, or anyone who knows something, out there? I keep checking the board almost daily, waiting for some indication that IWD-in-EET is still a thing and isn't in any kind of trouble or something. I'm fine with waiting for however long it needs. I just want to know that it's still alive =(

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On 1/31/2019 at 1:14 PM, K4thos said:

@Ser Elryk, it's not abandoned. The mod was put on hold for some time, but I've been developing it recently and plan to continue working on it.

glad to hear that. Dropping by from time to time to see is there are updates so this is very good news to see.

Question though, are now all updates out for all the games that were needed? Iirc they all needed to be the same version to avoid conflict?

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