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Crucible: Teaser Announcement

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In collaboration with @Acifer, it is with great joy that I am announcing our next upcoming mod, Crucible. This new mod features:

  • A continuation of the story once the player closes their pocket plane in ToB. Instead of immediately beginning the final fight at the Throne of Blood, the player will find themself in Gehenna outside of Bhaal's kingdom. From here, the player will need to assault Bhaal's kingdom and fight to the Throne.
  • 9 new areas created by Acifer.
  • Compatible with or without Ascension.
  • New and challenging opponents and tactical encounters.
  • Release date: TBD (estimated 1Q 2024 or sooner)






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Now you only need to add golems immune to magic, 95% res to phisical damage, hitting AC 20 for 50 damage non crit and dispelling all illusion spells on hit. And don't forget to add permanently improved hasted skeletons scoring criticals almost all the time on the roll of 15 if not lower. 

you can also add undead dragon immune to normal weapons, spamming PFMW 15 times and cheesing you with wail of the banshee. final boss can easily be immune to basically eveything, has 380 HP, regenerate like crazy, effective AC 40 or something, spamming absolute immunity 37 times and farting Abu Dalzim ALL the time, not to mention CHEATING like a motherfucker with project force and "universal purge magic" out of his ass.

"have fun"


maybe not the best joke ever but pretty good in my huble opinion 

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48 minutes ago, InKal said:

effective AC 40

I think it's time to summon some goblins, cause that high AC vs Thac0, everything can hit it and never miss, except with critical (misses)-s.

Anyways, this ought to be good.

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6 hours ago, InKal said:

Now you only need to add golems immune to magic [...] don't forget to add permanently improved hasted skeletons [...] you can also add undead dragon immune to normal weapons [...] final boss can easily be immune to basically eveything

Oh nooo, you have foreshadowed and spoiled all our unique encounters! 😆

Jokes aside, trust me, @morpheus562 is such an experienced and creative modder that he has no need to rely on cheesy tactics or enemies.

And thank you all for the feedback!

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