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Romantic Encounters: accepting submissions


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It seems we're not alone in looking for submissions: those of you who won't be sated with short flings, but are looking for a full-fledged mod adventure need look no further,




(In other words, jcompton is getting restless. But I didn't say that.)

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I would love to see a Mazzy encounter.

That was actually one of the things I was hoping for when I first heard about the RE pack. I never usually bother with her as a party member, so it would be nice to have something to spice her up a bit and make her worth taking. Despite the inevitable grief of having lost her boyfriend to the Shade Lord, you'd think she'd be fairly grateful towards the PC for saving her neck.


It could make for some fairly humorous encounters - I'm sure there are gags aplenty about needing a chair to stand on so forth.

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I think there're several reasons nobody's done a Mazzy encounter yet:


- there is a Mazzy romance being done over at Spellhold Studios. It's more or less stalled, but still;


- Mazzy's lover dies in front of the party. It's a gaping wound, and we all remember the fury that unleashed upon Jaheira's character for getting over Khalid so fast;


- in vanilla game, Mazzy is interested in Valygar, and in ToB, he himself says "you and I are very close friends, right?" (As I suspect, a man and a woman don't plan to go to Waterdeep together, if they're just friends; but that's just me);


- finally, Mazzy's character. She is not as popular as Imoen or Jaheira, and some even dislike her.




So, "do it yourself" is probably the best route here.

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Guest WorkInProgress

How about a noblewoman, bored by her dull husband? Lady Jystev? Someone like that?


Or... there's that sailor woman in the Five Flagons, who's never really done anything? something with her?

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The Romantic Encounters Mod - 'accepting submissions' great title.


A suggestion: Make the charname work for a bit for discretion - hows about some dialogues where the pc creates the space to do the dirty on their main squeeze? (what does this say about me?)

What about the romances become MORE suspicious of the pc (I'm told Anomen sorta does - but he's a ...)

Hows about a bit of 'inflagrante delicto' should the pc fail to be discrete enough - there are too many 'casual' encounters.

Also I suppose an ongoing affair rather than a straight rivalry between romances would be different and quite delicate - one partner begging you to leave the other... tension simmering.... stolen moments...

And also prosective partners show no recrimination after the end of an affair - I'd hate to have pissed off Viconia (Aerie more though because she would cry! Can't do crying...) I mean would Nalia still let you run the keep if you humiliated her by keeping on 'doing' the maid and others?

Using the RE Mod the charname can bed a load of people and pretty much have no serious consequences, missing out SO many dramatic/comic/erotic possibilities here... (better stop before people SERIOUSLY question me...)


Also for the game:

What about a honey trap? (Great way to get the pc on his/her own and out of armour...)

What about a preganancy? (Implications for the finale of ToB...)

What about a romance leaving the party because of charnames behaviour?

What about some romances for races other than humans, elves and half-elves? (Dwarven Courtship anyone?)

What about a jealous other?


LOADS of possibilities



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And also prosective partners show no recrimination after the end of an affair - I'd hate to have pissed off Viconia (Aerie more though because she would cry! Can't do crying...)

Actually, Viconia reacts in this exact way in the vanilla game, with the 'prostitute' in Saradush.

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