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v15: Material for inclusion


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Ajantis-Branwen, with Jastey's kind cooperation. Warning: includes mentions of half-naked men, hammers, dragons and cookies!


SoA banters have been tested, ToB one has not(since Ajantis doesn't have ToB content yet).

As ever, you can just add .tp2 content to your Crossmod's .tp2 file unpack the rest o your BG2 directory.


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Thank you!


I have a question, though(if, er, anyone's even reading this): maybe it's worth it to just release a version with stuff that's already been coded? i.e. a version 15 that Kaeloree and/or berelinde currently have + all fully coded stuff? It HAS been about two years, after all.

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So, two months later, the BG2EE will be released soon, and we still have got lots of great content which is not integrated yet.



Should I step in for v15? Because I would, just give me two weeks and a master copy. But I will need berelinde's and Kaeloree's permission, first - and a master copy of v15 beta.



EDIT: Okay, it's three months later, and nobody even bothered to consider my offer. Would people rather have the mod unreleased than turn it to me? That doesn't make sense. Sigh. Okay, then, offer withdrawn entirely, sorry for suggesting it. I'm going to test my Branwen-Kivan stuff and offer it for release, instead.

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Agh, I've been away from BG for awhile and was hoping this would have a new release when I came back. Oh well, I guess I will be brave and try editing the .tp2 files like Kulyok suggested for the dialogues that have been coded. :)

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considerable effort

Hey there! I'm about to start a run of BG2 with a bunch of mod NPCs (your Xan, Coran, and Branwen; Domi's Kivan), and I just wanted to say thanks for releasing all of these little add-ons for the Crossmod pack. Shame it's not maintained as well as it should be, but you're going above and beyond the call of duty by putting these updates out on your own. Thanks again!

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I, personally, would love to see a new version of this. ;_; And the standard official BG2EE compatibility, although I think all it needs is an updated WEIDU- I didn't notice anything unusual installing it and playing with it.


But I'm glad at least some updates are being released in formats that we can easily insert in game. Cheers for that, all who are doing it.

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