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Black Geyser: IE Inspired Game

Bill Bisco

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What's with Baronius anyway? I see a lot of hate towards the guy... Is it something he did few years back? It must be, cause he's not very active lately AFAIK.

Hopefully this is nearly impartial... but it's not. Understand, none of the answer to this are. So take them with a proper amount of salt.

There's the forum flames wars he was involved, which all feel nice and all that, not. And there's the Improved Anvil defense he was organizing, which includes waging war against the G3's BG2Fixpack, and that sort of stuff. Refusing to(and encouraging people to not) update to later versions of weidu.exe just cause Weimer checked out of the mod making community, and somebody else had to do it, so the community split .... And one time locking most of the BlackWormLair's forum content behind a series of pre-payment requiring forums walls. He has done good too, it's not all bad, but you won't hear that much about that.

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Two words... "Derek Smart"


Edit: sorry - I'm an old guy - reminiscing about comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.strategic on the early usenet - and I am not as nice and forgiving as Jastey is.


referent: urbandictionary now has some very unsavory links. Taking down the link immediately. sorry.


I do wish him well creating a legitimate stand alone game. The Grey Clan Episode 1 was one of my favorite additions back in the day. Perhaps he can get cash from it.

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IA is only what Weimer's Tactics would have become if he (W) had kept updating. It's not "tactics"; it's "how can I exploit the rules for cheese". Fortunately, there are still modders who abuse the engine and scripting limitations and call it "strategy", so min/max'ers can rejoice!

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