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Which gods would you like to see?


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I'm suprised there haven't been any requests yet, so I'm creating this thread in hopes of encouraging them :D. Not that we'll neccessary pay them any heed, it'll just be nice to know :D.


So, which deities from the Forgotten Realms' Human, Dwarven, Elven, Gnomish, Halfling and Orcish pantheons would you most like to have represented by speciality priest kits?


My personal most wanted would have to be Mystra, Iyachtu Xvim and Mask.

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Well, my own was in one of the other threads, but I would like to see an acolyte of the Red Knight. Other favorites are Elistraee Silverhair (pardon my spelling..and no Solaufein references), Haela Brightaxe (Lady of the Fray), and Auril...

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I am assuming you are sticking to the Faerunian and Demi-human pantheons; let us know if you are open to other pantheons.


With those assumptions:


All of the Faerunian Pantheon, & Demi-human powers found in Faerun. I'd stay away from Non-Faerunian deities, since it is a bit of a stretch to explain those priest classes, and certain speciality priests have slightly unbalancing abilities (Isis speciality priests automatically make all saving throws!)


Note that this isn't so much a special request list, but a laundry list of what I think is doable as a priest kit, with occasional comments on interactions with the particular kit. Racial restrictions where mentioned in the speciality priest description shoud apply. It'd be nice if some/all of the alternative speciality priests in Warriors and Priests of the Realms were also included.


If it is possible, it would be nice to include the Dogma description section for players to see when selecting which specialty kit to choose)





Cyric (would require some rewriting for Cyric's encounter in ToB, but it could be made believeable if Cyric wanted to test a prospective future ally and get brownie points for showing that he is not displaying favouratism)


Eldath (may need some special interactions with virtue to take care of dogma issues)

Gond (include ability for gnomes to venerate him as Nebelun)




Iyatchu Xvim



Lliira (if possible to simulate monk-like hand to hand combat abilities)




Mielikki (Druid/Ranger kit if possible, also include the ability for elves and half elves to venerate her as Khalreshaar)


Mystra (Would require some tinkering for watchers keep dead and wild magic zones)

Oghma (maybe do both types of speciality priests)

Selune (nice potential quest tie in for Myth Lharst detailed in Faiths and Avatars under Selune's entry, both types of speciality priests if possible, interactions or hostility with Viconia)

Shar (nice opportunity for interactions with Viconia)


Sune (interesting potential of falling as a speciality cleric if the priest uses the rod of terror too much)

Talona (Trademeet poisoner quest possibilities here)







Ghaunadaur (interaction chance for Ghaunadaur cult in Ust Natha)

Abbathor (Noroghor speciality priests only)


Dugmaren Brightmantle (talk to Littiz about the use scroll ability)


Gorm Gulthyn

Haela Brightaxe



Thard Harr (it may be better if this is only available if Wild Dwarves are an allowed subrace)


Aerdrie Faenya (interesting banter possibilities with Aerie)

Angharradh (maybe allow Totem sisters as well as Circle Singers)

Corellon Larethian

Erevan Illesere

Fenmarel Mestarine

Hanali Celanil

Labelas Enoreth (if time related abilities can be made to work correctly and effectively)

Rillifane Rallathil (allow Rilifane druids to be elves as well, also include special abilities)

Sehanine Moonbow (it would be interesting if you could implement a lunar timer into the game that would affect how their moon based spells and abilities work)

Shevarash (interesting Ust Natha interactions and effects on contact with Viconia)

Baervan Wildwander (more aerie interaction goodness here)

Baravar Cloakshadow

Callarduran Smoothhands (available only if the appropriate gnome subraces are available in the subrace mod component)

Flandal Steelskin

Gaerdal Ironhand

Garl Glittergold

Segojan Earthcaller


Arvoreen (banter possibilities with Mazzy)



Sheela Peryroyl (Allow halfing druids of Sheela)



Finder Wyvernspur {the demipowers seem to be one of the more interesting groups of deities out there, this guy included}



Hoar (demigod version, not the older Egyptian pantheon version)

Jergal {Still holds a huge amount of power, even when compared to a higher rank god. Since the bhaalspawn isn't exactly an ordinary person an exception to the NPC only rule can be made}



Red Knight





Meriadar (From Monster Mythology from here on, Lawful Neutral Mongrelmen deity, who can have worshipers who include any non-evil demi-human or goblinoid. It'd be interesting to have this guy since it would give a unique choice for half-orcs)

The Elder Elemental God (allowed for any evil, or just evil humans and dwarves)

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How exactly will/are the priests implemented? Do you get a dialogue showing all valid choices for your race/alignment and an option to become a speciality priest? Are the stats of the specialty priest kit outlined in the priest kit selection dialogue?

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At the moment, each kits is an optional WeiDU component, so the list is chosen through the installation process. I think the plan is eventually to have them chosen in-game, but this may not crop up for several versions to come. It'll definitely be added when the mod is adopted into LoI, if it's not there already.

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I'm no expert on FR dieties, but it would be nice for a 'nature' god to be chosen for folks who want to be Cleric / Rangers ... and since you can't otherwise have anything close to a Druid/Mage in BG....

Mielikki or Sylvanus would be choices for nature.

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I really look for continuity more than anything when creating a character, so I'd like to see an Oghma kit (there's a temple of Oghma in Candlekeep, and I asume that's where religiously minded main characters would have gotten their training/had their rite of initiation/done whatever it is you do to become a speciatly priest). But since it looks like you're already working on that one I'm just writing this to get attention.

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