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Fallout 3


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Oh yes indeedy, I have put down money at my local EB to obtain said game as soon as it peeks above the shelves.


From many of the reports trickling out about it, I think this one might not be exactly as good as Fallout 1 and 2 were, but it'll be different to Oblivion, and it'll still be a good fun game to play, with a comparable complexity to those sainted originals. :p



Who knows, it might even be better, but let's not throw our hopes too high, eh?

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No, thanks--at least, not until I've read positive reviews by people I trust.


A lot of the publicity I've seen for it--good and bad--hint towards, as Gabrielle has said, something like Oblivion with Guns. I've seen a couple of things I was really disappointed with, and until there's more information available about it after the release, I'd prefer not to put down the $100 in case it goes to waste.

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Like I've said somewhere else not too long ago, the only thing I expect to remain from true Fallout are name and SPECIAL. Knowing it was an atmosphere that was the compelling factor of F1,2 I'm not even going to bother watching trailers. It won't the Fallout I'd like to play for certain. Well, Gabrielle has said it already, why should I repeat her words.

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The engine does look similar. I attempted to play the first two, because the plot seemed so likable, but unfortunately the game play in my opinion was crappy.


I was a fan of the Oblivion engine, and I like having options to customize my character and build skills, not to mention the game will take on a completely different storyline.


I've grown tired of reading other people's reviews, since people have differing opinions, and have discovered that the best way for me to decide if a game is worth it or not is to just try it out for myself.


I'd play it not for the nostalgic appeal, but for the sake of playing a new FPS that has a post apocalyptic setting. It will give me a break from sci fi and fantasy for a bit. :p


EDIT: Not to mention that the requirements for PC are not ridiculously high, unlike some games ( For anyone who reads Game Informer, did any of you catch that funny April Fools one a while back about how NASA *almost* ran Crysis at full settings?)

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IMO Bethesda hasn't made a decent game since Daggerfall (Morrowind - tolerable, Oblivion - :p ), so I think the chances of them making one worthy of the Fallout name is slim to non-existent. The inclusion of weapons like a hand-held "nuclear catapult" are pretty much the final straw. I like strategy and role-playing games; not shoot-em-ups with RPG make up, designed for consoles. I'd much rather dust off Fallout I & II, yet again, rather than play the abomination that this appears to be.

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I liked Fallout for being a good recreation of the tabletop roleplaying experience on computer with isometric view and turn-based combat. There was a lot of things in original Fallouts that I would like to be improved, but certainly I didn't want a subgenre shift.

So no, I'm not buying FINO3.


Also, it won't run on my computer, which kills the deal anyway.

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Yes, I have ordered it. Fallout 1 & 2 are among the best games I have ever played, perhaps only inferior to Baldur's Gate, and from what I have read, Fallout 3 looks great. It does not look like Oblivion-With-Guns to me, fortunately, as Oblivion provided nothing that interested me. Of course, having ordered it, I have permanently removed myself from the exclusive club of True Fallout Fans.

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