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Breagar NPC mod for BG1 and BGII (Kerzenburgforum)

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@jasteythanks again for your patience and response - this doesn't happen when I use a mod-less BG:EE portion, so I think despite weidu --change-log not identifying a taerom dialog edit on that side, one of my pre-EET mods must have in some way caused a change to his dialog (in which case, if I had to guess, maybe some segment of Breagars isn't applying as expected - perhaps a duplicated dialog SAY line that's getting skipped over? )

I only have a handful of pre-EET mods, so I'm going to give it an attempt at finding out which one is causing this (that or it was ascension or longer road, both of which I highly doubt).

I do see a bg1npc component is creating an override/taerom.cre and override/taerom.sto "The BG1 NPC Project: Required Modifications" - maybe EET does something funny at that point?

I'm thinking I'll produce the minimal taerom.d files between with pre-eet mods and without, and see the difference between then both pre and post breagar.

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I appreciate you taking the time and making a bug report nontheless. I am glad you can't reporduce it though, as it means I don't have to do anything.


The funny thing is that I also didn't see from the Taerom.dlg you posted why the dialogue wouldn't fire, only thing being the mod added content in case there is another file in the party's inventory or he's charmed.


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13 hours ago, ahungry said:

I confirmed it's ACBRE with a minimal test case outlined here: https://github.com/Gitjas/Ascalons_Breagar/issues/4

in which I don't have any other mods installed that have touched Taerom's dialog other than ACBRE, and that a simple steps can illustrate the problem.

The giant install order has SoD2BG2IU remorhaz responses inserted above the ankheg discussion via weighting. I haven't doublechecked this against Breagar but it could be a mod conflict between the two (the dumped dlg is fairly hard to read back.) I'll throw in Breagar and check next time I rebuild my install to doublecheck this.

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12 hours ago, Graion Dilach said:

The giant install order has SoD2BG2IU remorhaz responses inserted above the ankheg discussion via weighting.

This nothing related to Breagar. Breagar doesn't change anything in Taerom's dialogue other than inserting interjections. It does not change any weighting or dialogue triggers from Taerom. SoD2BG2IU inserting higher weighted dialogues would be SoD2BG2IU's problem, not a mod conflict between the two. Please stop blaming the Breagar mod here.

Or a wrongly set chapter nummer. Or another mod item was in the inventory, triggereing the higher weighted dialogue. Since @ahungry didn't post which dialogue fired instead, we have literally nothing to work with here.

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Guest Graion@Work

I haven't blamed Breagar. In fact, considering the amount of compat issues I've already seen with SoD2BG2 IU, I'd instinctively point my finger to the latter instead.

The remark you quoted was a response of ahungry's claim that nothing else touched the dialog (which it did) and wasn't intended against Breagar. On a second check, Breagar was installed after SoD2BG2 IU in that example log, and it seems to me that the issue might even be rectified with the readme/PI metadata mentioning that the order should be Breagar first between the two mods.

Sure, even on my current installs SoD2BG2 IU comes before NPC mods and quest mods, but that's because of a problem in it's SoD spell enablement segment (which I put above IWDification even, but I can't remember why suddenly). Ideally, SoD2BG2 IU should come after all the NPCs and quests are already in place and this is just another reason that I really should sit down and fix that so that it can.

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@Graion Dilach you wrote above:


I haven't doublechecked this against Breagar but it could be a mod conflict between the two (the dumped dlg is fairly hard to read back.)

That's what I reacted to. You repeated that it might be an install order issue. I repeat: since Breagar doesn't change anything in Taerom's dialoue states with regard to triggers and weighting, Breagar has nothing to do with any issues reported here, no matter any install orders or combinations. You might ponder about a general install order that would be preferable or better for compatibility in general, which is fine. But with regard to the Taerom problem reported (which couldn't be reproduced), you can either install Breagar before, after, or not at all, since the mod doesn't alter Taerom's dialogue in a way that it matters. So it is not "mod conflict".


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Taerom's dialog is a mess with non-trivial weighting even in an unmodded game.  There is a very good reason why I chose to have my own smith in MiH Item Pack.  It has caused quite a few headaches for The Calling too.  I should know, I was the fool who volunteered to fix it. ^^

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It's not that difficult to patch a dialogue with different weighted states (sorry in case this sounds arrogant).

If there is an always true dialogue state with reply options - bingo, you add your mod's reply options to there and add dialogue paths as you see fit. The player can talk to the character again to see the original ones any time.

Is there temporary dialogue states, like the ankheg armor one for Taerom, that also has reply options? You can add your reply options there, but make sure to end the dialogue branch with a COPY_TRANS so the player gets the original ones, too, which might be available only once.

You need the quest NPC to say a specific line for your quest when spoken to? You add a higher weighted dialogue with a trigger variable and close it directly, disabling your mod dialogue after it played so the original ones can play normally after that. (Taking care it can't block an original "NumTimesTalkedTo(0)" or somesuch.)

Et voilà! All done.

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