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[UI] Lefreut's enhanced UI (BGEE, SoD, BG2EE and EET)

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Hello all,

The goal of this mod is to provide an unified and improved UI (inspired by v1.3 and Vanilla) for Enhanced Edition games (BGEE with or without SoD, BG2EE and EET. It comes up in three different flavor/skin. Each package is standalone so you only need to install the one you prefer. This way you can use the same UI skin to play the whole saga or you can install different skins on the different games so each game stay with their own skin but with all the same functionalities and improvements. You can even install the BG2EE skin on BGEE and the BGEE skin on BG2EE if you really want.


This mod is only compatible with the latest EE version (2.5).

This mod is a complete overhaul so it is by design not compatible with any other UI overhauls mods (Dragonspear UI++, Revised Dragon Scale, ...).

This mod must be installed before any mods that patch the UI (EEUITweaks, Sword Coast Stratagems, Tome & Blood, Might & Guile, Shadow Magic, Deities of Faerun, or Faiths & Powers, ...).


1° Core component

The main UI overhaul (mandatory)

BG2 vanilla bams for spells

Use this to use the vanilla BAMS for spells:



BG2 vanilla fonts for descriptions

Enable this option to change the fonts use  for item descriptions.



4° Disable item comparison feature

Use this option to disable item comparison in inventory

5° Reverse +/- buttons position

Use this option for reversing +/- buttons positions

6° Single Click to Map Travel

Use this option for map traveling with single click

7° Show Sidebar toggle button

Use this option to show Toggle Buttons on left and right sidebars

8° Show Quicksave button

Use this option to show Quick Save button on left sidebar

9° Show Highlight button

Use this option to show Reveal Details button on right sidebar

10° Small right sidebar buttons

Use this option for small AI Toggle and Select All buttons on right sidebar

11° Quests in journal collapsed by default

Use this option for journal be collapsed by default

12) Left click on portrait to level up

Use this option for level up your character by clicking on portrait

Download (version 4.2):

BGEE skin

SoD skin

BG2EE skin


1° Title screen:

2° Main screen

3° Journal

4° Inventory

5° Record

6° Mage book

7° Priest book

Edited by lefreut
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Yes. You need to install it first and then EEUITweaks. Some components won't be available as they are either not compatible (I don't think there are a lot of them) or already included. Multi-steal for example comes by default in LeUI.

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function getItemUsages()
	local item = store.storeItems[rowNumber].item
-	if(item.usages > 1) then
+	if(item.usages ~= nil) then
		return item.usages

After this change the UI won't display the stack sizes for store items when I use it with EET. Reverting it back fixed the issue for me.

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Thanks for the bug report. I have released a new version that should fix this (while keeping what the previous change was trying to fix: item display with one charge inside a container).

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