The Gibberlings Three is one of many sites on the web dedicated to modding and the Infinity Engine. You can invariably find many of the folks here on these other sites as well

Modding Sites

  • Black Wyrm Lair - Black Wyrm Lair is a modding community which also offers services for modders.
  • Chosen of Mystra - Modding site featuring mods such as Project Auril and Desecration of Souls.
  • - A collection of tools for the Infinity Engine.
  • Pocket Plane Group - Modding site featuring mods such as Kelsey, Unfinished Business, and the Flirt Packs for BG2.
  • Spellhold Studios - A spin-off of the old Forgotten Wars Modding Community, SHS features many mods, large and small.
  • - Wes Weimer's site, featuring mods such as Valen and Solaufein and the incredibly versatile and powerful WeiDU modding tool.

Non-English Communities

There are many communities for IE modding throughout the world, and they naturally communicate through their own languages. Here are a few sites that G3 is pleased to work with to provide better mods and mods and services in languages other than English:

  • Clan DLAN - Clan DLAN is a community for Spanish speaking people, house of mods for BG and translations for several games. Clan DLAN es una comunidad para gente de habla hispana, hogar de mods para BG y traducciones para muchos juegos.
  • Kerzenburg forums - A German community for the IE games
  • Tawerna Bibliotekarzy - A Polish forum for discussing (among other things) games based on the Infinity Engine.
  • Wieza Ramazitha - A page that offers Polish translations of many mods.

Infinity Engine Sites

  • Beamdog Forums - Beamdog is the game developer behind the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment as well as the Baldur's Gate expansion Siege of Dragonspear.
  • BioWare - Creators of the Baldur's Gate series of games (among others)
  • Sorcerer's Place - A very wide-ranging site that has all sorts of IE stuff.