The Gibberlings Three is pleased to support RSS in an ongoing effort to serve our community.

G3 currently has two news feeds available:

The Gibberlings Three Forums - This RSS feed will summarize the latest posts on the forum.

Infinity Engine Modding News - This RSS feed is a collaborative effort between modding communities to provide a news feed for all things related to Infinity Engine modding. News items will include announcements of new mods, updates to mods and modding tools, contest announcements, and other information such as requests for testers or schedules downtime for sites and forums.

What is RSS?

RSS, depending on the exact specification used and whom you ask, stands for Rich Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication, or RDF Site Summary. The idea behind RSS is that it allows users to aggregate news feeds into a central program. For example, using an RSS program you could display the G3 RSS feed alongside the latest headlines from the New York Times or CNN, the latest articles from a gaming site such as IGN, or articles from online magazines. The user could then scan the headlines from these sites and follow links to articles. There are much better explanations of what RSS does and how it differs from other services; try this link for example.

To take advantage of these new services you'll need to find a program that can use RSS feeds. There are many clients that can collect RSS feeds for you. The newer versions of Mozilla/Firefox can use RSS feeds with their 'Live Bookmarks' feature, and My Yahoo! also allows you to add RSS feeds to your page.