Icewind Dale Fixpack Documentation

This component contains the heavy lifting of the mod, fixing bugs and errors throughout the game. For anyone familiar with the BG2 Fixpack, the ideas behind identifying and fixing bugs is equivalent. While some bugs are clearly bugs, the mod also has a review process for 'gray area' bugs to insure that fixes do not contradict developer intent. The result is a component which aims to address true bugs only and in a manner consistent with Bioware's original goals. The complete Fixpack forums are open, so if you want to see the reasoning behind a bugfix (or tell us we've got it all wrong), please join us on the forums and provide feedback. If you find a bug that is not fixed, please report it.

Documentation is current as of version 10.

Quest Fixes

Valesti Fixes (non-HoW)

Valesti had syntax errors in his dialogue that are fixed. His dialogue is also expanded to mirror his dialogue in Heart of Winter, where he now leaves the Arboretum once it's been fully restored. (dvalesti.dlg)

Saablic Tan Quest Fixes

Saablic Tan was checking for the wrong file when asking for Krilag's badge. Neo-orog generals were setting variables upon their deaths that would indicate that Krilag was dead, also causing problems with Saablic Tan. (dsaablic.dlg, neoorogg.cre)

Dragon's Eye Bugs

If the party was split on either side of the closing door, the player could end up softlocked during the Yxunomei battle. Several dialogues had problems with freeing the villagers and defeating the Talonites and lizard men. Sister Callian was not commenting on Mother Egenia being freed; villagers and kids on the level were not realizing they were free; and the final girl who gave you experience for freeing them on level one could occasionally have a broken 'no valid links or replies' dialogue. Several script issues were also addressed, such as lizardmen not turning neutral and the villagers not leaving after they were freed. Several bodies are also supposed to lying around, but were often expiring prior to the party reaching their area so they were never seen. (4001lkl.bcs, 4001vil.bcs, d5yxudor.bcs, dcallian.dlg, dcapkid2.dlg, dcapvil2.dlg, dckquest.dlg, lizdead.cre, talodead.cre)

Mytos Infinite Experience Exploit

On the first floor of Kresselack's tomb you can try to avoid violence (and gain XP) when speaking with Mytos. The dialogue was structured such that you could try this repeatedly and receive XP every time. This exploit is now closed. (dmytos.dlg)

Bandoth Razorvine Extract Quest Fixes

Bandoth's dialogue and his razorvine extract quest underwent major fixes. The quest could be ended randomly or prove unavailable under a variety of circumstances. The fix entailed changes to his dialogue and a few other scripts. Bandoth's advice for the puzzle room was also never available due to some bad variable checks and weightings. (ar6003.bcs, dbandoth.dlg)

Guello and Shikata Quest Fix

If you save Guello and then go straight to the gnome hideout to speak with him there, his copy in Shikata's area will never disappear. In HoW, a variable for saving Guello was not being set if you left the area via the Order of the Kraken garden. (ar8005.bcs, ldguell2.bcs)

Item Upgrade Bugs

Various materials can be brought to Nym and Dirty Llew and fashioned into items. If Nym or Dirty Llew were slain after these upgrades, contrary to logic they would still possess the source materials.(ldllew.bcs, ldnym.bcs)

Trial of Perseverance Bug

In the perseverance test in Trials of the Luremaster, the Luremaster would start his congratulations dialogue immediately after issuing the challenge because the monsters weren't spawning fast enough. (selurmst.bcs)

String Fixes

Textual changes were made to correct errors or reflect other changes:

  • The Mace of Weal and Woe was not providing its listed to-hit and damage bonuses vs. lawful creatures. While the damage can be fixed, the to-hit bonuses cannot and the description is updated accordingly. (strref #3028, zz05we.itm)
  • The description of Decastave did not include that it drains hit points on-hit. (strref #6394)
  • The Composite Longbow of the Hand and Kaylessa's Bow did not have their +1 damage for being composite long bows (sttrefs #8663, #8712)
  • Symbol of Pain's area-of-effect is a 30' radius, but the description listed a 60' radius (strref #8099)
  • Bren Muller's Crossbow's damage bonus should be +3, not +2, to reflect that it's a light crossbow (strref #8911)
  • Giant's Sleep had an incorrect to-hit value (strref #9764)
  • Chromatic Orb had a duration listed as four turns instead of the correct four rounds (strref #12174)
  • Vocalize only affects the caster and cannot be targeted on others (strref #12198)
  • The Crooked Flail and Skullflail were missing their +1 damage bonuses from being a flail (strrefs #14357, #27373, flailsk.itm, uflal2a.itm)
  • The War Hammer of Phasing causes phasing on hits, not disease (strref #14959)
  • The Giant Killer sling provides no damage bonus vs. giants and the listed to-hit bonus was incorrect (strref #17716)
  • Cause Disease is an abjuration spell in the necromantic sphere (strref #21478)
  • In the initial dialogue with Wylfdene, the player's initial question asks Hjollder to tell the party "again" about Wylfdene (strref #22605, dhjollde.dlg)
  • Tongue of the Gloomfrost does piercing damage, not slashing (strref #24328)
  • Being a short bow, the Storm Bow is usable by thieves and shouldn't have the +1 to-hit bonus of a long bow (strref #25818, storm.itm)
  • Dead God's Dreaming actually provides a +2 damage bonus vs. good creatures, not +1 (strref #27377)

Game Mechanics/Miscellaneous Fixes

Worldmap Fixes

The party now uses the correct entrance point when entering Wyrm's Tooth from the world map. Travel between Kuldahar-Dorn's Deep, Dragon's Eye-Severed Hand, and Wyrm's Tooth-Severed Hand now have the same travel times in both directions. (worldmap.wmp)

Paperdoll Fixes

The paperdoll—the image of your character on the inventory screen—was incorrect for human female clerics, thieves, and mages, as the weapon was not lining up with the character's hand. (chfc1inv.bam, chfc2inv.bam, chfc3inv.bam, chfc4inv.bam, chft1inv.bam, chft2inv.bam, chfw1inv.bam, chfw2inv.bam, chfw3inv.bam, chfw4inv.bam)

Free Action

Per its description, Free Action (via spell or item) is not supposed to block beneficial movement effects and not block stun. As such, a review was done of everything that affects movement and adjusted accordingly. (boot01.itm, bootdriz.itm, bootfox.itm, ciboot.itm, freeact.itm, labelt.itm, move20.itm, potn45.itm, ring09.itm, sppr203.spl, sppr403.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr517.spl, sqrlspd.itm)

Charm and Hold Playing Effects on Unaffected Creatures

Both charm and hold can be targeted, e.g. Hold Animal only affects animals and Charm Person only affects humanoids. However, many of the effects which accompanies the charm or hold were not targeted, so you could use Charm Animal on non-animals and get messages saying they were charmed, set a portrait icon, etc. These are now correctly blocked on targets who aren't subject to the underlying charm or hold. (ring03.itm, spin108.spl, spin119.spl, spitm99.spl, sppr208.spl, sppr305.spl, sppr989.spl, spwi306.spl, ulswd4a.itm)

Luck Fixes

Luck was handled inconsistently throughout the game. Luck via spell provided very different effects than Luck provided by The Lucky Scimitar or the Oil of Second Chances. These bonuses have been standardized to match the spell description and no longer stack. (chance.itm, lucky.itm, spwi209.spl)

Magical Armor Being Worn with Magical Jewelry

Four suits of armor—Studded Leather +2: Missile Attractor, Mourner's Armor, Mithral Field Plate (non-HoW only) and Ogien's Scale—could be worn with magical protection rings and amulets. (itemexcl.2da)

Lore Bonus Error

Per the manual intelligence or wisdom scores of 15 are supposed to provide a +3 bonus to lore instead of the +5 actually given. (lorebon.2da)

Random Treasure Table

Several typos and references to non-existent items in the random treasure table were fixed. One of the random drops in the expansion was also duplicated. (rndtres.2da)

Very Low Dexterity Characters Not Receiving Penalties to Thieving Abilities

The table that sets penalties and bonuses to thieving skills starts at 9 dexterity and continues to 25. This opened a loophole: characters with 8 dexterity or lower were receiving no penalties at all. The table now imposes penalties for dexterity scores of 1-8. (skilldex.2da)

Ranger Stealth Error

Rangers are supposed to improve their stealth skill by 6% every level, but the level two value was incorrect. (skillrng.2da)

Tooltip Corrections

For many items that have multiple abilities the tooltips for all of them would be identical, often with identical icons. These items now have text to better differentiate their abilities. Items affected are throwing daggers, Amaunator's Legacy, Breath of Auril, Belt of Bones, Cynicism, Dagger of Safe Harbor, Fist of the Gloomfrost, Hand of the Gloomfrost, The Icon of Power, Kiss of the Gloomfrost, The Lucky Scimitar, Mantle of Hell's Furnace, Quost's Staff of the Elements, Staff of Besieging, Staff of Moradin's Breath, Storm Bow, Talon of the Gloomfrost, and Tongue of the Gloomfrost. (tooltip.2da)


Evasion was added as a thief perk in Heart of Winter, but not all items and spells were adjusted to account for it. (bflaoil.itm, potn26.itm, spin161.spl, spin990.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr610.spl, sppr983.spl, sppr984.spl, spwi001.spl, spwi002.spl, spwi021.spl, spwi023.spl, spwi217.spl, wand06.itm, wand11.itm, wandrea.itm)

Probability Fixes

Pretty much every item or spell that had an x% chance to do something was systematically wrong by 1%, e.g. Young Rage caused berserk on 6% of hits instead of 5%. This was true for good or bad effects, for the party or enemies. (amaunat.itm, axemino.itm, behwep.itm, bess.itm, biteme.itm, blast.itm, bloodgf.itm, cwreve.itm, cwszomb.itm, cynicis.itm, days.itm, decasta.itm, diver.itm, firekis.itm, fistgf.itm, fkiller.itm, flailsk.itm, ghoul1.itm, giving.itm, gvalor2.itm, handgf.itm, hlydeck.itm, holding.itm, icegolem.itm, kinetic.itm, kissgf.itm, kris.itm, lizspear.itm, mae.itm, pest.itm, reaver.itm, remorha.itm, sbowebu.itm, serrate.itm, sflail.itm, shax4d4c.itm, shaxe2c.itm, slimed2.itm, spin126.spl, spin146.spl, spin147.spl, spin166.spl, spin168.spl, spin992.spl, spin993.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr321.spl, sppr421.spl, sppr507.spl, sppr611.spl, spwi104.spl, spwi119.spl, spwi316.spl, spwi518.spl, spwi706.spl, sw1h99.itm, talongf.itm, tonggf.itm, tongue.itm, u1ham3a.itm, u1ham3b.itm, u1ham4a.itm, u1ham5a.itm, u1hax2a.itm, u1hax3a.itm, u1hax4a.itm, u1hax4b.itm, u2ham4b.itm, u2ham5a.itm, u2hax2a.itm, u2hax3a.itm, u2hax3b.itm, u2hax4a.itm, u2hax5a.itm, uarow3a.itm, uarow3b.itm, ubswd1a.itm, ubswd2a.itm, ubswd2b.itm, ubswd3a.itm, ubswd4b.itm, ubswd4c.itm, ubswd5a.itm, ubswd5b.itm, ubull4a.itm, udagg1a.itm, udagg1b.itm, udagg2a.itm, udagg3a.itm, udagg3c.itm, udagg4a.itm, udart1a.itm, udart2a.itm, udart3b.itm, udart5a.itm, uflal2a.itm, uflal2b.itm, uflal4a.itm, uflal5a.itm, uhalb1a.itm, uhalb2a.itm, uhalb3b.itm, uhalb3c.itm, uhalb4a.itm, uhalb4b.itm, uhalb5a.itm, ulswd2b.itm, ulswd3b.itm, ulswd3c.itm, ulswd4a.itm, ulswd5b.itm, umstr2a.itm, umstr2b.itm, umstr3a.itm, umstr3c.itm, umstr4b.itm, umstr5a.itm, usswd2a.itm, usswd2b.itm, usswd3a.itm, usswd3b.itm, usswd5a.itm, usswd5b.itm, utswd2b.itm, utswd3a.itm, utswd4a.itm, utswd4b.itm, utswd5a.itm, utswd5b.itm, whtash.itm, withery.itm, xclub.itm, young.itm, zz05we.itm, zze6pe.itm, zzj6sp.itm, zzm5mh.itm)

Effect Batch Fixes

Spells or items that provide an immunity to some effects were often not blocking effects that went with it, e.g. something that made you immune to disease wouldn't stop the disease portrait icon. Other effects, such as free action, require multiple effects to be present and working together to collectively provide free action. These batches will round out existing effects by adding anything missing.

  • Free Action: aldeth.itm, cigbard.itm, freeact.itm, labelt.itm, mage05.itm, potn45.itm, ring09.itm, ring97.itm, sppr403.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Full Blindness: blindman.itm, spwi958.spl
  • Full Dispel Magic: arow07.itm, fkiller.itm, pnull.itm, potn33.itm, scrl07.itm, spin112.spl, spin164.spl, spin985.spl, sppr303.spl, spwi010.spl, spwi302.spl, spwi601.spl
  • Full Stun: axemino.itm, carrio.itm, cwreve.itm, dart03.itm, dazer.itm, ghoulc.itm, gvalor2.itm, icegolem.itm, paracarr.itm, paraghas.itm, paraghou.itm, poq2-16.itm, sflail.itm, spin134.spl, spin147.spl, spin159.spl, spin166.spl, spin990.spl, spin993.spl, sppr421.spl, sppr613.spl, sppr715.spl, sppr721.spl, sppr722.spl, spwi021.spl, spwi105.spl, spwi118.spl, spwi318.spl, spwi411.spl, spwi705.spl, spwi806.spl, spwi959.spl, u1ham3b.itm, u1hax2a.itm, u1hax4b.itm, uarow3b.itm, ubswd5b.itm, udart1a.itm, uflal2b.itm, uflal5a.itm, uhalb4a.itm, uhalb4b.itm, ulswd5b.itm, umstr2b.itm, umstr3a.itm, umstr5a.itm, usswd5b.itm, utswd2b.itm, utswd3a.itm, utswd5a.itm, wand04.itm, wandfre.itm, xclub.itm
  • Immunity to Charm: behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, cigbard.itm, ciigen.itm, cispgrd1.itm, cwreve.itm, gvalor1.itm, helm06.itm, potn21.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, spitm05.spl, sppr107.spl, sppr408.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr511.spl, sppr716.spl, spwi113.spl, spwi804.spl, stupid.itm
  • Immunity to Confusion: cibossb.itm, potn21.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, ring99.itm, ringkora.itm, sppr316.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr716.spl, spwi804.spl, stupid.itm, yxuresi.itm
  • Immunity to Disease: cdconstr.itm, ironman.itm, icegolem.itm, spwi807.spl, trollde.itm
  • Immunity to Entangle: aldeth.itm, bootmoa.itm, ciigen.itm, cwreve.itm, gvalor1.itm, labelt.itm, mage05.itm, potn45.itm, ring97.itm, sppr403.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Immunity to Fear: behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, ciigen.itm, helmded.itm, potn21.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, ring99.itm, ringkora.itm, sceptre.itm, spin144.spl, sppr108.spl, sppr316.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr716.spl, spwi210.spl, spwi610.spl, spwi804.spl, stupid.itm, virgin.itm
  • Immunity to Feeblemind: sppr316.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr716.spl, spwi804.spl
  • Immunity to Grease: aldeth.itm, labelt.itm, mage05.itm, potn45.itm, ring97.itm, sppr403.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Immunity to Haste: spitm05.spl, sppr511.spl
  • Immunity to Hold: cdconstr.itm, gvalor1.itm, ring09.itm, spitm05.spl, sppr403.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr511.spl, sppr716.spl, spwi804.spl
  • Immunity to Petrification: cdconstr.itm, potn38.itm, scrl15.itm, spwi108.spl
  • Immunity to Poison: behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, cwszomb.itm, ironman.itm, icegolem.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, ring99.itm, ringkora.itm, scrl08.itm, spwi807.spl, stupid.itm, trollde.itm, yxuresi.itm
  • Immunity to Sleep: behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, ciigen.itm, cwreve.itm, gvalor1.itm, helmdef.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, ring99.itm, ringkora.itm, sppr316.spl, sppr415.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr716.spl, stupid.itm
  • Immunity to Slow: aldeth.itm, cigbard.itm, freeact.itm, labelt.itm, mage05.itm, potn45.itm, ring09.itm, ring97.itm, sppr403.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Immunity to Stun: aldeth.itm, behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, mage05.itm, ring90.itm, ring91.itm, ring95.itm, sppr415.spl, spwi610.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Immunity to Web: aldeth.itm, antiweb.itm, gvalor1.itm, labelt.itm, mage05.itm, magiweb.itm, potn45.itm, ring97.itm, sppr403.spl, sw2h06.itm
  • Poison Damage Resistance: behamu.itm, cdconstr.itm, cibossb.itm, cwszomb.itm, ironman.itm, icegolem.itm, pest.itm, ring90.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring98.itm, ring99.itm, ringkora.itm, scrl08.itm, spwi807.spl, stupid.itm, trollde.itm, yxuresi.itm

Dialogue Fixes

Various syntax errors were fixed in dialogue files throughout the game. For the most part, these break simple triggers and actions which would prevent reply options and other minor issues.

Various syntax errors were fixed in dialogue files throughout the game. For the most part, these break simple triggers and actions which would prevent reply options and other minor issues.

  • Dirty Llew had a myriad of issues in his dialogue. He is supposed to offer better deals to females based on their charisma; various calls in his dialogue to open his store failed due to typos; his ability to make umber hulk armor from hides was never presented due to bad weighting and a broken trigger; you could call him "Dainty Llew" even if he never claimed that nickname. (ddirtyll.dlg)
  • Accalia's dialogue wasn't properly tracking what she had spoken to you about. Some of her class-specific replies were not being made available to multi or dualclasses. (daccalia.dlg)
  • Various creatures (fire giants, Brother Perdiem, Soth, Edion Caradoc) not properly checking for clerics in the party (dedion.dlg, dfgg.dlg, dperdiem.dlg, dsoth.dlg)
  • Removed broken and unnecessary attack commands from several dialogues (dbandoth.dlg, dfrostbi.dlg, dgareth.dlg, dgntgrd.dlg, dgorg.dlg, djoril.dlg, djorilbg.dlg, dorogchi.dlg, dosentry.dlg, dvera.dlg)
  • Mirek was not properly tracking variables, specifically if the party had been to the Vale of Shadows (dmirek.dlg)
  • Fixed dialogues for several creatures not properly tracking how many times they have spoken to the party (dcusthan.dlg, ddenaini.dlg, dgina2.dlg, dgoblinc.dlg, dkayless.dlg, dlehland.dlg, dlethias.dlg, dorcchie.dlg, dorrick.dlg, dtealnis.dlg, dvalesti.dlg, dserrhya.dlg)
  • Characters with high charisma and intelligence should have a chance to bluff when speaking with Seth (dseth.dlg)
  • Your journal indicates you give the Journal of Evayne to Larrel, but the party actually retained it (dlarrel.dlg)
  • In one branch of Norl's dialogue, asking him about his legs was taking you to the wrong response (dnorl.dlg)
  • Brother Perdiem no longer gives his full spiel every time you speak to him after freeing him (dperdiem.dlg)
  • Tarnelm was checking for the wrong item in some triggers, preventing the party from giving him potatoes (dtarnelm.dlg)
  • Custhantos was failing to give the party the book Ancient Lore on Labelas Enoreth due to a broken action (dcusthan.dlg)
  • Fengla the slave girl was not properly checking for the death of the watchtower foes (dfengla.dlg)
  • Brother Ferg was not properly setting variables in his dialogue, namely, you should be able to goad him into attacking you (dferg.dlg)
  • Ginafae and Tarnelm were failing to take items from the party due to broken actions (dgina2.dlg)
  • Marchon of Waterdeep's dialogue wasn't properly recognizing if you freed him during or after the Eldathyn fight (dmarch.dlg)
  • Gaspar in Easthaven had a non-sequitur transition when discussing the caravan contract (dgaspar.dlg)
  • Wylfdene failed to set a tracking variable about whether you used the mirror. (dwylf.dlg)
  • If the player had the Blade of Aihonen, one of the responses when speaking with Icasaracht was not available due to a typo (dicasa.dlg)
  • When returning from the Seer, Hjollder would tell the party to go confront Wylfdene if they had the mirror. If the party had upgraded the mirror with Tiernon, Hjollder's dialogue would unexpectedly end instead of telling you to go confront Wylfdene. (dhjollde.dlg)
  • Rikasha had several typos in his variable handling that let the player repeat questions indefinitely (drikasha.dlg)
  • After defeating Lysan, you can return to her bar and talk Whitcomb into giving you Lysan's old stuff. Whitcomb was setting the wrong journal entry in this case. (dwhitcom.dlg)
  • If you sleep with Ambere Dunn, report it to Tybald, and then convince Ambere to go home you can get a No Valid Replies or Links error from Tybald. Better variable tracking removes this issue. (dambere.dlg)
  • Murdaugh's quest could be easily missed due to some overly strict variable tracking. This has been loosened up a bit. (dmurdaug.dlg)
  • Marchon of Waterdeep has a non sequitur in his dialogue if rescued after you clear out the level (dmarch.dlg)
  • Mag, the Harpy Queen, could fail to go hostile in some circumstances and had a missing line of dialogue restored (dharpy.dlg)
  • The GOG version of the game introduces syntax errors to the dialogues of Fengla and Kaylessa (defngla.dlg, dkayless.dlg)
  • Amelia in the Root Cellar tavern would set the wrong journal entries if you asked her about Aldwin and the Evening Shade Inn (damelia.dlg)
  • Multiple characters were setting journal entries too early, e.g. you'd receive a journal entry about learning something before the character actually told you. (dalbion.dlg, damelia.dlg, dangaar.dlg, darundel.dlg, dhjollde.dlg, djhonen.dlg, dkressel.dlg, dperdiem.dlg, dsoth.dlg, dvera.dlg, dvoiceda.dlg, dyxun.dlg)
  • The slaves in the frost giant cave only used four of their five possible random replies due to a typo (dgntslav.dlg)
  • If you declined to help Apsel and then talked to him again, one reply would take you through the entire quest request again even though you had heard it already. (dapsel.dlg)
  • If you were quick enough, you could talk to Elisia repeatedly for an XP reward. (delisia.dlg)
  • You can now only demand payment for helping Grisella if you demanded it before starting the quest. (dgrisell.dlg)
  • You can no longer ask "Who's Ilmadia?" if you've already met her (dilmadia.dlg, dtarnelm.dlg)
  • If you've already accepted or declined Kerish's offer to find and kill Vera, he'll stop asking. (dkerish.dlg)
  • The tavern rumors at Kuldahar included a random voiced line from Arundel. (dkurum.dlg)
  • Clerics could talk to Kuldahar townspeople repeatedly about Kresselack for free garnet gems. (dkutowng.dlg)
  • Once you learn of Eidan's fate, townspeople will no longer refer to his mysterious disappearance. (dkutowng.dlg)
  • Lethias will no longer set journal entries he's already set. (dlethias.dlg)
  • Marketh's misordered area escape could prevent a variable being set, meaning Ginafae wouldn't recognize he had left. Also fixed an issue where you could confront Marketh about hurting Ginafae, but the triggers were reversed. (dmarketh.dlg)
  • If you learned of Ghereg's headaches, he wasn't always setting the tracking variable. (dogre.dlg)
  • Closed an XP exploit where you could talk to Orrick repeatedly with the Book of Mythal Theory. (dorrick.dlg)
  • Sheemish was not setting journal entries in all branches of his dialogue. (sheemish.dlg)
  • You can no longer comment that Edion doesn't seem to be a fisherman if he never claimed to be one. (dedion.dlg)
  • The variable tracking if you learned the location of the Barbarian Camp was not being consistently set. (demmrch.dlg, drawl.dlg, droald.dlg)
  • Some of Hobart's class-specific replies were not being made available to dual and multiclasses. (dhobart.dlg)

Contact Other Plane

The Planar Spirit summoned by Contact Other Plane now has dialogue for TotLM areas. It will now also go away properly if you have no questions. The Planar Spirit could also be affected by magic, despite all other resistances being set to 100 If you initially speak to Hjollder and either 1) back out at the last minute, or 2) accept but get denied due to a low level, the spirit summoned via the Contact Other Plane spell would give responses as if the party had started Hjollder's quest. The spirit also had warnings about the Eldathyn that could only be received after the party exposed them, making it worthless. (copspir.cre, dalbion.dlg, dplanar.dlg)

Scripting Fixes

Errors in Player AI Scripts

A couple of the scripts that the player could use for their party had broken bits. The Cleric Aggressive script will now check for and cast Magic Stone if it's available. The Wizard Aggressive, Wizard Defense, and Wizard Berserk scripts will now check for and cast Larloch's Minor Drain if it's available. (,,, (these file names may be different for non-English versions))

Combat Script Fixes

  • Lizardmen minions could sometimes attack their king in the first level of Dragon's Eye (4001lmtr.bcs)
  • Similar to the errors in player AI scripts, enemy spellcasters were not checking for and casting spells due to broken references (5001ls1.bcs, 5001ls2.bcs)
  • Yxunomei will properly target Cloudkill on an enemy rather than herself (d5yxun.bcs)
  • Marketh can use his invisibility potion (ldmarkth.bcs)
  • Various enemies in the Severed Hand would occasionally heal the party instead of their allies. Since they can't heal their allies anyway (they're all classed as undead) these blocks are disabled. (shelfc1.bcs, shelfc2.bcs, shelfcs1.bcs, shelfps1.bcs, shorcsh1.bcs, shshdsd1.bcs, shshdwz1.bcs, shshdwz2.bcs, shshdwz3.bcs)
  • Various creatures would randomly change their combat scripts for variety, but a few of these had typos and tried to change to non-existent scripts (efatksa.bcs)
  • Criek was not properly checking for Shelhai in his script (secrie13.bcs)
  • Added some extra checks for the Lizard King and his throne room guards to stay together as enemies/allies; did the same for Marchon of Waterdeep and his party (ar4001.are, d4maratk.bcs)
  • One of the Shadowed Goblin Warriors in the Severed Hand lacked scripts, so it just stood around and did nothing. Same problem with one orc in the main hall of Dorn's Deep and a sword spider in the first area of Dragon's Eye. (ar4001.are, ar5002.are, ar6002.are)
  • The High Torturer and the two yuan-ti priests in Yxunomei's personal guard didn't do anything due to a combination of scripting and creature errors. (d5hitort.bcs, d5yuanp2.bcs, d5yuanp3.bcs, yuantip.cre)
  • Purvis will no longer try to hide after he's been killed. In a similar vein, dead Crypt Things will no longer try to teleport. (cpcttele.bcs, lwprvatk.bcs)
  • Belhifet's golems now go hostile when he reveals his true form. (eepoqcng.bcs)
  • If you were quick enough (e.g. a backstab), killing Maiden Ilmadia would sometimes not cause her lieutenants or fire giant escorts to go hostile (ar8011.bcs, dilmadia.dlg)
  • Two Talonites in Dragon's Eye had scripting to heal one another, but never used it due to bad name checks. (d2talon3.bcs, d2talon4.bcs)
  • Jorn had scripting to heal his fellow barbarians in the area, but wasn't healing on of them due to a bad name check. A similar issue was also present with one of the Jackal Shaman not healing some of his allies. (cajshah5.bcs, iljorn.bcs)
  • Alpheus has scripting to move around with Dimension Door, but he can only do it once due to typos. (lwalpw1.bcs, lwalpw2.bcs, lwalpw3.bcs, lwalpwg.bcs)
  • Beholders will no longer cast a (useless) Dispel Magic on themselves.(efbgaze.bcs)
  • Bombardier Beetles in the Jackal Caverns would not use their cloud abilities due to a misordering of their scripts. (ar9801.are)
  • A very common problem encountered throughout the game was the incorrect usage of triggers to detect if a creature is dead or not, typically in AI combat scripts. Because the trigger only accepts 'scripting names' (i.e. a specific creature with a unique name such as Orrick or Arundel) and not objects (i.e. a more flexible description such as enemy or nearest yeti), many of these triggers were not working. In lieu of Dead(), StateCheck() is used instead against a new entry on the state list. (2004chef.bcs, 2100mirk.bcs, 4001lk.bcs, 4001ls1.bcs, 4001v9.bcs, 4003blst.bcs, 4003udlt.bcs, bamebd.bcs, bcatkgob.bcs, bcatkskl.bcs, bchjol0.bcs, bchjol0.bcs, bcjorn.bcs, cajshah1.bcs, cajshah3.bcs, cajshah4.bcs, cajshah5.bcs, d2talon3.bcs, d2talon3.bcs, d2talon4.bcs, d2talon4.bcs, d4alb.bcs, d4cleric.bcs, d4fight1.bcs, d4hirit.bcs, d4hisum.bcs, d5girl.bcs, d5hibap.bcs, d5hitort.bcs, d5yxung.bcs, duhero3.bcs, duhero5.bcs, dummtalk.bcs, eeeverar.bcs, eeevetpl.bcs, eepomsen.bcs, efbstskl.bcs, efdlgc.bcs, efdlgcc.bcs, efdlgf.bcs, efdlgfc.bcs, efdlgm.bcs, efdlgmc.bcs, efdlgpc.bcs, efdlgpcc.bcs, efdlgpf.bcs, efdlgpfc.bcs, efdlgpm.bcs, efdlgpmc.bcs, eftrolg.bcs, eftwnchk.bcs, ehaccali.bcs, ehdamien.bcs, eheverar.bcs, ehhero1.bcs, ehhroth.bcs, idpbsprt.bcs, iljorn.bcs, iljornhl.bcs, ilsahep1.bcs, ilsahhp1.bcs, ilsahp1.bcs, ilsahp2.bcs, ilsahp2.bcs, ilsahup1.bcs, ilxactil.bcs, keraksha.bcs, kphermit.bcs, ktmytos.bcs, kuarund.bcs, kuarund1.bcs, kuarundd.bcs, ldbeorn.bcs, lddrowcm.bcs, ldfeng2.bcs, ldfgntg.bcs, ldguell2.bcs, ldhark.bcs, ldilmad.bcs, ldmalvon.bcs, ldmarkth.bcs, ldperd.bcs, ldpoque1.bcs, ldrebsal.bcs, ldseth.bcs, ldshik.bcs, ldsimmal.bcs, ldtarnel.bcs, lwemmrh.bcs, lwhjolo.bcs, lwquin.bcs, lwshar1.bcs, lwshar2.bcs, lwshar3.bcs, lwwarew.bcs, nelurmst.bcs, nwlurmst.bcs, scseer.bcs, secrie13.bcs, secrie2.bcs, selurmst.bcs, shelfc1.bcs, shelfc2.bcs, shelfcs1.bcs, shelfps1.bcs, shorcsh1.bcs, shsevhl1.bcs, shshdsd1.bcs, shshdwz1.bcs, shshdwz2.bcs, shshdwz3.bcs, shshthl1.bcs, state.ids, swlurmst.bcs, tgacold.bcs, tgverbd.bcs, udnorlin.bcs, udorogse.bcs, vslysan.bcs, vstherik.bcs, wtguard.bcs, wtkontik.bcs)

Minor Script Fixes

  • Fixed broken reference in a trap for the Snowdrift Inn (ehdwfbox.bcs)
  • A townsperson in Kuldahar was supposed to open doors, but was failing due to improper targets (kutown2.bcs)
  • Several blind and unconscious deep gnomes were supposed to disappear after Malavon was defeated, but a typo was preventing it. The gnomes were also on different 'teams', meaning you could attack one and not all of them would go hostile. (ar8004.are, lddgnom3.bcs, lddgnom4.bcs)
  • Area script in Dorn's Deep circle of runes would block the lower part of the script (ar6010.bcs)
  • Without HoW, the wolf in Aspel's shop can now be charmed to leave without combat (ar1010.bcs)
  • Prevented Mother Egenia from, once freed, wandering back to monsters (ar4001.bcs)
  • Fixed minor bug in the final HoW cutscene where the camera was not moving because of a script typo (ilgemeff.bcs)
  • Fixed grouping issues with blind svirfneblin in Malavon's lair (lddgnom4.bcs, ldilair.bcs)
  • Fixed grouping issues in Lower Dorn's Deep; notably gnomes near the tower in Lower Dorn's Deep would go hostile as they were erroneously grouped with some salamanders. Marketh's thieves are now their own group (ar8001.are, ldseth.bcs, ldthief.bcs)
  • Fixed broken check for Murdaugh in Kieran Nye's script (lwkieran.bcs)
  • Fixed broken check for Purvis in cutscene (lwprvfce.bcs)
  • Purvis is not setting a variable about the Thurlow murder in one of his scripts due to a typo (lwpurv6.bcs)
  • The scripts to open the portal in the jackal caverns in TotLM were flaky and could cause the cutscene to hang (cahided.bcs, cahideo.bcs)
  • A rare bug in HoW could occur if the game was paused before Hrothgar could speak in the game's opening cutscene. (ar1006.bcs)
  • The High Baptist would try to move around to non-existent objects (d5hibap.bcs)

Area Fixes

Common Area Fix Roundup

  • Missing Area Scripts - Areas can have a master script to control and run events. Without TotLM there are about six areas missing scripts; TotLM provides area scripts to just about everywhere. (ar1101.are, ar1102.are, ar1104.are, ar1106.are, ar1109.are, ar1200.are, ar1201.are, ar2001.are, ar2002.are, ar2003.are, ar2005.are, ar2006.are, ar3001.are, ar3101.are, ar3201.are, ar3301.are, ar3401.are, ar3501.are, ar3502.are, ar3503.are, ar3600.are, ar3601.are, ar3602.are, ar3603.are, ar4002.are, ar4004.are, ar5001.are, ar5002.are, ar5003.are, ar5102.are, ar5201.are, ar5202.are, ar5203.are, ar5204.are, ar5301.are, ar5302.are, ar5303.are, ar5401.are, ar5402.are, ar5403.are, ar5404.are, ar5502.are, ar6001.are, ar6007.are, ar6009.are, ar6011.are, ar6014.are, ar7000.are, ar7002.are, ar8002.are, ar8014.are, ar8015.are, ar8016.are, ar9103.are, ar9301.are, ar9500.are, ar9501.are, ar9601.are, ar9800.are, ar9801.are)
  • Wrong Area Type - Areas were flagged as the wrong type in a handful of areas. (ar5101.are, ar5304.are, ar5402.are)
  • Cursor Fixes - When hovering over a region or chest, the normal cursor is suppose to change, e.g. you'll get a question mark over an information point or a travel icon if it leads to a new area. In several cases the wrong cursor was being displayed, e.g. a stairway icon on a door, or none at all. (ar1201.are, ar2000.are, ar2001.are, ar2002.are, ar3502.are, ar5000.are, ar5101.are, ar6002.are, ar6005.are, ar6013.are, ar8001.are, ar8003.are, ar8005.are, ar8007.are, ar9716.are, ar9717.are)
  • Container Icons - When accessing a container, the 'exchange inventory' screen appears at the bottom of the game screen. The player inventory is on the right and the container is on the left, along with an icon. In several cases, the icon was incorrect (i.e. the icon would be of a chest when accessing a shelf). (ar2115.are, ar3101.are, ar3201.are, ar3301.are, ar3501.are, ar3502.are, ar3503.are, ar4004.are, ar4005.are, ar5001.are, ar5002.are, ar5003.are, ar5004.are, ar5301.are, ar5302.are, ar5401.are, ar6005.are, ar6006.are, ar6013.are, ar7004.are, ar8006.are, ar9102.are, ar9600.are, ar9602.are, ar9603.are, ar9711.are, ar9712.are, ar9714.are, ar9800.are)
  • Party-Required Transitions - In some areas, you can't pass through an entrance without your party. In a few cases, these flags were only set in one direction, so one character could enter an area but be unable to leave until the rest of the party entered as well. (ar2100.are, ar2109.are, ar6013.are, ar8001.are)
  • Wrong Orientation When Entering - In a few cases, the party was facing the wrong direction when entering a new area. (ar5102.are, ar6005.are, ar9107.are, ar9714.are)
  • Creature Adjustments - Various creatures are spawned on impassable terrain and end up immobile as a result; others were facing the wrong direction when spawned. (ar3201.are, ar6002.are, ar8001.are, ar8013.ini, ar9712.are, ar9717sr.bmp, ar9718.are)
  • Door locks - A few doors that required keys could be picked. (ar6006.are, ar9600.are)
  • Broken Info Points - A statue in Dorn's Deep was supposed to show text, but its area was not defined so it couldn't be clicked. Information points in Tiers of the Dead, Gnome Village, and Order of the Kraken garden were defined but lacked text when clicked. (ar6001.are, ar6005.are, ar8004.are)

Trap Fixes

  • Several areas had traps that were already flagged as detected, negating the need to search for them. (ar3501.are, ar3502.are, ar4005.are, ar6005.are, ar6006.are, ar9400.are, ar9714.are)
  • Kresselack's tomb would detect as if was trapped, but it's a purely internal script that keeps it closed until the party completes Kresselack's quest. (ar3503.are)
  • Similar to Kresselack's tomb, two doors showed as trapped though they were using internal scripting. (ar7000.are, ar7002.are)
  • Various traps would not do anything to non-party members, yet could be set off by them anyway. (ar3602.are, ar9708.are)
  • If you approached the guard tower in Lower Dorn's Deep, the guards inside would shoot an arrow and then taunt you. The taunts were not appearing, and the guards were able to shoot invisible creatures. (ldbat.bcs)
  • Two traps in the bottom level of Dragon's Eye had no scripting assigned, so they didn't do anything when sprung. (ar4005.are)
  • A couple of arrow traps had incorrect targets for their damage so the victim was not getting the full damage. (spwi006.spl, spwi007.spl)

Miscellaneous Area Fixes

  • One chest in the bottom level of Dragon's Eye had its activation point moved slightly to prevent stuttering when approaching the chest. (ar4005.are)
  • Various magic ammo in the Tiers of the Dead came identified. (ar6005.are)
  • Two containers in the Hall of Heroes overlapped, making it nearly impossible to access one of them. One is removed, and their contents combined. (ar6006.are)
  • The Traveler's Robe in the second floor of the Whistling Gallows comes identified. (ar9102.are)
  • One of the random loot items in TotLM was duplicated in two areas; one of them has been replaced. (ar9601.are)
  • Tracking information has been added for TotLM areas. (tracking.2da)
  • In the area with the Harpy Queen, two harpy fiends were supposed to despawn if the party was below a certain level threshold. Because they were not using unique names, it was possible that all harpy fiends would despawn. (ar9706.are)

Music Fixes

Music was available for the third level of the Temple of the Forgotten God, the first and last levels of Tower of Labelas, and the Order of the Kraken garden. Save for a few TotLM areas, areas with daytime music never played the music at night. Music from the lower floor of Arundel's home now plays in the second story. The finale now has proper combat music. (ar1001.are, ar1004.are, ar1100.are, ar1105.are, ar1201.are, ar2112.are, ar2116.are, ar3000.are, ar3501.are, ar3503.are, ar3600.are, ar3601.are, ar3603.are, ar4001.are, ar4005.are, ar5000.are, ar5001.are, ar5103.are, ar5104.are, ar6000.are, ar6001.are, ar6002.are, ar6003.are, ar6005.are, ar7000.are, ar7001.are, ar7004.are, ar8001.are, ar8004.are, ar8005.are, ar8009.are, ar8012.are, ar9103.are, ar9201.are, ar9300.are, ar9400.are, ar9500.are, ar9501.are, ar9502.are, ar9603.are, music.2da, mx5103.mus, mx5103a.acm, mx5104.mus, mx5104a.acm)

Creature Fixes

General Creature Fixes

  • Creature Racial Fixes - Various creatures had the wrong race set, which could affect how items and spells affected them. In a few cases the race was clearly wrong, but there was not an exact match to which to change so a 'best fit' was selected. (angaar.cre, badson.cre, bar2axe.cre, bar2hmr.cre, bar2swd.cre, bar3axe.cre, bar3mce.cre, bar3swd.cre, barsha1.cre, barsha2.cre, barsha3.cre, bbspir.cre, bbspir2.cre, bharken.cre, biknight.cre, bird.cre, cook.cre, copspir.cre, crypthng.cre, cyshamb.cre, dbar1.cre, dbar2.cre, dbar3.cre, dbar4.cre, dbar5.cre, dbar6.cre, deddog.cre, direb.cre, dlbar1a.cre, dlbar1m.cre, dlbar1s.cre, dlbar3a.cre, dlbar3m.cre, dlbar3s.cre, dlcldaxe.cre, dlcldhnd.cre, dlcldmce.cre, dlcldswd.cre, dlfznbne.cre, dliceaxe.cre, dlicehnd.cre, dliceswd.cre, dver.cre, elisia.cre, emmerich.cre, emmrchd.cre, erris.cre, ettin.cre, gbard.cre, geddian.cre, ghost.cre, hermit.cre, hildreth.cre, hobart.cre, hobart2.cre, hobarth.cre, jemel.cre, jkldog.cre, jklshm.cre, jklsum.cre, kalabac.cre, karrl.cre, katown1.cre, katown2.cre, katown3.cre, kress.cre, ktzom1.cre, lethias.cre, lordm.cre, malavons.cre, mercwar1.cre, mercwar2.cre, mercwr1d.cre, mercwr2d.cre, min8005.cre, min8013.cre, mineld.cre, minotaub.cre, minotaur.cre, ms5mino.cre, norlinor.cre, pbspir.cre, poquelin.cre, presapp.cre, presfig.cre, pshar.cre, pshard.cre, revnant.cre, rndcryp.cre, rndrevn.cre, rsheac.cre, rshelfb.cre, rshelfs.cre, rshorca.cre, rshorcb.cre, sbethla.cre, sdelfac.cre, sdelfbw1.cre, sdelfbw2.cre, sdelfcl.cre, sdelfcl2.cre, sdelfof1.cre, sdelfof2.cre, sdelfof3.cre, sdelfpr.cre, sdelfsw1.cre, sdelfsw2.cre, sdelfsw3.cre, sdelfsw4.cre, sdelfsw5.cre, sdelfwz1.cre, sdgobax1.cre, sdgobax2.cre, sdgobax3.cre, sdgobbw1.cre, sdgobbw2.cre, sdgobtrn.cre, sdogre.cre, sdogre2.cre, sdorcax1.cre, sdorcax3.cre, sdorcbw1.cre, sdorcbw2.cre, sdorcshm.cre, sdworg.cre, sentry.cre, shmblr.cre, sincylia.cre, slmzomb.cre, sshamb.cre, sumstlk.cre, telanis.cre, trgbard.cre, trsph1.cre, trsph2.cre, trsph3.cre, trsph4.cre, trsph5.cre, trsph6.cre, trsph7.cre, trsph8.cre, trsph9.cre, voice.cre, wspir.cre, wtettin.cre, xactile.cre, yxungirl.cre)
  • Creature Class Fixes - Many creatures were assigned incorrect classes. In particular, spellcasters assigned to non-spellcasting classes may not cast spells at their proper levels. (albion.cre, alpheus.cre, alpheusd.cre, bird.cre, copspir.cre, cyshamb.cre, dver.cre, highbapt.cre, highritu.cre, highsumm.cre, hightort.cre, hrpinf.cre, hrpmat.cre, kalabac.cre, kieran.cre, kress.cre, ktwgti1.cre, lmsham1.cre, lmsham2.cre, lmsham3.cre, norlinor.cre, orcsham.cre, poquelin.cre, presapp.cre, pshar.cre, pshard.cre, sarpries.cre, talodead.cre, vaarglan.cre, vaarglnd.cre, yuantip.cre)
  • General Categorization Creature Changes - Creatures are also defined by a very broad description, such as humanoid or undead. These affect how spells work as well as the Turn Undead ability. (acoldead.cre, acolpois.cre, alpheus.cre, alpheusd.cre, ardend.cre, badson.cre, baldemad.cre, baldemar.cre, bar1axe.cre, bar1mce.cre, bar1swd.cre, bar2axe.cre, bar2hmr.cre, bar2swd.cre, bar3axe.cre, bar3mce.cre, bar3swd.cre, bearpold.cre, beetled.cre, belhif.cre, bharken.cre, biknight.cre, cook.cre, crypthng.cre, cyclops.cre, cyearthe.cre, cyfiree.cre, cyshamb.cre, cywatere.cre, dbar1.cre, dbar2.cre, dbar3.cre, dbar4.cre, dbar5.cre, dbar6.cre, deadvil.cre, deadvilf.cre, deadwolf.cre, deddog.cre, denaini.cre, digby.cre, djinni.cre, dlbar1a.cre, dlbar1m.cre, dlbar1s.cre, dlbar3a.cre, dlbar3m.cre, dlbar3s.cre, dlcldaxe.cre, dlfznbne.cre, dliceswd.cre, dlicetr.cre, dlscrag.cre, dlsnotr.cre, dlwater.cre, dlyeti.cre, dolan.cre, doogal.cre, drowspe.cre, drowvan.cre, druidee.cre, druidfe.cre, druidwe.cre, dver.cre, ecogre.cre, eecorpse.cre, eecyc1.cre, eele8013.cre, ehbeetle.cre, elemeart.cre, elemfire.cre, elemwat.cre, emmerich.cre, emmrchd.cre, erevdead.cre, es12erth.cre, es12fire.cre, es12watr.cre, es16erth.cre, es16fire.cre, es16watr.cre, es20erth.cre, es20fire.cre, es20watr.cre, es24erth.cre, es24fire.cre, es24watr.cre, es8erth.cre, es8fire.cre, es8watr.cre, esmerth.cre, ettin.cre, gelarith.cre, ghereg.cre, giantfg.cre, giantfi2.cre, giantfir.cre, giantfn.cre, giantfro.cre, giantfs.cre, gobehq1.cre, goblinad.cre, goblind.cre, goboaxe.cre, gobobow.cre, gorg.cre, hailee.cre, haileeh.cre, hermit.cre, invistrl.cre, jkldog.cre, jklgtr.cre, jklldr.cre, jklwar.cre, joril.cre, kalabac.cre, kaorog.cre, kaoroge.cre, kress.cre, kuyeti.cre, lghast.cre, lghoul.cre, lizdead.cre, lizking.cre, lm1hwax.cre, lm1hwaxy.cre, lm1hwms.cre, lm1hwmsy.cre, lm1hwpo.cre, lm1hwpoy.cre, lm2hwla.cre, lm2hwlay.cre, lm2hwna.cre, lm2hwnay.cre, lm2hwte.cre, lm2hwtey.cre, lmsham1.cre, lmsham2.cre, lmsham3.cre, lmshkid.cre, lwight.cre, lysanbar.cre, lzombie.cre, lzombiej.cre, mercthf.cre, mercthfd.cre, mercwar1.cre, mercwar2.cre, min8005.cre, min8013.cre, mincat.cre, mineld.cre, minfle.cre, minlrd.cre, minotaub.cre, minotaur.cre, mouth.cre, ms1goba.cre, ms1gobm.cre, ms2gobb.cre, ms2gobe.cre, ms2lizm.cre, ms3orog.cre, ms3tliz.cre, ms4ogr.cre, ms4yeti.cre, ms5mino.cre, murdaugh.cre, mytos.cre, neoorog.cre, neoorogc.cre, neooroge.cre, neoorogg.cre, neoorogs.cre, ogre.cre, orrick.cre, poquelin.cre, presapp.cre, presfig.cre, priestd.cre, pshar.cre, pshard.cre, purvis.cre, purvish.cre, rawleigh.cre, rdeliza.cre, rdeliztl.cre, revnant.cre, rikasha.cre, rndcryp.cre, rndrevn.cre, rndstrol.cre, rndwwolf.cre, roald.cre, rocorca.cre, rtfgverb.cre, rudorog.cre, rudoroge.cre, rvsyeti.cre, rwtgice.cre, rwtwwolf.cre, saumber.cre, saumber2.cre, sbethla.cre, shmblr.cre, sincylia.cre, slavedf1.cre, slavedf2.cre, slavedm1.cre, slavedm2.cre, slmzomb.cre, spcook.cre, spcourtf.cre, spcourtm.cre, ss1gob1.cre, ss1gob2.cre, ss1gob3.cre, ss1liz3.cre, ss1liz4.cre, ss1trl6.cre, ss1trl7.cre, ss1trl8.cre, ss2gob1.cre, ss2gob2.cre, ss2gob3.cre, ss2liz5.cre, ss2liz6.cre, ss2liz7.cre, ss3trl7.cre, ss3trl8.cre, stnnui.cre, talodead.cre, therik.cre, thom.cre, tradran.cre, trcriek.cre, trgbard.cre, trharld.cre, trhobrt.cre, troll.cre, trollice.cre, trollsno.cre, trollt.cre, trolly.cre, trshelh.cre, trsph1.cre, trsph2.cre, trsph3.cre, trsph4.cre, trsph5.cre, trsph6.cre, trsph7.cre, trsph8.cre, trsph9.cre, udghast.cre, udghoul.cre, udwight.cre, uligar.cre, undeadlt.cre, vaarglan.cre, vaarglnd.cre, verbdead.cre, verbeeg.cre, verbeegd.cre, vscyeti.cre, vslyeti.cre, vsyeti.cre, vsyetii.cre, werewlf.cre, whitcomb.cre, winwolf.cre, winwolfp.cre, wtcyeti.cre, wtettin.cre, wticetr1.cre, wticetr2.cre, wticetri.cre, wticetrl.cre, wtsalfd.cre, wtsnotro.cre, wtyeti.cre, xactile.cre, yxungirl.cre)
  • Creature Sex Fixes - Various creatures were incorrectly identified as male, female, or neither. (as3wint.cre, bknight.cre, chicken.cre, cow.cre, egirl1.cre, egirl2.cre, eldathyf.cre, fmcapvil.cre, jklsum.cre, kaylessa.cre, kontik.cre, pshar.cre, sheemish.cre, spcourtf.cre, talodead.cre, wyvmat.cre)
  • Creature Gender Fixes - There exists a gender identifier for creatures in addition to sex. Gender has several different values beyond male and female, such as summoned or illusionary. Gender also controls the casting soundset of creatures. (angaar.cre, as1bear.cre, as2cave.cre, as2dire.cre, as3polr.cre, badson.cre, baldemad.cre, baldemar.cre, batcat.cre, bbspir.cre, bearbel.cre, bearpold.cre, bearpolr.cre, belhif.cre, bergclaw.cre, berserk.cre, bharken.cre, biknight.cre, bird.cre, conlan.cre, cook.cre, cow.cre, custos.cre, cyshamb.cre, dbar1.cre, dbar2.cre, dbar3.cre, dbar4.cre, dbar5.cre, dbar6.cre, deddog.cre, deepgnun.cre, direb.cre, dlicetr.cre, dlscrag.cre, dlsnotr.cre, drowpm.cre, drowsor.cre, drowspe.cre, drowvan.cre, druidpb.cre, druidww.cre, dver.cre, eagle.cre, egirl1.cre, egirl2.cre, eldathyf.cre, fmcapvil.cre, frostbit.cre, gelarith.cre, giantfg.cre, giantfn.cre, giantfro.cre, giantfs.cre, gobehq1.cre, goboaxe.cre, gobobow.cre, gorg.cre, hermit.cre, higharch.cre, highbapt.cre, highritu.cre, highsumm.cre, hightort.cre, hobartf.cre, invistrl.cre, jkldog.cre, joril.cre, kalabac.cre, kaorog.cre, kaoroge.cre, kubear.cre, kuyeti.cre, larrel2.cre, lehland.cre, lizdead.cre, lm1hwax.cre, lm1hwaxy.cre, lm1hwms.cre, lm1hwmsy.cre, lm1hwpo.cre, lm1hwpoy.cre, lmsham1.cre, lmsham2.cre, lmsham3.cre, lmshkid.cre, lysanbar.cre, mercthf.cre, mercthfd.cre, mercwar1.cre, mercwr1d.cre, min8013.cre, mincat.cre, mineld.cre, minfle.cre, minlrd.cre, minotaub.cre, murdaugh.cre, neoorog.cre, neoorogc.cre, neooroge.cre, neoorogg.cre, neoorogs.cre, norlinor.cre, orc2004.cre, orca2004.cre, orcewaxe.cre, orcewbow.cre, orcsham.cre, orcwaxe.cre, orcwbow.cre, poquelin.cre, presfig.cre, pshar.cre, rakshasa.cre, rakshinv.cre, rdeliza.cre, rdeyuane.cre, rndcryp.cre, rndstrol.cre, rndwwolf.cre, rndwyv.cre, rocorca.cre, rtfgverb.cre, rudorog.cre, rudoroge.cre, rvsyeti.cre, rwtwwolf.cre, sevsoul.cre, shatsoul.cre, sheemish.cre, shmblr.cre, skelblaz.cre, talodead.cre, tarnelm.cre, telanis.cre, trollsno.cre, valestis.cre, verbdead.cre, verbeeg.cre, verbeegd.cre, vscyeti.cre, vsyeti.cre, vsyetii.cre, vulture.cre, werewlf.cre, whitcomb.cre, winwolf.cre, winwolfp.cre, wtsnotro.cre, wtyeti.cre, wyrm.cre, wyvern.cre, yuaewax.cre, yuaewbl.cre, yuaewbo.cre, yuaewsw.cre, yuanmag.cre, yuanti.cre, yuantie.cre, yuantip.cre, yuanwax.cre, yuanwbi.cre, yuanwsw.cre, yuaxdin.cre, yubldin.cre, yuchamp.cre, yuswdin.cre)
  • Creature Alignment Corrections - The Fixpack changes the alignments of creature files with alignments that seem at odds with their IWD behavior. These changes are important because they effect the operation of spells such as Holy Smite. We change the creature files to the alignments we believe make most sense for them; as there are inevitably judgment calls involved, please feel free to discuss any of these changes in the forums. (ad1sklm.cre, ad2sklm.cre, ad2sklr.cre, ad2zomb.cre, ad3sklm.cre, ad3sklr.cre, ad3zomb.cre, ad4sklr.cre, ad4zomb.cre, ad5zomb.cre, arden.cre, ardend.cre, as1wolf.cre, as2dire.cre, as3wint.cre, barkeep.cre, batcat.cre, bbspir.cre, bedd1.cre, beetbomb.cre, beetbor.cre, beetle.cre, beetled.cre, beetleg.cre, beetrhin.cre, bird.cre, bknight.cre, bon8005.cre, bon8013.cre, bonegard.cre, bronsen.cre, cat.cre, chairm1.cre, chairm2.cre, chairm3.cre, chairm4.cre, chicken.cre, churin.cre, ckinvst.cre, copspir.cre, custos.cre, cyanimp1.cre, cyanimp2.cre, cyanimp3.cre, cybeetr.cre, cyclops.cre, cyearthe.cre, cyfiree.cre, cymycon.cre, cywatere.cre, davin.cre, deadwolf.cre, deepgnun.cre, denaini.cre, digby.cre, dlbnegrd.cre, dlbonec.cre, dlcldaxe.cre, dlcldhnd.cre, dlcldmce.cre, dlcldswd.cre, dlfznbne.cre, dliceaxe.cre, dlicehnd.cre, dliceswd.cre, dolan.cre, drowpm.cre, drowsor.cre, drowspe.cre, drowvan.cre, druidbb.cre, druidee.cre, druidfe.cre, druidwe.cre, druidww.cre, dver.cre, eagle.cre, eecorpse.cre, eecyc1.cre, eele8013.cre, eepomab.cre, eesquirl.cre, ehbeetle.cre, elemeart.cre, elemfire.cre, elemwat.cre, elisia.cre, emmerich.cre, emmrchd.cre, es12erth.cre, es12fire.cre, es16erth.cre, es16fire.cre, es20erth.cre, es20fire.cre, es24erth.cre, es24fire.cre, es8erth.cre, es8fire.cre, es8watr.cre, esmerth.cre, ettin.cre, gareth.cre, gaspar.cre, geezer.cre, gelarith.cre, ghast.cre, ghost.cre, ghoul.cre, ghoul2.cre, giantfg.cre, giantfi2.cre, giantfir.cre, giantfn.cre, giantfro.cre, giantfs.cre, gisbomb.cre, gisborb.cre, gobehq1.cre, goboaxe.cre, gobobow.cre, gorg.cre, hermit.cre, histach.cre, hjollder.cre, hjolldrh.cre, hobart.cre, hobart2.cre, hobarth.cre, horse.cre, invissal.cre, invistrl.cre, invstlk.cre, jemel.cre, joril.cre, kalabac.cre, kaorog.cre, kaoroge.cre, karrl.cre, katown1.cre, katown2.cre, katown3.cre, kaylessa.cre, keanimph.cre, ktghl1.cre, ktgst1.cre, ktmum1.cre, ktsk1.cre, ktska1.cre, ktska2.cre, ktska3.cre, ktskh2.cre, ktskh3.cre, ktskt1.cre, ktskt2.cre, kttas1.cre, kttas2.cre, kttga1.cre, kttga2.cre, kttga3.cre, kttgm1.cre, kttgm3.cre, ktwgt1.cre, ktwgti1.cre, ktzom1.cre, ktzomj.cre, kumirek.cre, kuyeti.cre, larrel.cre, larrel2.cre, lehland.cre, lghast.cre, lghoul.cre, lizdead.cre, lm1hwax.cre, lm1hwaxy.cre, lm1hwms.cre, lm1hwmsy.cre, lm1hwpo.cre, lm1hwpoy.cre, lm2hwte.cre, lm2hwtey.cre, lskarmms.cre, lskarmsw.cre, lwight.cre, lzombie.cre, lzombiej.cre, min8013.cre, mineld.cre, minotaub.cre, minotaur.cre, mouth.cre, ms1fb.cre, ms1goba.cre, ms1gobm.cre, ms2bbtl.cre, ms2gobb.cre, ms2gobe.cre, ms3borb.cre, ms3ghl.cre, ms3orog.cre, ms4ghst.cre, ms4yeti.cre, ms5jzom.cre, ms5mino.cre, ms6crwl.cre, ms6salc.cre, ms7bgrd.cre, ms7umbh.cre, msmcrwl.cre, msmsalc.cre, msmyuan.cre, mtsn.cre, mummy.cre, myc8013.cre, myconidb.cre, myconidr.cre, neoorogc.cre, neoorogg.cre, neoorogs.cre, norlinor.cre, orc2004.cre, orca2004.cre, orcewaxe.cre, orcwaxe.cre, orcwbow.cre, pomab.cre, pomimg.cre, psborbtl.cre, psentry.cre, rawleigh.cre, rdeliza.cre, rdeyuane.cre, rktskelm.cre, rktskelr.cre, rkttguam.cre, rldmycr.cre, rldumbh.cre, rndbomb.cre, rndghos.cre, rndstrol.cre, roald.cre, rocorca.cre, rsheac.cre, rshelfb.cre, rshelfs.cre, rshorca.cre, rshorcb.cre, rtfgverb.cre, rudorog.cre, rudoroge.cre, rvsyeti.cre, saablic.cre, sagrdm.cre, sarguard.cre, sdelfac.cre, sdelfbw1.cre, sdelfbw2.cre, sdelfcl.cre, sdelfcl2.cre, sdelfof1.cre, sdelfof2.cre, sdelfof3.cre, sdelfpr.cre, sdelfsw2.cre, sdelfsw3.cre, sdelfsw4.cre, sdelfsw5.cre, sdelfwz1.cre, sdgobax1.cre, sdgobax2.cre, sdgobax3.cre, sdgobbw1.cre, sdgobbw2.cre, sdgobtrn.cre, sdogre.cre, sdogre2.cre, sdorcax1.cre, sdorcax3.cre, sdorcbw1.cre, sdorcbw2.cre, sdorcshm.cre, sdworg.cre, serrhya.cre, sevsoul.cre, shadow.cre, shadowb.cre, shadsoul.cre, shatsoul.cre, shdelfpt.cre, shrieker.cre, skarmax.cre, skarmms.cre, skarmsw.cre, skelarm.cre, skelblad.cre, skelblaz.cre, skelbow.cre, skelserr.cre, slavedf1.cre, slavedf2.cre, slavedm1.cre, slavedm2.cre, slavef1.cre, slavef2.cre, slavef3.cre, slavef4.cre, slavef5.cre, slavem1.cre, slavem2.cre, slavem3.cre, slavem5.cre, soth.cre, spknight.cre, squirel.cre, squirel2.cre, ss1gob1.cre, ss1gob2.cre, ss1gob3.cre, ss2gob1.cre, ss2gob2.cre, ss2gob3.cre, ss3umb8.cre, ss3umb9.cre, stnnui.cre, stoolm1.cre, stoolm2.cre, stoolm3.cre, sumdoom.cre, sumshad.cre, sumstlk.cre, svirfneb.cre, tarnsen.cre, telanis.cre, therik.cre, tiernon.cre, townief1.cre, townief2.cre, townief3.cre, townief4.cre, townief5.cre, towniem1.cre, towniem2.cre, towniem3.cre, towniem4.cre, towniem5.cre, trollsno.cre, udghast.cre, udghoul.cre, udwight.cre, uhlk8004.cre, uhlk8010.cre, umberhlk.cre, undeadlt.cre, valestis.cre, verbdead.cre, verbeeg.cre, verbeegd.cre, vscyeti.cre, vsshad1.cre, vsshadow.cre, vsyeti.cre, vsyetii.cre, vulture.cre, wbishop.cre, wight.cre, wight2.cre, wight3.cre, wolf.cre, wolf12.cre, wolfbel.cre, wolfe.cre, wolfwint.cre, wtcyeti.cre, wtettin.cre, wtsalf1.cre, wtsalf2.cre, wtsalf3.cre, wtsalfd.cre, wtsnotro.cre, wtyeti.cre, xactile.cre, yuaewax.cre, yuaewbl.cre, yuaewsw.cre, yuanti.cre, yuantie.cre, yuanwax.cre, yuanwbi.cre, yuanwsw.cre, yuaxdin.cre, yubldin.cre, yuswdin.cre, zombie.cre, zombie2.cre, zombiej.cre)
  • Creature Specific Fixes - In addition to other identifiers, there's a 'specific' field that can be used to mark special creatures. Fixpack uses this to mark the barbarian factions in the Barbarian Camp or to distinguish water elementals from other elementals. (bar2axe.cre, bar2hmr.cre, bar2swd.cre, bar3axe.cre, bar3mce.cre, bar3swd.cre, barsha1.cre, barsha2.cre, barsha3.cre, cywatere.cre, dbar1.cre, dbar2.cre, dbar3.cre, dbar4.cre, dbar5.cre, dbar6.cre, dlbar1a.cre, dlbar1m.cre, dlbar1s.cre, dlbar3a.cre, dlbar3m.cre, dlbar3s.cre, dlwater.cre, druidwe.cre, elemwat.cre, es12watr.cre, es16watr.cre, es20watr.cre, es24watr.cre, es8watr.cre)
  • Cosmetic Fixes - Several creatures had inconsistent coloring compared to their peers, or had inconsistent coloring between different copies of themselves (i.e. Lysan in the bar vs. Lysan in the Vale). Some creatures were also using the wrong animation. Some spectral creatures in TotLM were leaving bodies. (badson.cre, bharken.cre, ecogre.cre, ghereg.cre, idol.cre, iquinva.cre, kalabac.cre, kaylessa.cre, kieran.cre, ktgst1.cre, lehland.cre, lysanbar.cre, malavons.cre, ms4ogr.cre, nym.cre, ogre.cre, sbethla.cre, sdelfwz1.cre, sdogre.cre, shdelfpt.cre, sincylia.cre, spcook.cre, spcourtf.cre, spcourtm.cre, talodead.cre)
  • Allegiance - A couple of creatures had incorrect allegiances. (dver.cre, kalabac.cre, pshar.cre)
  • Name/Tooltip - The White Bishop lacked a name, though it had the correct tooltip text. Tough Lizardmen were only listed as "Lizardmen" in their tooltips. Belhifet also had a mismatched name/tooltip. (belhif.cre, lm2hwla.cre, lm2hwlay.cre, lm2hwna.cre, lm2hwnay.cre, lm2hwte.cre, lm2hwtey.cre, ms3tliz.cre, rdeliztl.cre, ss2liz5.cre, ss2liz6.cre, ss2liz7.cre, wbishop.cre)
  • Armor Class - Creatures have two fields for armor class that sometimes did not match. (aldwin.cre, alpheus.cre, angaar.cre, beornen.cre, conlan.cre, digby.cre, dolan.cre, doogal.cre, emmerich.cre, emmrchh.cre, hjollder.cre, hjolldrh.cre, ilmadia.cre, iquinva.cre, jemel.cre, karrl.cre, kieran.cre, mercthf.cre, mercwar1.cre, mercwar2.cre, murdaugh.cre, orrick.cre, pshar.cre, purvis.cre, purvish.cre, quinn.cre, rawleigh.cre, roald.cre, skelserr.cre, vaarglan.cre, vexing.cre, whitcomb.cre)

Inventory Fixes

  • You can no longer acquire multiple Rings of Free Action from Purvis (lwpurv1.bcs, lwpurv2.bcs, lwpurv3.bcs, lwpurv4.bcs, lwpurv5.bcs, lwpurv6.bcs, lwpurv7.bcs)
  • Revenants were using the regeneration items of trolls instead of their own, more powerful regeneration items. (ar9714.are, cdtrolg.bcs, revnant.cre, rndrevn.cre)
  • Several creatures had items (mainly arrows) with expirations set, meaning they would lose items if the party waited long enough. (kaylessa.cre, rshorcb.cre, sdgobbw1.cre, sdgobbw2.cre, sdorcbw1.cre, sdorcbw2.cre, skelbow.cre)
  • Some creatures have weapons (even in weapon slots) but still attack barehanded because they have no weapon selected in their creature file. (bearcav.cre, belhif.cre, digby.cre, dolan.cre, doogal.cre, gaspar.cre, hjollder.cre, hjolldrh.cre, hrpinf.cre, jemel.cre, karrl.cre, kieran.cre, kubear.cre, msmcrwl.cre, murdaugh.cre, orrick.cre, pomab.cre, purvis.cre, purvish.cre, quinn.cre, rawleigh.cre, roald.cre, sawar.cre, tiernon.cre, towniem1.cre, towniem2.cre, towniem3.cre, towniem4.cre, towniem5.cre, whitcomb.cre, xactile.cre)
  • Aldwin now uses a droppable short sword instead of the undroppable version. (aldwin.cre)
  • Buff shadows now have a transparency item so they match other shadows. Summoned salamanders and frost salamanders were missing their cosmetic aura graphics due to missing items. (ms6salc.cre, ms6salf.cre, shadowb.cre)
  • Several enemies had no weapon to attack the party, or an item lacking melee/ranged abilities with which to attack. (ghost.cre, highbapt.cre, highritu.cre, highsumm.cre, hightort.cre, rndghos.cre, yuantip.cre)
  • Various creatures have bows or slings, but are unable to use them due to a lack of ammo (or vice-versa). The Fixpack adds basic ammo or launchers to these creatures. (hobart.cre, hobart2.cre, hobarth.cre, hoggle.cre)
  • Many creatures also have items that are in inventory slots but not equipped. Be warned: for the most part these are items that provide missing immunities and abilities to creatures. (alpheusd.cre, angaar.cre, beornen.cre, corcat.cre, deddog.cre, dlsgem.cre, gbard.cre, hobartf.cre, hrpfnd.cre, hrpinf.cre, hrpmat.cre, jkldog.cre, jklgtr.cre, jklldr.cre, jklwar.cre, lordm.cre, malavon.cre, olvslime.cre, orcsham.cre, oswald.cre, rakshasa.cre, rakshinv.cre, rikasha.cre, rndoslm.cre, shadow.cre, shikata.cre, tanarri.cre, trgbard.cre, vexing.cre, werewlf.cre)
  • Some creatures have the wrong item types in slots; a very common error was mage robes being equipped in the cloak slot instead of armor. (alpheus.cre, alpheusd.cre, orrick.cre, presapp.cre, saeguard.cre, sagrdm.cre, sarguard.cre, vaarglan.cre, vaarglnd.cre, xactile.cre)
  • Some undead were lacking an item that provided most of their standard immunities and abilities. (histach.cre, shadowb.cre, skarmsw.cre)
  • Constructs, such as golems, now have a common item to provide standardized immunities. Others had standardized items already but not equipped. (bronsen.cre, bknight.cre, cdconstr.itm, cyanimp1.cre, cyanimp2.cre, cyanimp3.cre, dlgolem.cre, dlsgem.cre, icegolem.itm, idol.cre, ironman.itm, keanimph.cre, psentry.cre, sagolem.cre, sentry.cre, tarnsen.cre, voice.cre, wbishop.cre)
  • Giants, despite visibly having helmets, did not actually have helmets assigned and equipped. (giantfg.cre, giantfi2.cre, giantfir.cre, giantfn.cre, giantfro.cre, gorg.cre, joril.cre)
  • Stone Nuisances and Tiernon no longer carry gold. (stnnui.cre, tiernon.cre)

Miscellaneous Creature Fixes

  • Missing Dialogue Files - Various creatures had no dialogue files assigned so they would have nothing to say to you when you initiate dialogue. (ar4005.are, ar6002.are, ar8010.are, giantfi2.cre, giantfir.cre, orc2004.cre, orca2004.cre, uhlk8010)
  • Soundset Fixes - Creatures needed fixes to their soundsets (i.e. battle cries, death lines, etc.). (ad1sklm.cre, ad2sklm.cre, ad2sklr.cre, ad3sklm.cre, ad3sklr.cre, ad4sklr.cre, direb.cre, dlbonec.cre, jkldog.cre, ms3hspi.cre, msmcrwl.cre, msmpspi.cre, musjelly.cre, ochjelly.cre, olvslime.cre, rdespiw.cre, rndoslm.cre, sounds.ini)
  • Spellbook Fixes - Spells such as Holy Smite, Holy Word, Unholy Blight, and Unholy Word have alignment-based restrictions. The first two can be learned or used by evil priests, and the latter two by good priests. In addition, divine spells can also be flagged as restricted from cleric/paladins or druid/rangers. Several creatures and items refer to spells that do not exist, either because the spells were dropped prior to the release of the game or typos. These spells were removed from spellbooks and, if memorized, substituted for another spell. (albion.cre, bandoth.cre, dlfznbne.cre, drowpm.cre, drowsor.cre, drowspe.cre, eldathyf.cre, eldathyn.cre, higharch.cre, larrel.cre, ms6yuan.cre, msmyuan.cre, oswald.cre, presio.cre, rdeyuane.cre, sevsoul.cre, shadsoul.cre, shatsoul.cre, skelblaz.cre, udsorc.cre, udspell.cre, wightimb.cre, yuaewax.cre, yuaewbl.cre, yuaewbo.cre, yuaewsw.cre, yuanwax.cre, yuanwbi.cre, yuanwsw.cre, yuaxdin.cre, yubldin.cre, yuchamp.cre, yuswdin.cre)
  • Mebdinga is now given an item to prevent her death until she speaks to the party. (dmebd.dlg, mebding.cre)
  • Lizardmen had weapons equipped, but appeared to attack barehanded since the weapon didn't use a supported animation. (ms2lizm.cre, ms2lizm.itm, ms3tliz.itm, ss1liz3.cre, ss1liz4.cre, ss1liz5.cre, ss2liz5.cre, ss2liz6.cre, ss2liz7.cre)
  • One snow troll lacked the normal item that allowed it to go through the normal troll die-revive sequence (dlsnotr.cre)
  • Maiden Ilmadia was set to level one in her creature file, meaning she'd die to a Cloudkill without a save. (ilmadia.cre)
  • A handful of frost salamanders were missing their vulnerability to fire. (ms6salc.cre, msmsalc.cre, sal8013.cre)
  • Shambling Mounds and Ice Golems had a range of resistance values, which are now standardized. (cyiceg.cre, cyshamb.cre, dlgolem.cre, golemic.cre, rndigolm.cre. sagolem.cre, shmblr.cre, sshamb.cre)
  • "Dead" trolls can no longer be killed with poison or disease. (trollde.item)
  • Several charm and sleep spells were not providing the normal chances for elves and half-elves to avoid their effects. (clck07.itm, clck08.itm, ring03.itm, spin108.spl, spin119.spl, spin169.spl, spin179.spl, spitm99.spl, sppr102.spl, sppr204.spl, sppr518.spl, spwi116.spl, spwi507.spl, spwi996.spl, uhalb3b.itm, wand08.itm)
  • Several creatures had their attacks updated to strike as enchanted or +x weapons. (as2cave.cre, as2dire.cre, as3polr.cre, b1-10m2.itm, b1-12m2.itm, b1-8m1.itm, b2-16m2.itm, b4-32m4.itm, bbspir.cre, bearpold.cre, bearpolr.cre, bearpolr.itm, beetrhin.cre, beholder.cre, beholdh.cre, bergclaw.cre, biknight.cre, bon8005.cre, bon8013.cre, bonegard.cre, ckinvst.cre, crypthng.cre, cybeetr.cre, cyearthe.cre, cyshamb.cre, cywatere.cre, direb.cre, dlbnegrd.cre, dlbonec.cre, dlcldhnd.cre, dlfznbne.cre, dlgolem.cre, dlicehnd.cre, dlicetr.cre, dlscrag.cre, dlsnotr.cre, drowned.cre, eele8013.cre, eelem.itm, elemeart.cre, elemwat.cre, es12erth.cre, es12watr.cre, es16erth.cre, es16watr.cre, es20erth.cre, es20watr.cre, es24erth.cre, es24watr.cre, es8erth.cre, es8watr.cre, esmerth.cre, ettin.cre, frostbit.cre, glbcat.cre, gorg.cre, hobartf.cre, hrpcat.cre, hrpmat.cre, icasa.cre, icasa.itm, invistrl.cre, invstlk.cre, invstlk.itm, jklgtr.cre, jklldr.cre, jklwar.cre, kubear.cre, lwight.cre, ms5mino.cre, ms7bgrd.cre, ms7umbh.cre, p1-8m1.itm, pbspir.cre, rakshasa.cre, rakshinv.cre, rbidrow.cre, rikasha.cre, rldumbh.cre, rndcryp.cre, rndhrpc.cre, rndstrol.cre, rndwwolf.cre, rwtgice.cre, rwtwwolf.cre, s1-10m2.itm, s1-12m2.itm, s1-20m3.itm, s1-4m1.itm, s1-8m1.itm, s2-16m2.itm, s2-16m4.itm, s5-20m3.itm, saablic.cre, sagolem.cre, saumber.cre, saumber2.cre, sdogre.cre, sevsoul.cre, shadsoul.cre, shatsoul.cre, shmblr.cre, skelblaz.cre, ss3umb8.cre, ss3umb9.cre, sumstlk.cre, tanarri.cre, trollice.cre, trollsno.cre, udwight.cre, uhlk8009.cre, uhlk8010.cre, umberhlk.cre, umberhlk.itm, vexing2.cre, vexing3.cre, vexing4.cre, welem.itm, wight.cre, wight2.cre, wight3.cre, winwolf.cre, winwolfp.cre, wspir.cre, wtettin.cre, wticetr1.cre, wticetrl.cre, wtsnotro.cre, wylfdene.cre, wyrm.cre, yxun.itm)

Barbarian Racial Fixes

To facilitate the small civil war that occurs after Wylfdene's exposure, the various barbarians had non-human races assigned (e.g. one tribe was classed racially as goblins and another as skeletons). These barbarians have been changed to human so that spells and items work as expected and the scripting is handled through other means. (bcatkgob.bcs, bcatkskl.bcs, bcfolskl.bcs, bcsklfgt.bcs, bctntfc3.bcs, ilatkmel.bcs, ilentgol.bcs, specifics.ids)

Root Cellar Fixes

The patrons and barkeep at the Root Cellar tavern will now react if a fight breaks out in the bar. (ar2111.are)

Brother Harken Floating Message Fix

Brother Harken will no longer float his random messages, as this was a leftover from the cut Voice of Durdel Anatha quest. (ar8012.are)

Summoned Creature Fixes

Summoned creatures were reviewed to ensure they drop no items or gold, provide no XP, and leave no corpses. (ad1sklm.cre, ad2sklm.cre, ad2sklr.cre, ad2zomb.cre, ad3sklm.cre, ad3sklr.cre, ad3zomb.cre, ad4sklr.cre, ad4zomb.cre, ad5zomb.cre, as1bear.cre, as1wolf.cre, as2cave.cre, as2dire.cre, as3polr.cre, as3wint.cre, berserk.cre, biknight.cre, bknight.cre, es12erth.cre, es12fire.cre, es16erth.cre, es16fire.cre, es20erth.cre, es20fire.cre, es24erth.cre, es24fire.cre, es8erth.cre, es8fire.cre, esmerth.cre, gisbomb.cre, gisborb.cre, lghast.cre, lghoul.cre, lm1hwaxy.cre, lm1hwmsy.cre, lm1hwpoy.cre, lm2hwlay.cre, lm2hwnay.cre, lm2hwtey.cre, lskarmms.cre, lskarmsw.cre, lwight.cre, lzombie.cre, lzombiej.cre, ms1fb.cre, ms1goba.cre, ms1gobm.cre, ms2bbtl.cre, ms2gobb.cre, ms2gobe.cre, ms2lizm.cre, ms3borb.cre, ms3ghl.cre, ms3hspi.cre, ms3orog.cre, ms3tliz.cre, ms4ghst.cre, ms4ogr.cre, ms4yeti.cre, ms5gspi.cre, ms5jzom.cre, ms5mino.cre, ms6crwl.cre, ms6pspi.cre, ms6salc.cre, ms6salf.cre, ms7bgrd.cre, ms7umbh.cre, msmcrwl.cre, msmpspi.cre, msmsalc.cre, msmsalf.cre, pomimg.cre, ss1gob1.cre, ss1gob2.cre, ss1gob3.cre, ss1liz3.cre, ss1liz4.cre, ss1trl6.cre, ss1trl7.cre, ss1trl8.cre, ss2gob1.cre, ss2gob2.cre, ss2gob3.cre, ss2liz5.cre, ss2liz6.cre, ss2liz7.cre, ss3trl7.cre, ss3trl8.cre, ss3umb8.cre, ss3umb9.cre, sshambsumdoom.cre, sumshad.cre, sumstlk.cre, trolly.cre)

Item Fixes

Common Item Fix Roundup

  • Enchantment - Several items were incorrectly flagged as magical/non-magical or had incorrect enchantment levels. These are used to determine what weapons can hit creatures with requirements that they be hit by magical weapons or +2 weapons. (bagh01.itm, bagh02.itm, blckbow.itm, boot01.itm, boot06.itm, bow02.itm, bow04.itm, bow06.itm, bow07.itm, bow08.itm, bowmess.itm, clck13.itm, club6-24.itm, cwmjell.itm, cwojell.itm, cwoslim.itm, daisy.itm, eidanrng.itm, fblade.itm, fbolt.itm, fele1-8.itm, fg2-20c.itm, ghast1.itm, icegolem.itm, ironman.itm, jamison.itm, king.itm, kresssw.itm, lxbowbm.itm, misc75.itm, msword.itm, mum1-12.itm, poq2-16.itm, presdag.itm, quinn.itm, remorha.itm, salfire.itm, salfros.itm, sbowebu.itm, sflail.itm, shadless.itm, shadow1.itm, shamme2.itm, shamme3.itm, shillel.itm, slinged.itm, smcudge.itm, stafhmg.itm, storm.itm, sw2h06.itm, u1ham3a.itm, udagg1a.itm, uhxbw3a.itm, uhxbw3b.itm, uhxbw4a.itm, uhxbw5a.itm, ulbow2a.itm, ulbow2b.itm, ulbow3a.itm, ulbow3c.itm, ulbow4a.itm, ulbow4b.itm, ulbow5a.itm, ulxbw3a.itm, ulxbw3b.itm, ulxbw5a.itm, wcwight.itm, wepgian.itm, wepwyv.itm, wolfwi1.itm, wolfwi2.itm, xbow02.itm, xbow03.itm, xbow05.itm, xbow06.itm, xstafhmg.itm, zz05we.itm, zz57pj.itm, zza7ch.itm, zzf6al.itm, zzh8gk.itm, zzj6sp.itm, zzm5mh.itm, zzn6gc.itm, zzs6sc.itm, zzu6cs.itm, zzz6bc.itm)
  • Weight - Several items had discrepancies between their actual weight and the weight listed in the description. (boneam.itm, book39.itm, decasta.itm, potn41.itm, potn46.itm, shillel.itm)
  • Price - Several items lacked a price and were unsellable. (blun01.itm, dver.itm, fkey.itm, holysym.itm, kalabac.itm, mirror.itm, mirror2.itm, mjourn.itm, potatoes.itm, razor.itm, slng01.itm, staf01.itm, symhelm.itm, tale1.itm, tale2.itm, tale3.itm, tale4.itm, tjourn.itm, tkey.itm, torn.itm, wylfins.itm)
  • Weapon Speed - Several weapons had discrepancies between their actual speed and the speed listed in the description. In some cases the item description is updated. (amaunat.itm, applebn.itm, auril.itm, axemino.itm, bael.itm, bess.itm, biron.itm, bloodgf.itm, bowmess.itm, cairn.itm, carrio1.itm, cynicis.itm, daisy.itm, dart03.itm, dart04.itm, days.itm, dazer.itm, ehdag.itm, fanggf.itm, firekis.itm, flailsk.itm, gullwyn.itm, j2haxe.itm, jhoswd2.itm, jhoswd3.itm, kreswrd.itm, kris.itm, lover.itm, lshand.itm, lucky.itm, lxbowbm.itm, mae.itm, mielikk.itm, moradin.itm, myrloch.itm, nymdagg.itm, peaceke.itm, poker.itm, power.itm, quost.itm, redemt.itm, relian.itm, sbowebu.itm, sceptre.itm, serrate.itm, shsswrd.itm, shstaff.itm, slinged.itm, smcudge.itm, stafbes.itm, staffbes.itm, stafhmg.itm, storm.itm, svian.itm, tomb.itm, u1ham3a.itm, u1ham3b.itm, u1ham4a.itm, u1ham4b.itm, u1ham5a.itm, u1ham5b.itm, u1hax2a.itm, u1hax3a.itm, u1hax3b.itm, u1hax4a.itm, u1hax4b.itm, u2ham3a.itm, u2ham4a.itm, u2ham4b.itm, u2ham5a.itm, u2hax2a.itm, u2hax3a.itm, u2hax3b.itm, u2hax4a.itm, u2hax4b.itm, u2hax5a.itm, ubswd2a.itm, ubswd2b.itm, ubswd3a.itm, ubswd3b.itm, ubswd4a.itm, ubswd4b.itm, ubswd4c.itm, ubswd5a.itm, ubswd5b.itm, udagg1a.itm, udagg2a.itm, udagg2b.itm, udagg3a.itm, udagg3b.itm, udagg3c.itm, udagg4a.itm, udagg4b.itm, udagg5a.itm, udart3a.itm, udart3b.itm, udart4a.itm, udart5a.itm, uflal2a.itm, uflal2b.itm, uflal3a.itm, uflal4a.itm, uflal5a.itm, uhalb2b.itm, uhalb2c.itm, uhalb3b.itm, uhalb3c.itm, uhalb4a.itm, uhalb4b.itm, uhalb5a.itm, uhxbw3a.itm, uhxbw3b.itm, uhxbw4a.itm, uhxbw5a.itm, ulbow2b.itm, ulbow3a.itm, ulbow3c.itm, ulbow4a.itm, ulbow4b.itm, ulbow5a.itm, ulswd3a.itm, ulswd3b.itm, ulswd3c.itm, ulswd3d.itm, ulswd4a.itm, ulswd4b.itm, ulswd5a.itm, ulswd5b.itm, ulxbw3a.itm, ulxbw3b.itm, ulxbw5a.itm, umstr3a.itm, umstr3b.itm, umstr3c.itm, umstr4a.itm, umstr4b.itm, umstr5a.itm, umstr5b.itm, usswd3a.itm, usswd3b.itm, usswd3c.itm, usswd4a.itm, usswd4b.itm, usswd5a.itm, usswd5b.itm, utswd1a.itm, utswd2a.itm, utswd3a.itm, utswd3b.itm, utswd4a.itm, utswd4b.itm, utswd5a.itm, utswd5b.itm, valiant.itm, withery.itm, xbow03.itm, xbow06.itm, young.itm, zz05we.itm, zz14in.itm, zz36dgd.itm, zz44in.itm, zz57pj.itm, zza7ch.itm, zzc8hb.itm, zzd5woh.itm, zze6pe.itm, zzf6al.itm, zzg7ts.itm, zzh8gk.itm, zzj6sp.itm, zzm5mh.itm, zzn6gc.itm, zzs6sc.itm, zzu6cs.itm, zzz6bc.itm)
  • Item type/Proficiency - A few items were flagged as the wrong item type, which could affect non-proficiency penalties for weapons or how they could be equipped. (decasta.itm, dver.itm, fblade.itm, kresssw.itm, portrait.itm, scrnote.itm, shillel.itm)
  • Magic Resistance/Dispel/Power - Various item effects were not interacting with magic resistance properly, i.e. bypassing when they shouldn't or being blocked when they shouldn't. Several effects were also being blocked by spell protections. In many cases this was usually only one effect out of many (typically combat feedback, sounds, or cosmetic visuals) so the player would get an erroneous 'magic resistance' message even if the main effects worked. (amul01.itm, arow06.itm, arow08.itm, arow09.itm, arow15.itm, ax1h06.itm, behwep.itm, bolt03.itm, bolt05.itm, chance.itm, clck07.itm, clck08.itm, cynicis.itm, dart03.itm, dart04.itm, days.itm, dbolt.itm, dntshd2.itm, dobone.itm, elfwine.itm, fbolt.itm, fkiller.itm, garrow.itm, gasp.itm, ghast1.itm, ghoul1.itm, giving.itm, hamm03.itm, holdfst.itm, jhoswd3.itm, mage06.itm, moonbla.itm, oblood.itm, poq2-16.itm, potn13.itm, potn20.itm, potn26.itm, potn27.itm, potn38.itm, revent1.itm, ring20.itm, ringmal.itm, schlum1.itm, scrl03.itm, scrl04.itm, scrl05.itm, scrl06.itm, scrl08.itm, scrl09.itm, scrl15.itm, shadless.itm, shamme1.itm, shamme2.itm, shamme3.itm, shille.itm, shillel.itm, sirine.itm, spirit.itm, sw1h06.itm, sw1h11.itm, tiernon.itm, ubull4a.itm, uspot1a.itm, uspot2a.itm, uspot2b.itm, uspot3a.itm, uspot3b.itm, uspot3c.itm, uspot4a.itm, uspot4b.itm, uspot4c.itm, uspot5a.itm, uspot5b.itm, vampire.itm, wand10.itm, wandrea.itm, wandtrp.itm, wisp.itm, wolfwi1.itm)
  • Identify Before Using - The magical abilities of several items could be used prior to identification. (amulbra.itm, beltbon.itm, bishop.itm, bknight.itm, blrdeck.itm, boneam.itm, bootman.itm, braceip.itm, cone.itm, helmsh.itm, hlydeck.itm, holding.itm, jasper.itm, labelt.itm, mantlecs.itm, mirror2.itm, moonbow.itm, ogien.itm, revenan.itm, ring03.itm, rogue.itm, sring.itm, stomper.itm, vexed2.itm, vexed3.itm, virgin.itm, xain.itm)
  • Portrait Icons - Items are supposed to set and remove portrait icons as feedback for active effects on party members. Portrait icons are spotty at best for items, so an extensive review was made to make sure these are now consistent. (auril.itm, biteme.itm, bloodgf.itm, boot03.itm, boot05.itm, brac06.itm, bwtalis.itm, clck09.itm, clck10.itm, clck11.itm, dragarm.itm, elfboot.itm, elfclck.itm, elfglov.itm, erevain.itm, fanggf.itm, fistgf.itm, handgf.itm, helm04.itm, king.itm, kissgf.itm, kresssw.itm, kreswrd.itm, mourner.itm, nymshld.itm, ogi.itm, ring04.itm, sbowebu.itm, shark.itm, shark2.itm, shark3.itm, swanarm.itm, tonggf.itm, tongue.itm, u2ham5a.itm, ubswd4c.itm, ubswd5b.itm, udagg4b.itm, ulswd3a.itm, uring3a.itm, ushld3a.itm, usltr4a.itm, usltr5a.itm, vexed.itm, zzc8hb.itm, zzf6al.itm)
  • Items Using BG Durations - Baldur's Gate used round durations of six seconds, whereas Icewind Dale uses 7-second rounds. Several items were using BG rounds instead of IWD so their effects expired early. (dazer.itm, potn02.itm, potn03.itm, potn04.itm, potn05.itm, potn06.itm, potn07.itm, potn09.itm, potn11.itm, potn12.itm, potn14.itm, potn18.itm, potn19.itm, potn21.itm, potn22.itm, potn23.itm, potn24.itm, potn28.itm, potn29.itm, potn30.itm, potn31.itm, potn33.itm, potn35.itm, potn38.itm, potn41.itm, potn42.itm, potn44.itm, potn45.itm, potn46.itm, potn48.itm, revent1.itm, ring03.itm, scrl07.itm, shadow1.itm, sirine.itm, sirine1.itm, spidhu1.itm, spidwr1.itm, u1hax4a.itm, u2hax5a.itm, ulswd3b.itm, ulswd5b.itm, umstr2a.itm, umstr4b.itm, usswd3a.itm, utswd3a.itm, vampire.itm, wand04.itm, wand08.itm, wand10.itm, wolfva1.itm, xclub.itm)
  • Potions Being Blocked - Beneficial potions could sometimes be blocked by magic resistance or other spell protections. (adisease.itm, elfwine.itm, extheal.itm, philter.itm, pnull.itm, potn02.itm, potn03.itm, potn04.itm, potn05.itm, potn06.itm, potn07.itm, potn09.itm, potn10.itm, potn11.itm, potn12.itm, potn14.itm, potn15.itm, potn16.itm, potn17.itm, potn18.itm, potn19.itm, potn20.itm, potn21.itm, potn22.itm, potn23.itm, potn24.itm, potn25.itm, potn28.itm, potn29.itm, potn30.itm, potn31.itm, potn32.itm, potn33.itm, potn34.itm, potn35.itm, potn36.itm, potn37.itm, potn38.itm, potn39.itm, potn40.itm, potn41.itm, potn42.itm, potn43.itm, potn44.itm, potn45.itm, potn46.itm, potnclr1.itm)
  • Durations - Several item effects were not lasting for the listed durations. (dart03.itm, potn36.itm, potn45.itm, scrl09.itm, scrl15.itm)
  • Range - Several items had incorrect ranges, i.e. hammers that could strike from spear range. (behwep.itm, dagg04.itm, gsleep.itm, presdag.itm, sceptre.itm, u2ham3a.itm, u2ham4a.itm, withery.itm, xu2ham3.itm)
  • Icons - Several items had incorrect or generic icons. (arhand.itm, bow01.itm, bow03.itm, hqcbow.itm, hqlbow.itm, misc75.itm, pnull.itm, presrob.itm, sekolah.itm, zz57pj.itm)
  • Damage - Several weapons were incorrectly applying strength bonuses or were missing bonuses from their weapon type. (arow05.itm, clbhand.itm, ghast1.itm, ghoul1.itm, kaybow.itm, lover.itm, lxbowbm.itm)
  • Minimum/Maximum Levels - Some items had effects that had incorrect or extraneous minimum/maximum levels set, i.e. the effects only worked if the target was of a specific level. (bwtalis.itm, helmct.itm, moonbow.itm, sceptre.itm, stafhmg.itm, u1hax2a.itm, uarow3b.itm, uhalb3c.itm, umstr4b.itm, umstr5a.itm, xstafhmg.itm)
  • Stat Minimums - Several items had incorrect strength requirements. (amaunat.itm, presdag.itm, shillel.itm, shld09.itm, shldbch.itm, uhxbw2a.itm, ulbow2b.itm, xbow01.itm)

Corrections to Item Usabilities

Items were generally pretty close to their listed usabilities, with a few exceptions:

  • Conlan's Hammer is now unusable by fighter-druids, making it consistent with other warhammers (zza7ch.itm)
  • The Sanctified War Hammer +3 is now unusable by fighter-mage-thieves, per its description. (u1ham4b.itm)
  • The Destruction spell scroll was usable by dual- and multi-class clerics, but not trueclass clerics. (sppr717x.itm)
  • Divine spell scrolls for cleric-only spells were usable by druids, and vice-versa. (scrl58.itm, scrl59.itm, scrl62.itm, scrl63.itm, sppr105c.itm, sppr112x.itm, sppr113x.itm, sppr201c.itm, sppr203c.itm, sppr208c.itm, sppr211c.itm, sppr212c.itm, sppr216x.itm, sppr217x.itm, sppr218x.itm, sppr303c.itm, sppr304c.itm, sppr307c.itm, sppr308c.itm, sppr313c.itm, sppr314c.itm, sppr315x.itm, sppr316x.itm, sppr318x.itm, sppr319x.itm, sppr320x.itm, sppr321x.itm, sppr322x.itm, sppr323x.itm, sppr324x.itm, sppr325x.itm, sppr404c.itm, sppr412c.itm, sppr415x.itm, sppr416x.itm, sppr417x.itm, sppr418x.itm, sppr419x.itm, sppr420x.itm, sppr421x.itm, sppr422x.itm, sppr423x.itm, sppr504c.itm, sppr510c.itm, sppr512c.itm, sppr513x.itm, sppr514x.itm, sppr515x.itm, sppr516x.itm, sppr517x.itm, sppr518x.itm, sppr606c.itm, sppr608c.itm, sppr610x.itm, sppr611x.itm, sppr612x.itm, sppr613x.itm, sppr704c.itm, sppr705c.itm, sppr707c.itm, sppr712c.itm, sppr714c.itm, sppr718x.itm, sppr719x.itm, sppr720x.itm, sppr721x.itm, sppr722x.itm)
  • Heart of Winter introduced alignment-based restrictions to divine magic. These restrictions now apply to divine spell scrolls if HoW is installed to prevent situations like evil clerics casting Holy Smite. (scrl61.itm, sppr112x.itm, sppr218x.itm, sppr315x.itm, sppr324x.itm, sppr325x.itm, sppr415x.itm, sppr416x.itm, sppr417x.itm, sppr418x.itm, sppr504c.itm, sppr513x.itm, sppr515x.itm, sppr607c.itm, sppr712c.itm, sppr717x.itm)
  • The Shadowed Studded Leathers are restricted to thieves and rangers, but were being blocked from dual and multiclass thieves and rangers. Cleric-thieves and cleric-rangers can now use these items. (usltr01.itm, usltr3a.itm, usltr5a.itm)

Weapon Animations

  • Animations for two-handed axes were adjusted to be more consistent and to reduce thrusting attacks. (2haxe.itm, j2haxe.itm, lonesom.itm, u2hax1a.itm, u2hax2a.itm, u2hax3a.itm, u2hax3b.itm, u2hax4a.itm)
  • Lizardman and yuan-ti weapons were adjusted to reflect what their animations actually did. (axlizman.itm, axyuanti.itm, blyuanti.itm, lalizman.itm, mslizman.itm, nalizman.itm, polizman.itm, swyuanti.itm, telizman.itm)
  • The Longtooth dagger is adjusted to slash more as if it's a short sword, as it already uses the short sword weapon animation. (dagg04.itm)
  • The War Hammer +2 is adjusted to be consistent with other hammers. (hamm03.itm)
  • Presio's dagger now primarily uses thrusting attacks, bringing it in line with other daggers. (presdag.itm)
  • Spears now consistently use thrusting attacks. (sper02.itm, sper03.itm, whtash.itm)

Casting Spells from Items Fixes

Several issues were identified with casting spells from scrolls and other items. The common issues identified and addressed:

  • Effects were targeted differently than the underlying spell (amulbra.itm, scrl1t.itm, sppr313c.itm)
  • Scrolls (and items) were casting spells at an incorrect power level, causing incorrect interactions with spell protections. (amaunat.itm, amulbar.itm, beltbon.itm, blast.itm, bloodgf.itm, blrdeck.itm, boneam.itm, braceip.itm, cloakin.itm, cone.itm, cynicis.itm, dntshd2.itm, fanggf.itm, fistgf.itm, gullwyn.itm, handgf.itm, harp.itm, helmsh.itm, jasper.itm, jhoswd3.itm, kinetic.itm, kissgf.itm, lucky.itm, mantlecs.itm, mantlehf.itm, mhorn.itm, mirror2.itm, nature.itm, ogien.itm, power.itm, quost.itm, revenan.itm, rogue.itm, scarab.itm, sceptre.itm, scrl1g.itm, scrl56.itm, scrl58.itm, scrl59.itm, scrl61.itm, scrl62.itm, scrl63.itm, sppr112x.itm, sppr113x.itm, sppr216x.itm, sppr217x.itm, sppr218x.itm, sppr315x.itm, sppr316x.itm, sppr318x.itm, sppr319x.itm, sppr320x.itm, sppr321x.itm, sppr322x.itm, sppr323x.itm, sppr324x.itm, sppr325x.itm, sppr415x.itm, sppr416x.itm, sppr417x.itm, sppr418x.itm, sppr419x.itm, sppr420x.itm, sppr421x.itm, sppr422x.itm, sppr423x.itm, sppr513x.itm, sppr514x.itm, sppr515x.itm, sppr516x.itm, sppr517x.itm, sppr518x.itm, sppr519x.itm, sppr610x.itm, sppr611x.itm, sppr612x.itm, sppr613x.itm, sppr717x.itm, sppr718x.itm, sppr719x.itm, sppr720x.itm, sppr721x.itm, sppr722x.itm, spwi223a.itm, spwi319x.itm, spwi422x.itm, spwi423x.itm, spwi424x.itm, spwi517x.itm, spwi518x.itm, spwi519x.itm, spwi618x.itm, spwi619x.itm, spwi620x.itm, spwi710x.itm, spwi711x.itm, spwi805x.itm, spwi806x.itm, spwi807x.itm, spwi808x.itm, stafbes.itm, staffbes.itm, stafhmg.itm, stomper.itm, storm.itm, talongf.itm, tiernon.itm, tonggf.itm, ulring.itm, vexed3.itm, virgin.itm, wandarm.itm, wandtrp.itm, xstafhmg.itm, zz36dgd.itm)
  • Casting range between the scroll and spell disagreed, i.e. a spell that could be cast from sight range required the caster to be in touch distance when used from a scroll. (scprism.itm, scrl03.itm, scrl04.itm, scrl05.itm, scrl06.itm, scrl07.itm, scrl08.itm, scrl09.itm, scrl15.itm, scrl1h.itm, scrl2d.itm, scshds.itm, scshro.itm, stafbes.itm, wisp.itm)
  • The various Protection from X scrolls were not consistently bypassing the target's magic resistance. (scrl03.itm, scrl04.itm, scrl05.itm, scrl06.itm, scrl08.itm, scrl09.itm)
  • To address consistency, some items now just copy the spell effects outright so that they keep up with fixes to the underlying spell. (amaunat.itm, amul15.itm, firekis.itm, force.itm, gauntid.itm, gauntid.itm, handgf.itm, shldrng.itm, shldrng.itm, talongf.itm, tonggf.itm, wandcor.itm, wandfre.itm, zz05we.itm)

Miscellaneous Item Fixes

  • There were two Potions of Magic Shielding, one of which actually did what it said, and another one that did something completely different. The second is now the Potion of Minor Magic Blocking and its effects are properly documented. (potn34.itm)
  • If you drank the Vial of mysterious liquid from the Temple of the Forgotten God, it was supposed to play a choking noise. (choke.wav)
  • The History of the North III book has been removed from the game, as it referenced events 80 years in the future from Icewind Dale. (ar4004.are, kugerth.sto)
  • There were two copies of the unique Axe of Caged Souls; one has been swapped for Benorg's Truth (ar6002.are)
  • Prior to being identified, the Protection from Electricity now uses the name 'Protection Scroll' instead of 'Scroll' for consistency with other protection scrolls. (scrl05.itm)
  • Casting Ghost Armor via scroll should be able to target other creatures, not just apply to the caster. (scrl1t.itm)
  • The Vocalize scroll had an error that prevented it being added to a mage's spellbook. (scrl3g.itm)
  • The Armor of Penance was using a generic name and was not providing the listed -1 dexterity penalty. (armpen.itm)
  • Arrows of Fire had extraneous damage and to-hit bonuses. (arow08.itm)
  • The shadowed creatures at Severed Hand use custom, non-magical arrows that were bypassing Protection From Normal Missiles. (arow1-6.itm)
  • Belhifet's weapon was not doing poison damage due to a timing error and now provides feedback when the weapon causes poison or disease. (behwep.itm)
  • Bathed-in-Blood is now colored to match its description, as is the Full Plate +1. (blood.itm, plat05.itm)
  • Bolts of Lightning lacked sound due to a typo in the name of the sound file. (bolt03.itm)
  • Boots of the Fox displayed a 'Haste' icon, but was only providing a movement speed increase. (bootfox.itm)
  • A handful of bows had extraneous or misplaced APR effects. (bow08.itm, bow09.itm, bownon.itm, idart01.itm)
  • A few items that provided abilities to creatures were droppable. (bring.itm, gasp.itm)
  • Bullets +2 now use a different projectile than Bullets +1. (bull03.itm)
  • The Robe of Electrical Resistance was not providing, err, electrical resistance. (clck11.itm)
  • Various items are flagged as 'quest' items, making it harder for the party to misplace them. (contract.itm, tale1.itm, tale2.itm, tale3.itm, tale4.itm)
  • Dazer (and its enemy-only copy) could sometimes display the stunned icon even if the stun was never applied. (dazer.itm, xclub.itm)
  • The attack of fire elementals had an extraneous saving throw. (fele1-8.itm, felem.itm)
  • The attack of ghouls were playing the un-paralyze sound too late and half-elves were not getting their proper resistance. (ghoul1.itm)
  • Giant's Sleep did not have the proper +3 to-hit. (gsleep.itm)
  • Illian's Hunting Helm now uses a unique, unused icon and is colored to match. (helmhun.itm)
  • The Jester's Bag of Holding was providing 20 Oils of Speed instead of just one. (holding.itm)
  • The High Quality Halberd was just named Halberd. (hqhalb.itm)
  • Kaylessa's Armor and the Shadowed Plate now get a unique names. (kaychai.itm, shplate.itm)
  • Kresselack's Sword was not providing its stated cold resistance. (kresssw.itm)
  • The Bone Kris of Black Ichor was reporting poison on every hit, even though it was only poisoning on 20% of hits. (kris.itm)
  • The Merry Shorthorn was not playing its sound due to a typo (mhorn.itm)
  • Full Plate +1 was not disabling thieving skills (plat05.itm)
  • Potions of Fire Resistance and Potions of Cold Resistance were using the Resist Fire/Cold portrait icon instead of their Protection from Fire or Protection from Cold icons. (potn02.itm, potn22.itm)
  • The Oil of Fiery Burning was saying 'Gulp!' when thrown and was not doing the listed damage. (potn13.itm)
  • The Potion of Magic Blocking was blocking spells of all levels instead of just spells up to level five. (potn33.itm)
  • The cursed Potion of Invulnerability was not using the correct description, and the sound effect bypasses saving throws. (potn40.itm)
  • Due to misordered effects, The Snow Maiden's Reaver was not playing its cosmetic effects when it insta-killed its target. (reaver.itm)
  • Redemption was not removing all charm spells on hit. (redemt.itm)
  • The Ring of Animal Friendship was missing saving throws on its cosmetic effects. (ring03.itm)
  • Stone to Flesh scrolls will now destroy the Ring of the Gorgon, to prevent a second petrification. (scrlpet.itm, scrlpet2.itm)
  • The Oil of the Serpent's Scales and Oil of Second Chances now take a round to apply, per their description. (chance.itm, serpsca.itm)
  • Serrated Bone Blade was missing its +3 to-hit bonus. (serrate.itm)
  • Shadows can cause disease on hits, but were playing the 'Disease' feedback on themselves instead of their target. (shadow1.itm)
  • The Bitch Queen's Envoy shield makes water elementals ignore the bearer, but was causing all elementals to ignore the bearer. It was also not providing its AC bonus against missiles.(shldbch.itm, specifics.ids)
  • A sound effect from Tranquil Bolts was not forcing a saving throw. (trnbolt.itm)
  • Items which cause phasing were doing damage via the disease effect, meaning an immunity or resistance to disease could mitigate the effect. Phasing now directly does magic damage. (u1ham5a.itm, u2ham4b.itm, u2hax4a.itm, ubswd2a.itm, ubswd4b.itm, udagg1b.itm, umstr3c.itm, usswd2b.itm)
  • War Hammer +4: Defender had a random healing effect. (u1ham5b.itm)
  • The poison icon from the Poisonous Battle Axe +2 expired before the poison did. (u1hax3a.itm)
  • The 2H Axe of Greater Phasing +2 and Foe's Fate had overlapping probabilities on their effects. (u2hax4a.itm, u2hax5a.itm)
  • Items which cause berserk will now potentially cause berserk at all times, not just when enemies are present. (u2hax5a.itm, udart2a.itm, young.itm)
  • Hammer Arrows, Hammer Darts, and Berserker Darts had zero lore so they always came identified. (uarow2a.itm, udart1a.itm, udart2a.itm)
  • Hammer Arrows +1 were nor providing their listed 1d10 crushing damage. (uarow3b.itm)
  • The disease effect on the Chaos Dagger +3 shouldn't have a saving throw. (udagg4a.itm)
  • Blinding Darts +2 caused blindness on 25% of hits, but the blind icon and other effects only occurred on 10% of hits. (udart3b.itm)
  • The Hold Fast long sword played sounds on the wielder, not target; had missing saving throw on some effects; and lacked a Held icon on successful holds. (ulswd4a.itm)
  • Morning Star of the Gods should provide two additional first-level spells, not one. (umstr4a.itm)
  • The Large Shield +1 of Missile Deflection was re-using the description from the Reinforced Large Shield +1. (ushld2b.itm)
  • The Static Two Handed Sword +4 was supposed to cause bonus electrical damage on 50% of hits and stun on 25%, but was only causing these on 40% and 20% of hits, respectively. (utswd5a.itm)
  • The range, duration, and saving throws for the Wand of Fear were incorrect. (wand02.itm)
  • The Wand of Paralyzation had inconsistent saving throw penalties and used the wrong portrait icon. (wand04.itm)
  • The Wand of the Heavens was always identified, did the wrong damage, and had to be targeted at someone rather than an area. (wand11.itm)
  • Pemby's Wand of Many Missiles was doing the wrong kind of damage. (wandmis.itm)
  • Misery's Herald was not flagged as cold-iron and was not causing Horror on hits. (zzm5mh.itm)
  • Girdle of Beatification was not actually providing its Bless bonus. (beltbea.itm)
  • The Love of Black Bess was causing visual effects on every hit, instead of just the 10% that incurred a luck penalty, and the duration was corrected. (bess.itm)
  • Tiernon's Sundered Shield was not providing its listed damage reduction vs. missiles. (dntshd1.itm)
  • The upgraded Sundered Shield of Tiernon was providing no missile resistance in its once-per-day ability. (dntshd2.itm)
  • The Gauntlets of Valor were blocking Haste, not Hold Person, due to a typo. (gvalor1.itm)
  • The Helm of Shouting lacked its +1 AC bonus. (helmsh.itm)
  • The Singing Blade of Aihonen did not sing due to a typo in its sound reference (jhoswd3.itm)
  • The Kinetic Spear would damage the wielder when casting Lance of Disruption, and would stop and pause the wielder to actually cast the spell (kinetic.itm, spitm06.spl)
  • The Mirror of Black Ice Amulet was not providing a save vs. wand bonus. (mirror2.itm)
  • Pestilent Dawn was not providing immunity to disease. (pest.itm)
  • The Talon of the Gloomfrost was lacking its resistances and was causing sounds on every hit, instead of just hits that caused entangle. (talongf.itm)
  • Thrym Extract was not blocking effects on a failed save, and was using the wrong saving throw. (thrym.itm)
  • Vexed Armor was protecting against cold damage, but not magical cold damage. (vexed.itm, vexed2.itm, vexed3.itm)
  • Due to a typo the Wailing of Virgins was protecting against Fire Storm instead of Symbol of Hopelessness (virgin.itm)
  • Inconsequence was not providing its extra damage against good/evil creatures. Since IWD hardcodes these effects to file names, the solution here was to rename the item. (zz14in.itm is now zz44in.itm, waukeen.sto)
  • The Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting ability of the Bracers of Icelandic Pearl was not recharging. (braceip.itm)
  • The Flawless Waterstar Gem no longer mentions its flaws in its description. (dgem05.itm)
  • The Shield Ring was not fully providing the protections of the Shield spell (shldrng.itm)
  • The Tarnished Ring wanted a target when used, which is silly as its effects don't matter where it's targeted (ringlur.itm)
  • Hell's Bane was not doing the listed damage to Baatezu and Tanar'ri and was providing an incorrect amount of fire resistance. (zzc8hb.itm)
  • The Mantle of Hell's Furnace will no longer disappear when it's out of charges. (mantlehf.itm)
  • Waukeen's Defender was providing AC bonuses vs. missile attacks despite being a small shield. (waukeen.itm)
  • Light Crossbow and High Quality Light Crossbow used buggy item icons when picked up (link is for BG2, but same issue in IWD) (ixbow04.bam, ixbow09.bam)
  • The Wind of Heaven does not fully protect against Death Fog; since this can't fully be fixed the item description for the item is adjusted. The Wind of Heaven was not protecting against these spells when delivered via trap. (strref #27375, zzd5woh.itm)
  • There are three different Stone to Flesh scrolls, and two had the wrong range (scrlpet.itm, scrlpet2.itm)
  • The Sword of Days was not fully protecting its wielder from Haste and Slow effects (days.itm)
  • The Elixir of Health now 'cures' intoxication rather than setting intoxication to zero (potn17.itm)

Under/Overcharged Items

Several items would have no charges when found. This also means enemies can now use these items against you. (ar2004.bcs, ar4003.bcs, ar5003.bcs, ar7004.are, ar8010.are, ar9102.are, ar9603.are, ar9800.are, edion.sto, orrick.cre, oswald.cre, seercut.cre, tiernon.cre)

Item Effects Failing Due to Bad Parameters

Some items were failing to apply effects due to bad timing modes on their effects. Items should apply their effects continuously while equipped, but many were using instant or permanent timing modes. The former would cause the effect to disappear immediately, while the latter would force the effect to persist after the item had been removed, or even stack if they item was re-equipped. Other items had equipped effects which could disappear if hit with a dispel magic, or would fail to apply if the wearer was under spell protections such as Globe of Invulnerability. For the most part, the effects are minor or cosmetic (usually colors not being set) but there a few notable ones, such as Incinerator's fire resistance or free action from the Girdle of Labelas. (aldeth.itm, antimag.itm, ax1h04.itm, ax1h05.itm, ax1h06.itm, axlizman.itm, axyuanti.itm, bclaw.itm, bess.itm, bloodgf.itm, blun01.itm, blun04.itm, blun06.itm, blyuanti.itm, bow02.itm, bow05.itm, bow06.itm, bow08.itm, bow09.itm, bow99.itm, bownon.itm, bring.itm, cattac1.itm, cibosst.itm, cifade.itm, ciigen.itm, clown.itm, corny.itm, csalring.itm, dagg04.itm, dagg05.itm, daggshit.itm, dazer.itm, debian.itm, fayr.itm, fistgf.itm, fsalring.itm, gasp.itm, ghost.itm, ghost2.itm, gsleep.itm, halb01.itm, halbrd01.itm, hamm01.itm, handgf.itm, helm03.itm, helm04.itm, helm07.itm, hq2hswd.itm, hqhalb.itm, hqhxbow.itm, hqmace.itm, hqmstar.itm, hqsbow.itm, iax1h01.itm, iblun04.itm, ibow03.itm, ihamm01.itm, immagmsl.itm, immune1.itm, immune2.itm, immune3.itm, kresssw.itm, labelt.itm, lalizman.itm, lucky.itm, maul.itm, mslizman.itm, nalizman.itm, nomagic.itm, peaceke.itm, pikeman.itm, polizman.itm, ranclub.itm, ring05.itm, ring09.itm, ring91.itm, ring95.itm, sash.itm, sbowebu.itm, sceptre.itm, shade.itm, shadows.itm, shcomlb2.itm, stone.itm, stupid.itm, sw1h08.itm, sw1h14.itm, sw1h99.itm, sw2h01.itm, sw2h01b.itm, sw2h02.itm, sw2h05.itm, swyuanti.itm, telizman.itm, tongue.itm, u2ham2a.itm, u2ham3a.itm, u2ham4a.itm, u2ham4b.itm, u2ham5a.itm, ubswd5b.itm, uhxbw2a.itm, usswd2a.itm, usswd2b.itm, usswd3a.itm, usswd3b.itm, usswd3c.itm, usswd4a.itm, usswd4b.itm, usswd5a.itm, usswd5b.itm, utswd1a.itm, utswd2a.itm, utswd2b.itm, utswd2c.itm, utswd3a.itm, utswd3b.itm, utswd4a.itm, utswd4b.itm, utswd5a.itm, utswd5b.itm, wclub.itm, wolfwi2.itm, xbow01.itm, xbow02.itm, xbow03.itm, xclub.itm, xu2ham3.itm, xusswd3.itm, zzs6sc.itm)

Spell Fixes

Common Spell Fix Roundup

  • School - Several spells had incorrect spell schools set. (spin107.spl, spin108.spl, spin109.spl, spin110.spl, spin111.spl, spin120.spl, spin124.spl, spin125.spl, spin126.spl, spin129.spl, spin130.spl, spin133.spl, spin134.spl, spin135.spl, spin136.spl, spin137.spl, spin138.spl, spin139.spl, spin141.spl, spin142.spl, spin143.spl, spin144.spl, spin145.spl, spin146.spl, spin147.spl, spin148.spl, spin149.spl, spin150.spl, spin151.spl, spin152.spl, spin153.spl, spin154.spl, spin155.spl, spin156.spl, spin157.spl, spin158.spl, spin159.spl, spin160.spl, spin161.spl, spin162.spl, spin163.spl, spin165.spl, spin166.spl, spin176.spl, spin180.spl, spin181.spl, spin182.spl, spin183.spl, spin184.spl, spin185.spl, spin186.spl, spin971.spl, spin972.spl, spin973.spl, spin974.spl, spin978.spl, spin979.spl, spin980.spl, spin981.spl, spin982.spl, spin983.spl, spin984.spl, spin985.spl, spin986.spl, spin988.spl, spin989.spl, spin990.spl, spin991.spl, spin992.spl, spin993.spl, spin994.spl, spin995.spl, spin996.spl, sppr314.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr608.spl, sppr705.spl, spwi617.spl, spwi704.spl)
  • Casting Animations - Several spells were using the wrong casting animations. (spin125.spl, spin129.spl, sppr314.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr511.spl)
  • Opposition School - Several spells were not properly restricted from their opposition school. Note that opposition schools are different with and without Heart of Winter installed. (spwi104.spl, spwi110.spl, spwi111.spl, spwi202.spl, spwi203.spl, spwi303.spl, spwi418.spl, spwi513.spl, spwi605.spl, spwi610.spl, spwi612.spl, spwi616.spl, spwi617.spl, spwi802.spl, spwi904.spl)
  • Casting Speed - Several spells had casting speeds different than their listed value. (spin103.spl, spitm06.spl, sppr101.spl, sppr104.spl, sppr111.spl, sppr203.spl, sppr207.spl, sppr208.spl, sppr209.spl, sppr215.spl, sppr301.spl, sppr302.spl, sppr304.spl, sppr305.spl, sppr310.spl, sppr314.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr316.spl, sppr412.spl, sppr416.spl, sppr419.spl, sppr421.spl, sppr504.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr515.spl, sppr519.spl, sppr605.spl, sppr606.spl, sppr607.spl, sppr611.spl, sppr702.spl, sppr704.spl, sppr705.spl, sppr709.spl, sppr712.spl, sppr716.spl, sppr717.spl, sppr718.spl, sppr719.spl, sppr720.spl, sppr723.spl, spwi102.spl, spwi202.spl, spwi208.spl, spwi211.spl, spwi214.spl, spwi217.spl, spwi302.spl, spwi413.spl, spwi501.spl, spwi514.spl, spwi515.spl, spwi516.spl, spwi517.spl, spwi599.spl, spwi605.spl, spwi606.spl, spwi608.spl, spwi609.spl, spwi804.spl)
  • Portrait Icons - Spells are supposed to set and remove portrait icons as feedback for active effects on party members. In some cases these were wrong or absent. (spin164.spl, spin992.spl, sppr324.spl, sppr421.spl, spwi808.spl)
  • Minimum/Maximum Levels - Some spells had effects that had incorrect or extraneous minimum/maximum levels set, i.e. the effects only worked if the target was of a specific level. (spin972.spl, spin980.spl, sppr102.spl, sppr517.spl, spwi116.spl, spwi509.spl)
  • Saves - Various items had mixed save/no-save effects, which could cause spurious save messages in the battle window. (ctouch.itm, dobone.itm, spin130.spl, spin131.spl, spin138.spl, spin171.spl, sppr102.spl, sppr204.spl, sppr211.spl, sppr305.spl, sppr310.spl, sppr613.spl, sppr988.spl, spwi021.spl, spwi205.spl, spwi222.spl, spwi413.spl, spwi423.spl, spwi509.spl, spwi607.spl)
  • Durations - Several item effects were not lasting for the listed durations. (spin138.spl, sppr207.spl, sppr208.spl, sppr301.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr410.spl, sppr723.spl, spwi102.spl, spwi111.spl, spwi205.spl, spwi206.spl, spwi214.spl, spwi222.spl, spwi223.spl, spwi306.spl, spwi310.spl, spwi510.spl, spwi609.spl, spwi804.spl)
  • Range - Several spells had incorrect casting ranges. (sppr714.spl, sppr715.spl, spwi305.spl)

Spells vs. Spell Protections

There were many errors in the ways that spell protections interacted with regular spells, innate abilities, and their counter spells. Every effect of every spell has a power level (essentially the spell level applied individually to each effect; item effects are generally zero). Power levels matter to spells that protect against spells of level X such as Globe of Invulnerability.

  • Spell Power Levels - Several spells had incorrect power levels set, making them interact incorrectly with spell protections or provide incorrect feedback in the battle window. These fixes also include several self-targeted effects (i.e. beneficial in the case of summons, negative in the case of movement penalties for Chant) that were being blocked. (spin125.spl, spin130.spl, spin131.spl, spin159.spl, spin168.spl, spin169.spl, spin170.spl, spin171.spl, spin172.spl, spin173.spl, spin174.spl, spin175.spl, spin980.spl, sppr103.spl, sppr105.spl, sppr108.spl, sppr203.spl, sppr311.spl, sppr314.spl, sppr319.spl, sppr398.spl, sppr399.spl, sppr401.spl, sppr402.spl, sppr410.spl, sppr423.spl, sppr501.spl, sppr504.spl, sppr507.spl, sppr514.spl, sppr516.spl, sppr602.spl, sppr605.spl, sppr610.spl, sppr611.spl, sppr612.spl, sppr702.spl, sppr704.spl, sppr723.spl, sppr984.spl, spwi101.spl, spwi103.spl, spwi105.spl, spwi107.spl, spwi108.spl, spwi111.spl, spwi114.spl, spwi118.spl, spwi215.spl, spwi217.spl, spwi309.spl, spwi407.spl, spwi410.spl, spwi414.spl, spwi417.spl, spwi418.spl, spwi423.spl, spwi501.spl, spwi505.spl, spwi512.spl, spwi513.spl, spwi514.spl, spwi515.spl, spwi516.spl, spwi517.spl, spwi598.spl, spwi599.spl, spwi601.spl, spwi606.spl, spwi610.spl, spwi611.spl, spwi613.spl, spwi703.spl, spwi707.spl, spwi803.spl, spwi806.spl, spwi899.spl, spwi902.spl)
  • Magic Resistance/Dispel - Various spell effects were not interacting with magic resistance properly, i.e. bypassing when they shouldn't or being blocked when they shouldn't. Other effects were subject to dispel magic (or not) erroneously. (spin127.spl, spin130.spl, spin132.spl, spin147.spl, spin166.spl, spin170.spl, spin171.spl, spin175.spl, spitm02.spl, sppr101.spl, sppr108.spl, sppr111.spl, sppr208.spl, sppr303.spl, sppr305.spl, sppr404.spl, sppr421.spl, sppr423.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr512.spl, sppr515.spl, sppr611.spl, sppr612.spl, sppr707.spl, sppr717.spl, sppr984.spl, spwi020.spl, spwi021.spl, spwi024.spl, spwi105.spl, spwi118.spl, spwi207.spl, spwi208.spl, spwi221.spl, spwi302.spl, spwi306.spl, spwi314.spl, spwi317.spl, spwi411.spl, spwi414.spl, spwi417.spl, spwi419.spl, spwi508.spl, spwi510.spl, spwi606.spl, spwi607.spl, spwi614.spl, spwi617.spl, spwi702.spl, spwi706.spl)

Miscellaneous Spell Fixes

  • Decastave's HP drain was bypassing magic resistance and spell protections. (decasta.itm)
  • Flame Blade was not doing the correct damage or damage type; some effects were also bypassing MR. (fblade.itm)
  • Shillelagh was missing its +1 to-hit bonus. (shillel.itm)
  • Darts of Bone's strength drain no longer stacks. (dobone.itm)
  • Moonblade will now add a Miscast Magic portrait icon. (moonbla.itm)
  • Healing and HP-draining spells shouldn't work on undead or extraplanar creatures. (spin109.spl, sppr103.spl, sppr214.spl, sppr314.spl, sppr315.spl, sppr401.spl, sppr502.spl, sppr607.spl, spwi119.spl, spwi314.spl)
  • The innate Protection from Evil was targeted incorrectly. (spin121.spl)
  • Sound-based spells should not affect deafened creatures. (spin134.spl, spin135.spl, spin136.spl, spin137.spl, spin138.spl, sppr102.spl, sppr518.spl)
  • Cloud spells should not affect golems. (spin170.spl, sppr322.spl, sppr418.spl, sppr510.spl, spwi004.spl, spwi018.spl, spwi024.spl, spwi213.spl, spwi417.spl, spwi503.spl, spwi615.spl)
  • Myconid spores are now named, and will now potentially cause berserk at all times, not just when enemies are present. (spin990.spl)
  • If a creature was under the effects of Entangle and Grease, they could potentially move despite Entangle blocking movement. (sppr105.spl)
  • Curse was not imposing save penalties on its target. (sppr111.spl)
  • Barkskin's AC bonus was not quite correct at many levels. (sppr202.spl)
  • The sound from Invisibility Purge is mistargeted. (sppr309.spl)
  • Miscast Magic was only affecting arcane casting, not divine. (sppr310.spl)
  • Prevented effects from Produce Fire from occurring more than once per round. (sppr411.spl)
  • Chaotic Commands and Impervious Sanctity of Mind were not blocking sleep effects. (sppr508.spl, sppr716.spl)
  • The panic from Insect Plague was not affecting creatures of 5 HD and was not providing feedback when a creature was affected by panic. (sppr510.spl)
  • Entropy Shield is supposed to protect from "missile-based" attacks, but was letting in quite a few. (sppr609.spl)
  • The damage from Fire Storm was wrong when cast at level 15. (sppr705.spl)
  • Sunray's blindness effect was a fixed two rounds instead of the listed 1d3 rounds. (sppr707.spl)
  • Hopelessness (via Symbol, Emotion, or Mournful Wail) should cancel Emotion, Hope and vice-versa. (spin134.spl, sppr715.spl, spwi411.spl, spwi421.spl)
  • Similarly Emotion, Courage and Emotion, Fear should cancel one another. Emotion, Fear will now display combat feedback. (spwi419.spl, spwi420.spl)
  • Impervious Sanctity of Mind had a mistargeted sound effect. (sppr716.spl)
  • Like Suffocate, Cloudkill and Stinking Cloud shouldn't work on 'non-breathing' creatures. (spwi004.spl, spwi018.spl, spwi213.spl, spwi503.spl)
  • Traps casting Horror could potentially affect undead. (spwi025.spl)
  • Damage from Burning Hands was incorrect. (spwi103.spl)
  • The arcane version of Protection From Evil was using the divine version's description. (spwi113.spl)
  • The Shield spell blocked direct effects from Mordenkainen's Force Missiles, but not their concussive effects; was also not blocking missiles from the Wand of Magic Missiles. (spwi114.spl)
  • Melf's Acid Arrow lacked a casting sound. (spwi211.spl)
  • Chromatic Orb was not causing blindness at level one and provided two 'blinded' messages at level four. (spwi118.spl)
  • Strength was not playing a sound effect due to a typo. (spwi214.spl)
  • Monster Summoning I was trying to summon 2d4 monsters, not 2d3. (spwi309.spl)
  • The damage from Skull Trap was incorrect. (spwi313.spl)
  • Stoneskin was providing a fixed two stoneskins + one/level instead of the listed 1d4 stoneskins + one/level. (spwi408.spl)
  • Due to misordered effects, Death Spell, Disintegrate, and Power Word: Kill were not playing cosmetic effects when they insta-killed their target. (spwi606.spl, spwi607.spl, spwi903.spl)
  • Flesh to Stone will now destroy the Ring of the Gorgon, to prevent a second petrification. (spwi614.spl)
  • Tenser's Transformation should not disable innate abilities. (spwi616.spl)
  • Mordenkainen's Sword was playing visuals on the wrong place. (spwi704.spl)
  • Mind Blank blocked Command, but not Greater Command. (spwi804.spl)
  • Eye of Venom was using an acid damage visual for poison damage. (spin129.spl)
  • Bard songs now force the singer visible. The Song of Kaudies now protects against Harpy Wail. (spin144.spl, spin145.spl, spin146.spl, spin147.spl, spin148.spl, spin151.spl)
  • Sunscorch was doing bonus damage to undead; myconids now receive bonus damage as well. (sppr113.spl)
  • Cloudburst was applying its bonus damage to cold/fire-dwelling creatures only 50% of the time. (sppr321.spl)
  • Unholy Blight, Cloud of Pestilence, and Mist of Eldath now provide feedback. (sppr325.spl, sppr417.spl, sppr720.spl)
  • Creatures under the effects Blood Rage can't be healed, but not all forms of healing were blocked. (sppr415.spl)
  • Per its description, Cause Critical Wounds can only be cast by evil creatures. (sppr513.spl)
  • Animal Rage only works on allies, but played its effects on any target. (sppr517.spl)
  • Contact Other Plane played visuals on the wrong target. (spwi517.spl)
  • Iron Body had mistargeted sound effects. (spwi807.spl)
  • Sleep via beholder innate should be wake-on-damage. (spin169.spl)
  • Spell protections could partially shield the caster from the negative side effects of Great Shout (spwi806.spl)
  • The durations of effects on Retribution did not match (spin140.spl)
  • The portrait icons for feeblemind and petrification in Prismatic Spray did not match the durations of the underlying effects (spwi706.spl)
  • Free action should not block the movement penalty from Suffocate (spwi711.spl)

Find Traps

The Find Traps spell would interrupt the caster every round with a casting animation for the duration of the spell, interrupting anything else the character was doing. This one required quite a hack: basically the caster is set to a special SPECIFIC value, and then individual traps will reveal themselves when the caster gets in range. (pretty much all area files, all c! scripts, specific.ids, spell.ids, sppr205.spl, sppr299.spl)

Ghoul Touch

Per its description, Ghoul Touch is supposed to create a 'ghoul hand' which you can use to normally attack enemies, not a spell that simply applies effects to the target. (ghoult.itm, kuorrick.bcs, scrl1c.itm, shshdwz1.bcs, spwi218.spl, wtkontik.bcs)

Spell Stacking

Several spells stacked with themselves and should not. These used to be handled by having a spell provide an immunity to itself for the duration of the spell, so if the caster tried to renew the effect while it was still active their casting would be wasted. These spells will now dispel themselves instead, meaning that you can renew a spell while it is still active. Note that spells with delayed, detrimental effects (e.g. Blood Rage) are still handled in the old fashion so as to prevent an indefinite delay of bad effects. Certain spells with multiple sources (such as Slow or Protection from Evil) will also dispel one another. (spin121.spl, spin173.spl, sppr107.spl, sppr111.spl, sppr201.spl, sppr202.spl, sppr210.spl, sppr216.spl, sppr306.spl, sppr310.spl, sppr319.spl, sppr323.spl, sppr406.spl, sppr407.spl, sppr408.spl, sppr412.spl, sppr417.spl, sppr512.spl, sppr517.spl, sppr519.spl, sppr609.spl, sppr610.spl, sppr714.spl, spwi107.spl, spwi113.spl, spwi114.spl, spwi201.spl, spwi209.spl, spwi212.spl, spwi214.spl, spwi223.spl, spwi312.spl, spwi412.spl, spwi417.spl, spwi419.spl, spwi421.spl, spwi511.spl, spwi620.spl, spwi711.spl, spwi807.spl)

Store Fixes

  • The store of Geelo the Librarian lacked a name. (de_lib.sto)
  • Several stores had a holdover from Baldur's Gate and sold infinite quantities of The Fateful Coin (ehinn.sto, kuinn1.sto, kuinn2.sto, kuinn3.sto)
  • Conlan no longer sells infinite quantities of the Lucky Scimitar in HoW. Conlan also had multiple entries for Composite Long Bows. (kusmith.sto)
  • The Temple of Tempus and Gerth no longer sell unidentified Mummy's Tea. (ehtemple.sto, kugerth.sto)

Internal Fixes

Items listed here are things that are fixed, but are not really issues that players would notice, e.g. a fix for an unused item or optimization for a process that is not necessarily broken.

  • IDS updates: The Wall of Moonlight entry is corrected in spell.ids. The various class_ALL entries get added to HoW and TotLM games, in case some mod overwrites class.ids (looking at you, Auril's Bane). diffmode.ids and difflevel.ids are also added if they don't exist. The alignment entry in trigger.ids now properly references the align.ids file, and three actions from TotLM are added to the HoW
  • Syntax errors were also fixed in some unused dialogues (detemp.dlg, dginafae.dlg, dwinona.dlg)
  • Aldwin has better racial checks in his dialogue in HoW/TotLM games (daldwin.dlg)
  • Four corrupted scripts are replaced with blanks (4001v8.bcs, 5001v1.bcs, ar1102.bcs, ar2006.bcs)
  • Made several floor traps a little more reliable by changing their triggers. (ldtrap1.bcs, ldtrap2.bcs, uddsrma.bcs, uddsrmb.bcs, uddsrmc.bcs)
  • The regions that destroy the lich phylactery will now disable themselves after its destruction (udtrap3.bcs)
  • To prevent PCs attacking in a cutscene, an Enemy() call is moved. (kerakrev.bcs)
  • The Master_Quest variable used to track progress in TotLM now goes to 7 to signal completion. (kertrnlw.bcs)
  • Actor animations in area listings were adjusted to match the underlying creature animations. (ar1004.are, ar1006.are, ar1007.are, ar1008.are, ar1015.are, ar1103.are, ar1105.are, ar2000.are, ar2001.are, ar2006.are, ar2102.are, ar2109.are, ar2111.are, ar2112.are, ar3001.are, ar3501.are, ar3502.are, ar3503.are, ar3601.are, ar3602.are, ar3603.are, ar4001.are, ar4002.are, ar4003.are, ar4004.are, ar4005.are, ar5001.are, ar5104.are, ar5202.are, ar5203.are, ar5401.are, ar6002.are, ar6003.are, ar6014.are, ar7001.are, ar8001.are, ar8002.are, ar8003.are, ar8004.are, ar8006.are, ar8007.are, ar8008.are, ar8010.are, ar8011.are, ar8012.are, ar9100.are, ar9200.are, ar9300.are, ar9400.are, ar9501.are, ar9502.are, ar9601.are, ar9602.are, ar9704.are, ar9708.are, ar9711.are, ar9801.are)
  • Cleared random flags in ar2000.are.
  • A handful of areas had the wrong number of ambient sounds listed, so the game would cycle through non-existent sound references. (ar3001.are, ar9200.are, ar9300.are)
  • Non-existent scripts were removed from area files. (ar5000.are, ar8010.are)
  • Two ground piles had bounding boxes. (ar6003.are, ar6011.are)
  • Many creatures had leftover and/or blank item entries in their inventory, which have been deleted. (beholder.cre, beholdh.cre, bronsen.cre, druidee.cre, druidfe.cre, druidwe.cre, es12erth.cre, es12fire.cre, es12watr.cre, es16erth.cre, es16fire.cre, es16watr.cre, es20erth.cre, es20fire.cre, es20watr.cre, es24erth.cre, es24fire.cre, es24watr.cre, es8erth.cre, es8fire.cre, es8watr.cre, ettin.cre, histach.cre, kaorog.cre, kaoroge.cre, lskarmsw.cre, malavons.cre, manticor.cre, mcs1.cre, mordeswd.cre, ms5jzom.cre, ms7mumy.cre, msk1.cre, psentry.cre, rldmycr.cre, rndstrol.cre, rudorog.cre, sdelfbw1.cre, shelfsw3.cre, skarmsw.cre, svirfneb.cre, trollice.cre, trollsno.cre, xactile.cre)
  • Assigned an override script, cdplayer, to the base character creature. It persists into the game. (charbase.cre)
  • Kalabac had an XP total of -10. (kalabac.cre)
  • Items with permanent effects have their durations set to zero. (acidooz4.itm, bknight.itm, cwreve.itm, extheal.itm, gberry.itm, goodber.itm, ipotn08.itm, jellgr1.itm, potn08.itm, potn13.itm, potn33.itm, shadless.itm, umstr2a.itm, umstr3a.itm, umstr3c.itm, umstr4b.itm, umstr5a.itm, vexed2.itm, wand05.itm, wand4ca.itm, zzj6sp.itm)
  • Spells with permanent effects had their durations set to zero. (pself0.spl, spin104.spl, spin107.spl, spin108.spl, spin109.spl, spin110.spl, spin121.spl, spin122.spl, spin123.spl, spin124.spl, spin126.spl, spin132.spl, spin134.spl, spin135.spl, spin136.spl, spin148.spl, spin149.spl, spin152.spl, spin155.spl, spin156.spl, spin168.spl, spin169.spl, spin171.spl, spin173.spl, spin179.spl, spin181.spl, spin182.spl, spin989.spl, spin994.spl, spin995.spl, spin996.spl, spitm03.spl, spitm04.spl, spitm05.spl, sppr103.spl, sppr104.spl, sppr107.spl, sppr109.spl, sppr110.spl, sppr113.spl, sppr201.spl, .spl, sppr202.spl, sppr204.spl, sppr205.spl, sppr206.spl, sppr207.spl, sppr208.spl, sppr210.spl, sppr211.spl, sppr213.spl, sppr214.spl, sppr215.spl, sppr305.spl, sppr306.spl, sppr311.spl, sppr312.spl, sppr313.spl, sppr401.spl, sppr403.spl, sppr405.spl, sppr407.spl, sppr408.spl, sppr409.spl, sppr414.spl, sppr417.spl, sppr421.spl, sppr502.spl, sppr508.spl, sppr510.spl, sppr511.spl, sppr515.spl, sppr518.spl, sppr519.spl, sppr609.spl, sppr709.spl, sppr714.spl, sppr715.spl, sppr716.spl, sppr717.spl, sppr988.spl, sppr989.spl, spwi021.spl, spwi102.spl, spwi104.spl, spwi105.spl, spwi107.spl, spwi108.spl, spwi111.spl, spwi113.spl, spwi114.spl, spwi116.spl, spwi117.spl, spwi118.spl, spwi201.spl, spwi203.spl, spwi208.spl, spwi210.spl, spwi211.spl, spwi212.spl, spwi214.spl, spwi221.spl, spwi223.spl, spwi299.spl, spwi303.spl, spwi305.spl, spwi306.spl, spwi310.spl, spwi311.spl, spwi312.spl, spwi316.spl, spwi317.spl, spwi401.spl, spwi405.spl, spwi406.spl, spwi411.spl, spwi412.spl, spwi414.spl, spwi507.spl, spwi508.spl, spwi509.spl, spwi518.spl, spwi599.spl, spwi601.spl, spwi607.spl, spwi608.spl, spwi610.spl, spwi612.spl, spwi616.spl, spwi617.spl, spwi619.spl, spwi704.spl, spwi706.spl, spwi708.spl, spwi711.spl, spwi804.spl, spwi805.spl, spwi888.spl, spwi961.spl, spwi962.spl, spwi963.spl, spwi964.spl, spwi965.spl, spwi983.spl, spwi987.spl, spwi988.spl, spwi990.spl, spwi991.spl, spwi992.spl, spwi993.spl)
  • Items with extraneous headers have them removed. (cletter.itm, potn27.itm, potn28.itm, potn29.itm, potn30.itm, potn31.itm, potn32.itm, potn33.itm, potn34.itm, potn35.itm, potn36.itm, potn37.itm, potn38.itm, potn39.itm, potn40.itm, potn41.itm, potn42.itm, potn43.itm, potn44.itm, potn45.itm, potn46.itm, ption2k.itm, ption2l.itm, ption2m.itm, ption2n.itm, ption41.itm, uspot1a.itm, uspot2a.itm, uspot2b.itm, uspot3a.itm, uspot3b.itm, uspot3c.itm, uspot4a.itm, uspot4b.itm, uspot4b.itm, uspot4c.itm, uspot5a.itm, uspot5b.itm)
  • Several melee weapons had breakable flags set, which are removed. (2haxe.itm, amaunat.itm, auril.itm, ax1h01.itm, axemino.itm, axlizman.itm, axyuanti.itm, bael.itm, bess.itm, biron.itm, biteme.itm, blckswd.itm, bloodgf.itm, blun02.itm, blun04.itm, blun08.itm, blyuanti.itm, cairn.itm, cattac1.itm, celebra.itm, cynicis.itm, dagg01.itm, dagg06.itm, dagg07.itm, dagg08.itm, daggshit.itm, days.itm, diver.itm, doves.itm, ehdag.itm, erevain.itm, fanggf.itm, fayr.itm, firekis.itm, fistgf.itm, fkiller.itm, flailsk.itm, gsleep.itm, gullwyn.itm, halb01.itm, halbrd01.itm, hamm01.itm, handgf.itm, hellpik.itm, hq2hswd.itm, hqaxe.itm, hqbswrd.itm, hqdagg.itm, hqhalb.itm, hqhamm.itm, hqlswrd.itm, hqmace.itm, hqsswrd.itm, iax1h01.itm, iblun04.itm, ihamm01.itm, intrces.itm, isw1h07.itm, j2haxe.itm, jhoswd2.itm, jhoswd3.itm, kinetic.itm, kissgf.itm, kreswrd.itm, kris.itm, lalizman.itm, lonesom.itm, longclev.itm, lshand.itm, mae.itm, maul.itm, mslizman.itm, myrloch.itm, nalizman.itm, nymdagg.itm, peasrew.itm, pikeman.itm, poker.itm, polizman.itm, power.itm, ranax.itm, ranbswd.itm, reaver.itm, redemt.itm, relian.itm, serrate.itm, shlswrd2.itm, shmace2.itm, shsswrd.itm, slayer.itm, sper01.itm, sper04.itm, sw1h01.itm, sw1h04.itm, sw1h07.itm, sw1h12.itm, sw1h17.itm, sw2h01.itm, sw2h01b.itm, sw2h05.itm, swyuanti.itm, tasloiil.itm, telizman.itm, tomb.itm, tonggf.itm, tongue.itm, turodah.itm, u1hax1a.itm, u1hax2a.itm, u1hax3a.itm, u1hax3b.itm, u1hax4a.itm, u1hax4b.itm, u2ham2a.itm, u2ham3a.itm, u2ham4a.itm, u2ham4b.itm, u2ham5a.itm, u2hax1a.itm, u2hax2a.itm, u2hax3a.itm, u2hax3b.itm, u2hax4a.itm, u2hax4b.itm, u2hax5a.itm, ubswd1a.itm, ubswd2a.itm, ubswd2b.itm, ubswd3a.itm, ubswd3b.itm, ubswd4a.itm, ubswd4b.itm, ubswd4c.itm, ubswd5a.itm, ubswd5b.itm, udagg1a.itm, udagg1b.itm, udagg2a.itm, udagg2b.itm, udagg3a.itm, udagg3b.itm, udagg3c.itm, udagg4a.itm, udagg4b.itm, udagg5a.itm, ulswd1a.itm, wsword.itm, xu2ham3.itm, xvartil.itm, young.itm, zz14in.itm, zz36dgd.itm, zz57pj.itm, zzc8hb.itm, zze6pe.itm, zzg7ts.itm, zzj6sp.itm, zzn6gc.itm, zzu6cs.itm, zzz6bc.itm)
  • The Wand of Corrosion is not in the game, but is restricted to just mages and bards. (wandcor.itm)
  • The Color Spray scroll targets "living actor" instead of caster in the header to learn the spell. (scrl70.itm)
  • The Sunscorch scroll did nothing when used due to a typo; the scroll is not actually available anywhere in the game. (sppr113x.itm)
  • Various items were fixed even though they appear unused. (bow08.itm, bow09.itm, bownon.itm, chan06.itm, clck18.itm, idart01.itm)
  • The Huge Longbow should use damage type missile, not piercing. (ulbow1a.itm)
  • The unused Wand of Frost no longer crashes the game when used and its damage fixed. (wand06.itm)
  • The unused Wand of Magic Missiles lacked a lore score and should require identification to use. (wand12.itm)
  • The attack item of Wailing Virgins was supposed to protect its allies from its spells, but the protections were not quite weighted correctly. This does not have a detrimental effect in game. (wranged.itm)
  • Shapeshifting is cleaned up. (druidbb.cre, druidbb.itm, druidpb.cre, druidpb.itm, druidww.cre, druidww.itm, eelem.itm, felem.itm, pself0.spl, pself00.spl, spin107.spl, spin110.spl, spin111.spl, spin122.spl, spin123.spl, spin124.spl, welem.itm)
  • Spells which seem unused are nonetheless fixed. (spin975.spl)
  • It doesn't show up in game, but one icon for Animate Dead was using the wrong version. (spwi501.spl)
  • Earthquake had multiple, redundant sleep effects. (sppr719.spl)