BG1 NPC Project FAQ


Q: What's the mod about?
A: The modding team has added personality to the BG NPCs in BG content. We do it through all possible means, through the BG2 engine, both in Tutu and BGT: banters and interjections, personal quests and romances.

Q: But the gameplay in BG is awful!
A: The mod is designed for Tutu or Baldur's Gate Trilogy or BGEE, so the gameplay is the same as in BG2.

Q: So will you be changing anything about BG1 NPC - you know, classes, kits, stats, portraits, biographies etc?
A: No mandatory changes to character sheets are introduced.

Tutu comes with an option to choose kits for NPCs—so you will be able to do it on your own on an optional basis.

We offer two portrait options for returning NPCs (Jaheira, Edwin, Imoen etc) to use their BG or BG2 portraits. We also allow you to chose several othr portrait tweaks for minor NPCs.

Q: Huh, what's this talk about project phases?
A: The project was released in phases as it was easier for us to work on it that way.

  • Phase 1: Banter pack (each character initiates banters with others NPCs and with PC)
  • Phase 2: Quests and Interjections (the characters comment on the game's events, some have personal quests)
  • Phase 3: Romances (with Ajantis, Branwen, Coran, Dynaheir, Shar-Teel and Xan)

Q: Install system?
A: WeiDU; the mod works on both Tutu, Baldur's Gate Trilogy, and BGEE.

Q: Compatibility?
A: Please see the forums. The project is designed to be widely compatible.

Q: New areas, graphics?
A: No.

Q: New Sounds?
A: The musical package is an option, which introduces a musical theme for every NPC, when they start banter or a conversation with a PC.

Q: How much of this is done?
A: All of it! in the forum!

Q: How big is this going to be?
A: In terms of content, substantial. It is a fairly small download though.

Q: Will there be major changes to the plot?
A: No, not really.

Q: Blah. BG is ooold? Didn't you throw that out during the last ice age, like the rest of us?
A: Nope. Like a fine wine, BG has become only better with age (and it's not so old as to taste like grape phosphate). BG has a certain charm to it that is lacking in BG2, we think, and the vast area to explore enhances the illusion that you really are living in and exploring a richly developed fantasy world.

Q: Will I be credited for my work?
A: Absolutely. All contributors, large and small, will be credited.

Q: Okay, okay. You've pestered me into helping. So! What do I have to do?
A: Hmmm. Good question. PLAYTEST!!! In a project this large, happening over so long a period, there are literally thousands of test that have been done. But there are millions of combinations of mods, mod orders, and all sorts of ways of playing the game - drop by and post your bug reports. If you want to join a translation team, there are opportunities...

Q: What about non-English translations?
A: Spanish translation as well as English, but no other language completed so far—with the exception of some Elven and Drow.

Q: Erm... and I also wanted to ask about...
A: Please, ask!