EEFP Docs: Fixes for PsTEE

This documentation is complete as of November 8, 2022.

Fixes for PsTEE

String Fixes Link to this section

Textual changes were made to correct errors or reflect other changes. Note that this is limited to material or factual errors; spelling, grammar, or other typos are handled by the Game Text Update.

  • The poor quality sledgehammer had the wrong weapon proficiency listed. (strref #4845)
  • Made several small changes to item names to match their descriptions. (strrefs #5127, #30450, #48826)
  • The spell 'Blessing' was referred to as 'Bless' in several places. (strrefs #48846, #48848, #51299. #51301, #52837)
  • Clarified that Protection from Evil surrounds the target, not the caster, with a circle of protection. (strref #48851, #51303)
  • Standardized class names in a few spell descriptions. (strref #51013, #51019, #51068)
  • The Rod of Modron Might should mention that it's only usable by TNO. (strref #52070)
  • The 'Book of Tome and Ash' should be the 'Tome of Bone and Ash'. (strref #64294)
  • The Notched Dagger did not list its speed or weight. (strref #66178)

Area Fixes Link to this section

  • Corrected some flags in the Smoldering Corpse Bar; specifically that the party can reform, no resting is allowed, and that TNO can die. (ar0402.are)
  • Several items in areas were without charges. (ar0108.are, ar0701.are, ar0704.are, ar1700.are)
  • One anarachist was on impassable terrain and moved. (ar0902.are)
  • One of the spawn points in the Warrens of Thought had broken coordinates. (ar1600.ini)
  • Due to a difference in how the engine processes scripts, the Baator map should be populated with more enemies. (1000fnd.bcs)

Dialogue Fixes Link to this section

  • The Monster Jug in Vrischika's Curiosity Shop should cost 123 coppers. (dvrisch.dlg)
  • Three dialogues set duplicate journal entries, and are fixed. (dkitla.dlg, dgrace.dlg, dpillar.dlg)
  • One of the replies in Fall-from-Grace's dialogue used the wrong string. (dgrace.dlg)
  • When Ingress' teeth are upgraded, they should preserve the damage type. (ipteeth.dlg)

Item Fixes Link to this section

  • The Number of Ku'u Yin should protect from chaotic creatures. (kyname.itm)
  • Uhir's Knife should not by usable by Annah. (uhrknf.itm)
  • Silver Fork and Entropic Blade should not be usable by priests or some NPCs. (fork.itm, supwep.itm)

Creature Fixes Link to this section

  • Corrected races for several creatures. (bsohmien.cre, hbdygrd.cre, lady.cre, trias.cre, triasa.cre, triasb.cre, triasc.cre, worm.cre)

Scripting/AI Fixes Link to this section

  • Several AI scripts lost their running attacks when converted to the EEs, and these are restored. (0000bxd2.bcs, 0000hgrd.bcs, 0000hsrg.bcs, 0209skel.bcs, 0209skld.bcs, 0402tegr.bcs, 0403drnk.bcs, 0403gang.bcs, 0403gdul.bcs, 0403ggng.bcs, 0403gngb.bcs, 0403hivr.bcs, 0403mage.bcs, 0403pain.bcs, 0403prop.bcs, 0403sent.bcs, 0403thg1.bcs, 0403thg2.bcs, 0500fhgd.bcs, 0500mhgd.bcs, 0700atta.bcs, 0701atta.bcs, 0701hgrd.bcs, 0702gar2.bcs, 0702gar3.bcs, 0702gard.bcs, 0702prsn.bcs, 0702town.bcs, 0702tria.bcs, 0708abas.bcs, 0708camp.bcs, 0708corn.bcs, 0708ghri.bcs, 0708tre0.bcs, 0708tre1.bcs, 0708tre2.bcs, 0900avng.bcs, 0900gnr1.bcs, 0900gnr2.bcs, 0900grdg.bcs, 0900hrs1.bcs, 0900hrs2.bcs, 0900hrs3.bcs, 0900jjog.bcs, 0900loot.bcs, 0900mob.bcs, 0900tem1.bcs, 0900tem2.bcs, 0900tem3.bcs, 0900tem4.bcs, 0900thgb.bcs, 0901geh6.bcs, 0901gehr.bcs, 0901grds.bcs, 0901loot.bcs, 0902ana0.bcs, 0902ana1.bcs, 0902ana2.bcs, 0902ana5.bcs, 0902ana6.bcs, 0902ebbb.bcs, 0903thg.bcs, 0904guy.bcs, 1000abd2.bcs, 1000abid.bcs, 1000corb.bcs, 1000corc.bcs, 1000cut3.bcs, 1000fnds.bcs, 1100anim.bcs, 1100grg0.bcs, 1100grg4.bcs, 1101atta.bcs, 1101cut3.bcs, 1101cut4.bcs, 1101fhju.bcs, 1202vhai.bcs, 1203inc.bcs, 1203inc1.bcs, 1203inc2.bcs, 1203inc3.bcs, 2000cati.bcs, 3015grd1.bcs, 3015grd2.bcs, 3015sohm.bcs)

Animation Fixes Link to this section

  • The shadow for the Pillar of Skulls is now visible. (ar1001.are, ar3017.are, posshad.bam)

Probability Fixes Link to this section

Items and spells had systematic errors where effects that had an x% chance to occur were generally off by 1%, e.g. the Black Blade of Disaster is supposed to level drain on 10% of hits but was actually doing it on 11% of hits. This also affected spells, particularly the ones that had chances to summon different numbers of creatures. (aclue.itm, acontrac.itm, agoody.itm, agscroll.itm, amace.itm, baatorsk.itm, bagocoin.itm, bagteeth.itm, bhanky.itm, bolt01.itm, bseed1.itm, bstorm.spl, carcersk.itm, cddetevl.spl, cheese.itm, circle02.itm, circle03.itm, circle04.itm, circle05.itm, circle06.itm, circle07.itm, circle08.itm, club2.itm, copearc.itm, copperco.itm, cpencil.itm, crags.itm, crstbone.itm, crumleg.itm, cveil.itm, ddmace.itm, devildue.itm, dgem.itm, dhell.spl, dlegacy1.itm, dlrakey.itm, doornote.itm, dremind.itm, drequest.itm, drmkey.itm, drmvial.itm, dtears.itm, ecnote.itm, elixirs.itm, enoll.itm, evidence.itm, exodie.spl, falsecon.itm, fdag.itm, fdteeth.itm, fingbone.itm, giltbill.itm, giltnote.itm, giltpost.itm, grinder.itm, gtoken.itm, hanky.itm, iannikey.itm, ignus01.itm, ignus02.itm, ignus03.itm, ignus04.itm, inkwell.itm, iron2.itm, iron3.itm, junk.itm, kestleg.itm, keydn.itm, keyem.itm, keymo.itm, keymo2.itm, keypr.itm, loandoc.itm, logpage.itm, loveltr.itm, magitm.itm, modmite.itm, monjug.itm, n1201.itm, negmatsk.itm, nettles.itm, npharod.itm, ntoken.itm, obsidian.itm, parch.itm, pcheese.itm, pennote.itm, phinkey.itm, porlens.itm, porneck.itm, pouch.itm, ptkey1.itm, ptkey2.itm, ptkey3.itm, ptkey4.itm, purse.itm, ravelhai.itm, receipt.itm, receipt2.itm, recipe01.itm, recipe02.itm, recipe03.itm, repelun.itm, sctrap.itm, shard.itm, skinscrp.itm, skregret.itm, skscrap.itm, skulpend.itm, soul.itm, spwi107.spl, spwi116.spl, spwi121.spl, strap.itm, sveil.itm, tail.itm, tails.itm, tasklist.itm, tawl.itm, tombplan.itm, tpunch.itm, vkey.itm, wscroll.itm)

Creature Coloration Fixes Link to this section

PsT and PsTEE have fundamental differences in how they handle special creature coloring: PsT allowed for per-creature effects, whereas the EEs run everything through a central animation definition. As such, several unique colorings and effects were lost in the conversion, which are fixed. (aaalek.cre, animate.ids, anizius.cre, baria.cre, barih.cre, barkis.cre, brasken.cre, burgher.cre, cmerch1.cre, cmerch2.cre, cmerch3.cre, dlgproxy.cre, dndoubt.cre, dn_zomf.cre, dn_zomf1.cre, dn_zomf2.cre, dn_zomf3.cre, dn_zomf4.cre, dn_zomf5.cre, dn_zomf6.cre, dn_zomm.cre, dn_zomm1.cre, dn_zomm2.cre, dn_zomm3.cre, dn_zomm4.cre, dn_zomm5.cre, dn_zomm6.cre, f002.ini, f006.ini, f00a.ini, f00b.ini, f00d.ini, f010.ini, f013.ini, f014.ini, f019.ini, f01a.ini, f01d.ini, f01f.ini, f02a.ini, f037.ini, f03b.ini, f03c.ini, f03d.ini, f03e.ini, f03f.ini, f040.ini, f047.ini, f048.ini, f04b.ini, f04c.ini, f050.ini, f053.ini, f054.ini, f055.ini, f056.ini, f058.ini, f059.ini, f05c.ini, f05f.ini, f062.ini, f063.ini, f064.ini, f065.ini, f066.ini, fleece.cre, gaoha.cre, gith.cre, gith2.cre, gspirit.cre, ilquix.cre, ilquixn.cre, jhelai.cre, jumble.cre, merchmo.cre, merchmo2.cre, mftree.cre, nonamez.cre, phineas.cre, pk.cre, post.cre, pthug1.cre, quell.cre, quint.cre, sbaur.cre, sdmage.cre, siabha.cre, skelbar.cre, stalema.cre, thugoe.cre, touthvd.cre, vaxis.cre, warr5.cre, xach.cre, z569.cre, z825.cre, zf1072.cre, zf1096.cre, zf114.cre, zf1148.cre, zf444.cre, zf594.cre, zf626.cre, zf679.cre, zf832.cre, zf891.cre, zf916.cre, zfweak.cre, zm1041.cre, zm1094.cre, zm1146.cre, zm1201.cre, zm1445.cre, zm1508.cre, zm1664.cre, zm199.cre, zm257.cre, zm310.cre, zm396.cre, zm463.cre, zm475.cre, zm506.cre, zm569.cre, zm613.cre, zm732.cre, zm782.cre, zm79.cre, zm825.cre, zm965.cre, zm985.cre, zmweak.cre, zombie.cre, zombie2.cre, zombie3.cre, zombie4.cre, zombief.cre, zombief2.cre, zombief3.cre, zombiew1.cre, zombiew2.cre, zombiew3.cre, zombiew4.cre, zomfbar1.cre, zomfbar2.cre, zomfbar3.cre, zommbar.cre, zommbou.cre, zommbou2.cre)

Other Fixes Link to this section

  • Fixed a store trigger for Tattoo of the Betrayer in Fell's Studio. (strref #51352)
  • Travel times between Hive areas were inconsistent once worldmap travel was enabled. (worldmap.wmp)

Internal Fixes Link to this section

This is a roundup of fixes that primarily impact modders and are not visible to players.

  • Corrected two animate.ids entries for the cl_4_Collector_Thug and Trelon (animate.ids)
  • One script had some old debugging calls, which are removed (1204trig.bcs)
  • Several areas and weds had misordered or incorrect offsets and are fixed (ar0501.are,,, ar1001.are, ar13wz.are, ar3017.are, )
  • Cleared bogus animations flags in an area (ar13wz.are)
  • Four creatures had %resource% set as their DVs, which are cleared (apprent2.cre, apprent3.cre, apprent4.cre, apprent5.cre)
  • Blank-named scripts are removed from the key (chitin.key)
  • The non-proficiency penalty for Shadowdancers and Mage-Thieves were incorrect. (clswpbon.2da)
  • The names of the parameters for ExploreMapChunk() were mislabeled. (action.ids)
  • The duplicate, unused, and misspelled EigthNearestEnemyOfType and EigthNearestMyGroupOfType objects are removed. (object.ids)
  • Added ForceSpellNoFeedback as an action (a RES version was already present). (action.ids)
  • Kit check in splprot.2da is useless since it's a bitwise check, which only works for kits (e.g. mages) which happen to be powers-of-two. It's changed to be a straight numerical check. (splprot.2da)